7 Best Minecraft Survival Challenges Maps For 2021

7 Best Minecraft Survival Challenges Maps For 2021

Adding Minecraft survival challenges is the best way to bring more excitement and fun and into a game. Challenges are certain objectives or rules that you add voluntarily to this game to make it more challenging.

You might wonder, what is the point of making this game harder? Skilled players who never die in this game know how to get everything, and the normal mode can get boring. So by making it more difficult, you are forced to think of new ideas and creativity to reach the goals.

Minecraft challenges have become more and more famous in earlier games, and also Runescape has included the ‘iron man’ challenge mode for the gamers.

So in this article will go over some primary and more difficult challenges which Minecraft players have been trying out. If you are getting bored of Minecraft, then these Minecraft survival challenges are certain to help bring more enjoyment to this game.

Survival Island Challenge

It is one of the oldest Minecraft survival challenges to spawn on the island in the vast ocean. You have to do all the gameplay on this island and work with small land size. For the Minecraft survival island seed, try this “-3057195824021022322”. Here are some sample objectives or rules for the island:

  • A player cannot make the island bigger by adding the blocks onto it.
  • The player is not allowed to leave this island and start the second base. The player has to do all the building and farming on this island.
  • Going underground for mining is allowed; however, players must go back all the way up like they came down.
  • For long-term goals, build using nether quartz or brick. The player will be forced to search the nether and find materials there.
  • There are other objectives that could include: defeating the dragon, getting a lower star, and creating a beacon, or mine plenty of diamonds.


Nearly everyone who has played the Minecraft has heard about Skyblock. Basically, the player starts on the small piece of land that floats in the sky, and you need to increase it and build the base. Usually, players will make the multiple floating islands and join them with the bridge.

It is a very enjoyable take on this game if you are up to a challenge. We highly recommend playing on this server so the player can make friends and invite more players to this ‘island’ in the sky.


Similar to Skyblock, however, in HermitCraft, the player spawns with just a single 16×16 piece. The aim is to play the game with limited supplies and explore the nether and eliminate the ender dragon. Remember that there is another 16×16 piece somewhere out in the world if you are brave enough to go traveling.

Customized World Generation

New Updates in this game now allow players to customize how worlds are created. There are endless options to add challenges, which includes playing on superflat, replacing oceans with lava, or making ores rarer.

City Construction Challenge

This challenge involves building a city from scratch in the survival mode. Players have to advance through the stages by completing the specific requirements.

For example, players can use only wooden tools at the starting and unlock better tools as you add to the city. At the end of the challenge, the player should have a huge city to show off to your friends.

Empty Horizon

The player wakes up on the floating wood in the middle of an ocean. The wooden raft has sufficient supplies to begin on this tough game survival adventure. However, it is up to you to dive into the ocean and search for enough stocks to build a home for players to survive.

The empty horizon is an endless survival experience, with no aim to end it, and it intends for the most adventurous players.

Realism Survival Island

No longer does the survival island need only a few rocks or one tree here and there. This incredibly stunning and realistic Minecraft survival map enables the players to spawn on the island that is as solid as it is dangerous. With mountains, forests, as well as an extensive cave system that goes across the island, this map is not for the faint-hearted players.

Final Words

While this game offers some different gameplay experiences, one of the central focuses is on survival. Many players love Minecraft survival challenges on the barest minimum of resources and to try the luck against the odds. Minecraft survival challenges are specifically for gamers. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.


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