All Holo Chests Fortnite Locations and Where to Find Them

All Holo Chests Fortnite Locations and Where to Find Them

Fortnite’s latest season has brought us a futuristic Japan-themed adventure, complete with new weapons, skins, quests, and challenges. Among the exciting additions are the Holo Chests Fortnite, which holds some serious loot. Let us talk about it in detail and find out where to discover these holographic treasure. Have a look:

What Are Holo Chests Fortnite?

Holo Chests Fortnite first made their appearance in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1. These special chests stand out because they have a hologram of the weapon they have floating right on top of them. However, how do you find them?

How to Unlock Holo Chests Fortnite

Here are the simple steps to unlock holo chest:

  1. Get the Key: You will need a key to unlock a Holo Chest. You can buy one from the CRZ-8 NPC for 100 Gold Bars. Alternatively, use the Keymaster Augment to snag two keys at once.
  2.  Look for the Holograms: Holo Chests Fortnite are spread throughout the map. Keep an eye out for the holographic weapon hovering above the chest.
  3.  Heisted Exotics: This season, Heisted Exotics are back. You might just find them inside these special chests.

Now we will see where to find holo chests fortnite:

Where to Find Holo Chests Fortnite

  • Total Number: There are a whopping 42 Holo Chests Fortnite spread across the entire map.
  • Futuristic Biome: The new futuristic biome is teeming with Holo Chests Fortnite. In fact, there are 13 of them in this area alone!
  • Exotic Chest: If you are after a Heisted Exotic, head to the chest located between Anvil Square and Mega City. It needs two keys to unlock and rewards you with something special.

Holo Chest locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 MEGA

In Fortnite, Chapter 4 Season 2 MEGA, the Holo Chests Fortnite offer a chance to obtain Legendary or Epic rarity weapons. These special chests are distinguishable by the floating hologram of the same weapon they contain, visible on top of the chest. To unlock Holo Chests Fortnite, players need to use keys, which can be acquired in the following ways:

  1. Players can buy a key from the CRZ-8 NPC for 100 Gold Bars.
  2. Using the Keymaster Augment grants players two keys at once.
  3. Keys can also be found as loot in different areas.

The number of Holo Chests Fortnite has increased compared to the previous season. A whopping 42 Holo Chests can be found across the entire map. Here are some locations where you can find them:

  1. Futuristic Biome: The new futuristic biome contains a large number of Holo Chests Fortnite, with 13 chests in that area alone.
  2.  Gas Stations: Gas Stations around the Fortnite map have a 100% chance to spawn Holo Chests. Keep an eye out for these locations!
  3. Exotic Chest: Between Anvil Square  and Mega City, there is a chest that requires two keys to open. Inside, players are rewarded with a Heisted Exotic weapon.

Some FAQs

What is New in Chapter 4, Season 2: MEGA?

In this season, players can explore the futuristic MEGA City and ride grind rails on a sports bike. Beyond the neon towers, discover new biomes like Steamy Springs and Drift Ridge car track.

What Vehicles Can I Use?

  • Victory Crown Rogue Bike: A two-person sports bike with high acceleration and sharp turning.
  •  Nitro Drifter: A four-seater car for drifting around bends.

What Weapons Are Available?

  • Kinetic Blade: A katana with a powerful Knockback Slash and a devastating Dash Attack.
  •  Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle: Silenced, accurate, and fully automatic.
  •  Havoc Pump Shotgun: A high-damage shotgun for bold players.

What About Unvaulted Weapons?

MEGA City allows classic weapons like the Heavy Sniper Rifle, Cobra DMR, and Dragon’s Breath Sniper. Also, find the Combat Shotgun and other Exotics.



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