Noob Miner Unblocked Gameplay and All About it

Noob Miner Unblocked Gameplay and All About it

Noob Miner Unblocked : Escape From Prison is adventure game, you will find yourself in the shoes of a prisoner, navigating the challenges of incarceration while mining for resources. We will break it down for you in an easy and simple way to understand.

Overview of “Noob Miner Unblocked: Escape From Prison”

You are trapped in a prison, and your goal is to escape. But how? Well, let us explore step by step:

The Basics of Noob Miner Unblocked Game

The prison director (who seems oddly helpful) will guide you through the game’s fundamentals. You will know various locations within the prison:

  • Pick Shop: Purchase new picks here.
  •  Food Shop: Keep yourself fed to survive.
  •  Director’s Office: Perhaps there is more to discover?
  •  Mysterious Elevator: Access it with gold,

Exploration and Quests

Quests appear in the top right of your screen. Complete them. Scavenge the pixelated 2D world for resources:

  • Mine blocks gather materials and craft items.
  •  Sell resources for gold.
  •  Explore intriguing places as you progress.

Survival Mechanism

Like in Minecraft and other survival games, you must eat to survive. If your food bar depletes, you will meet an untimely demise. Remember: Death means losing all your stuff that is earned.

The Great Escape

In the end, your objective is to break out of jail. Put in the hard labor, explore, and strategize. There are two escape options chosen in a good way.


  • Traders: Buy and sell resources.
  •  Hidden Resources: Explore the vast map.
  •  Character Upgrades: Enhance your noob character.
  •  Unique Endings: Two ways to escape.
  •  Mine Generator: Extract more resources.

Game Details

  • Title: Noob Miner: Escape From Prison
  •  Rating: 8.9 (70,546 votes)
  •  Developer: Platonov Developer
  •  Technology: HTML5
  •  Platform: Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  •  Classification: Casual Adventure (Minecraft-inspired)

How Do I Play Noob Miner Unblocked

You find yourself trapped in a prison, and the suspiciously helpful prison director guides you through the basics:

  • Visit the pick shop to acquire new picks.
  •  Explore the food shop to keep yourself well-fed (because starving prisoners do not fare well).
  •  Peek into the director’s office who knows what secrets lie there?
  •  Moreover, do not miss the mysterious elevator at the end, accessible with gold.

When Was It Released?

Noob Miner: Escape From Prison was released in September 2022 by developer Platonov Developer.

How Do I Control the Game?

Keyboard Controls (PC):

  • WASD/Arrow keys: Move
  • Left-click: Mine blocks/items
  • Right-click: Place blocks/items
  • E: Inventory/interact
  • Esc/left-click on pause button: Pause
  • Left joystick: Move
  • Right joystick: Mine blocks/items
  • Tap on an empty spot: Place blocks/items



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