What is the average salary of an NFL cheerleader?

What is the average salary of an NFL cheerleader?

How much do NFL cheerleaders makeCheerleaders typically get paid less. Their wages are frequently below the federal level. A typical NFL cheerleader’s weekly salary is $150. For making public appearances, they receive $50-$75. Cheerleaders that make a living professionally stand out from the crowd. The question of how much do nfl cheerleaders make is frequently asked by many people. 

The time and effort they put into games, practices, and assigned duties would be rewarded monetarily. They could also afford their women a healthy salary, as the average NFL franchise is valued at over $2 billion. On the contrary, the opposite is true. Let’s discuss the answer to how much nfl cheerleaders make in detail. 

Cheerleading isn’t a walk in the park.

Cheerleaders commit their time and energy to perfect their craft. They are typically compensated to sing and dance in support of the teams they represent. Each show is planned, rehearsed, and scheduled in advance. Cheerleading is a physically demanding and highly competitive profession. The cheering industry is booming, and attractive, athletic women are in high demand. There are numerous suspicions subjected to how much nfl cheerleaders make. 

However, some people may find this activity too strenuous. Cheerleaders get paid less despite working long hours before, during, and after games. The girls spend 30-40 hours a week practising for the event. They may spend up to 14 hours in a stadium on game days. They spend their lives on buses going to and from games. In this portion, hopefully, you will find the answer to how much nfl cheerleaders make. 

In 2021, several cheerleaders took a stance against the unfairly low pay by filing lawsuits to advocate for themselves. So, we may rest assured that their living circumstances and earnings gradually improve over time, but they need to sufficiently. They make much less than the players and the rest of the crew combined.

Guidelines for NFL Cheerleaders

Cheerleading is not a high-profile occupation. Each female must rigorously adhere to a set of regulations and a routine. Due to the low compensation and lengthy hours required for practice, many cheerleaders supplement their income by working additional jobs.

They have to participate in promotional activities like picture sessions. Cheerleading may not be worth it because of the hardships they must go through. Constantly maintaining a slim and attractive figure is a must for them. They should get their nails done and their hair styled long. The improper skin color alone might be a cause for dismissal. The question of how much do nfl cheerleaders make is asked by many people on the internet. 

There is minimal downtime because each club plays ten home games total (two in the preseason and eight during the regular season). The cheering squad may have to work if a team has a game on holiday, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. They also aren’t allowed to associate with NFL players. I know, it’s hard to believe.

What is the average salary of an NFL cheerleader?

Performing is only one aspect of their profession. Cheerleaders attract spectators with their evident sex appeal. The average NFL salary is contingent on how often they perform.

Cheerleaders’ reported season salaries ranged from $3,000 to $1,250. That works out to around $2.75 an hour. Training, hair, and cosmetics all cost money, so that sum is quickly depleted. In addition, several NFL teams have hopeful cheerleaders covering the cost of their tryouts. The Atlanta Falcons, for instance, demand $35, while the New Orleans Saints ask for $75.

Cheerleaders that have years of experience and take leadership roles on their teams sometimes earn more significant compensation. They can make as much as $75,000 annually, but that’s still less than the average NFL salary for male football players. If the club advances further in the playoffs, they will earn more.

NFL Cheerleader Salary vs. Other Salaries

NFL head coaches may earn up to $7 million each season, while the average player makes $2 million. However, we can all agree that their actual compensation is far higher. Waterboys in the NFL get $53,000 a year, which is more than the diligent girls make in the NFL, and the mascot earns $25,000 for the season.

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfits have more name recognition than any other NFL squad. Women’s pay ranges from $15 to $20 per hour. They receive $500 every match and may make extra by appearing in commercials, attending events, and even appearing on a reality television program. Increasing your fan base is a sure way to propel your profession forward.

The Role of an NFL Cheerleader.

Cheerleaders are the loud and energetic female team that draws attention to the game. They employ a variety of techniques to excite and involve the crowd. They add to the excitement of the game and have the crowd yelling for their team. They help the team win and bring fans closer to their favorite players. Cheerleaders frequently find employment at universities, particularly with student sports organizations. They put in many hours of practice and dress in different outfits for each performance.

They began their athletic careers as standouts in secondary school or university. Certain universities offer graduate-level programs if you wish to advance your education and career prospects in this field. Cheerleading can be a lot of fun if you have the correct disposition and outlook.

Cheerleader assignments are based on the current season and the team. The pay for the more common jobs is lower than that of more seasoned members. Depending on a person’s degree of expertise, their salary might range from somewhat low to relatively high. For instance, a novice cheerleader will earn less than an experienced one.

Cheerleaders might be encouraged to continue their training by offering additional programs and prizes. The cheerleaders are an integral part of the Super Bowl experience for viewers of all ages. As a profession, cheerleading has its ups and downs.

