How to Obtain Tushita, a Roblox Blox Fruit

How to Obtain Tushita, a Roblox Blox Fruit

Tushita Blox Fruits – There are several spots in the Third Sea where the hidden Blox Fruits Tushita Puzzle may be solved. In this article, I will explain how to get tushita blox fruits.

 Solving this riddle unlocks the boss battle against Longma, where the player may win the tushita blox fruits. You should also consult your guidebook for information on the mysterious Mirage Island, which is located in the Third Sea. The voyage may be lengthy, but the reward is substantial.


It is suggested that you had previously fought Indra and gained portal access before attempting this. As long as Indra is still alive, it doesn’t matter whose player summoned him. If Indra is not still active, you cannot begin the problem.

Let’s dive in now that you know what to look for. To begin the task, you must call for the raid boss Indra using a God’s Chalice. Visit Hydra Island while Indra is still around.

Ile de Hydre

Once you’ve located Hydra Island, reach the waterfall’s base. If you’ve passed the waterfall, you’ll find a hallway with a stone door at the end. The chamber with the waterfall and the sheathed sword is behind the door you just broke.

All the ghosts in the chamber must be eliminated before you go to the right side of the door and leap to the top of the waterfall. Once inside, you’ll approach a humongous door. Following these procedures successfully will result in the enormous door glowing, allowing entry if Indra is still alive. It will be grey if it isn’t living. If you go through the bright door, you’ll end at the Floating Turtle’s front door. If you follow these instructions, you’ll be well on your way to obtaining tushita blox fruits. 

You may run against Mink players as you go through the steps. Review our instructions for obtaining Mink V4, and you could learn something about a species you didn’t know you desired.

Turtle, Floating

You’ll be given a Holy Torch and five minutes to reach Floating Turtle after being transferred there. You must ignite the five lamps placed around the Floating Turtle in a specific sequence.

  • Place 1 for the Torch

The first torch may be found inside the bridge’s arches.

  • Flame Position 2

The second torch may be hidden behind the tree on the bridge’s arch.

  • Site 3 for the Torch

Here, within this pineapple abode, lies the third torch spot.

  • Place 4 for the Flames

This sunken ship near the Mythical Pirates is the site of the fourth torch.

  • Flame Position 5

This cottage near the Forest Pirates is the fifth and final torch placement. After the last torch is ignited, a door will appear near the Fishman Warriors and Fishman Raiders. But the puzzle will be over if the timer runs out before you can light all the lamps. Furthermore, the correct torch will only work if you find your way to it. Longma, the boss, will wait for you inside when you finally locate the entrance. The tushita blox fruits will always be dropped after their loss.


Do blox fruits taste friendly with tushita?

The Tushita sword is an essential piece of equipment for every Blox Fruits player. Its speed and tremendous damage make it so feared by its foes. Even though it is one of the best swords in Blox Fruits, not everyone can get their hands on this blade.

Is Tushita available if I don’t have Indra?

The rip_indra boss, often called “Indra,” can only be summoned using a God’s Chalice. You don’t have to beat Indra to gain tushita blox fruits. Instead, it’s enough for him to be still alive. rip_indra, a developer on the Blox Fruits team, inspired the name of this boss.

If you want Tushita, how hard is it to get?

Tushita is not only more powerful than Yama but also harder to attain. The complex Cursed Dual Katana puzzle may be taken on now that both tushita blox fruits and Yama have reached level 350 in their respective arts.


All the requirements for obtaining tushita blox fruits have now been met. It’s a great sword, but getting it may be a race against time. Leave a comment below letting us know whether you plan to go after Tushita, and if not, what kinds of weaponry you find most fun to use in Roblox Blox Fruits.



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