A Typical NFL Cheerleader: Their Traits

I’d want to review NFL clubs’ criteria for selecting cheerleaders. Cheerleading is fun for people who enjoy being in a loud crowd. Cheerleaders aid conflict resolution. Disagreements will inevitably arise in a large group setting. You need to be a proactive team player who works well with others.

Cheerleaders must have excellent interpersonal communication skills to work successfully with their squad. You shouldn’t think twice about accepting a leadership position on the team if it’s presented to you. Cheerleaders have excellent listening skills, sensitivity, and respect for others.

Cheerleading places a premium on good health. Cheerleaders have the stamina to serve as de facto team captains. They leap from great heights, which requires regular practice. They must have a sturdy frame and plenty of muscle.

In addition to helping energize the crowd throughout the game, cheerleaders provide lively entertainment during downtime. The energy in the stadium is revived, and the fans’ enthusiasm is amplified. Cheerleaders participate in musical concerts, work in bands, and dance to keep the crowd entertained.

Cheerleaders need to have a strong will and commitment to the sport. They ensure they’re in peak physical condition to execute complex routines by training daily. They are trustworthy, on time, and responsible. Furthermore, cheerleaders keep their private and public lives distinct.

Cheerleaders need to be able to remember routines and perform them well. All the chants and chanters have memorized them. They sometimes switch places with the other acts and attempt new tricks to make the audience wild.

For what reason is compensation so low?

You may be asking why teams don’t pay cheerleaders more now that you know what they do. Cheerleaders are not employees but rather independent contractors. That is to say, and the squad is exempt from paying its members the statutory minimum wage or the federal minimum wage.

Historically, cheerleaders have earned as low as $5 an hour. For decades, women have pushed for better pay. We’ve already mentioned how a lawsuit led to multiple NFL teams being accused of wage fraud, hazardous working conditions, sexual harassment, and discrimination. More people started talking about how women are exploited in sports because of this campaign. They deserve better compensation and recognition for the time and effort they put into their profession, which I hope will improve.

Gains for NFL Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders for the National Football League are a significant cultural phenomenon. They can make tens of thousands of dollars, but only if they spend countless hours of preparation over several weeks or months. Cheerleaders participate in various physical activities and training sessions during cheering camps. Once they’ve made their name, cheerleaders can enjoy incredible success.

After dedicating themselves to their jobs, cheerleaders achieve a unique degree of celebrity that allows them to stay in five-star hotels and earn respectable salaries. When working for the NFL, many cheerleaders travel and see much of the world.

Their pay is determined in part by the team’s record of success. Salary increases are proportional to the team’s level of success. Cheerleaders get a high salary because of their widespread acclaim.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Girls may now be seen cheering on teams playing basketball, baseball, soccer, ice hockey, and football. Average earnings in the NBA are significantly lower than in the NFL. Cheerleaders are free to pick whatever team they want to represent and whether or not they want to remain with their current squad. They need to use caution in making this choice. The best-paid cheerleaders are those who represent teams with talented athletes. Cheerleaders, for the most part, are aware that they deserve better compensation than the minimum wage.

Groups that have designated cheerleading teams

Remarkably, the former Redskinettes are now in charge. Very polished indeed. Some teams call their cheerleading group “Cheerleaders,” like the Ravens, Broncos, and Patriots.

Carolina Panthers (Topcats)

The Cincinnati Bengals, or the Ben-gals.

Raiderettes (previously the Oakland Raiders, now the Las Vegas Raiders)

Seattle Seahawks Dancers.

Groups devoid of a cheerleading section

There will be no cheerleaders for any NFL games involving the clubs on this list. The NFL season consists of 17 games; therefore, they are featured in most of them. There is no cheering team or mascot for the Green Bay Packers or the New York Giants.

We can only assume that, in colder climes, NFL mascots are more comfortable in their suits than the cheerleaders who support their team.

  • AKA The Buffalo Bills
  • Browns of Cleveland
  • Bears of Chicago
  • Packers of Green Bay
  • The Chargers of Los Angeles
  • The Big Apple Giants
  • The Steelers of Pittsburgh


Do NFL cheerleaders get paid?

Around $22,500

Which NFL cheerleader earns the most money?

Most NFL cheerleaders make between $30,000 and $75,000 a season. Which NFL cheerleader has the most cash on hand? Teri Hatcher, the wealthiest NFL cheerleader, is worth $50 million. 

How much does an NFL cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys make?

One of the most popular groups in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad, often known as America’s Sweethearts, earns $15-20 per hour, or $500 every game. Their annual wage is around $75,000, according to this calculation.

Last Words

Cheerleaders receive compensation commensurate with the time and effort they put in. The annual salary is determined by location, events attended, length of service, and complexity of work. Cheerleaders may make less than they should, but they get to see the world and have unique experiences. The above-listed portion explains the answer to the question of how much do NFL cheerleaders make. 


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