Best Clash of Clans Army for Most Devastating Attacks

Best Clash of Clans Army for Most Devastating Attacks

If you love strategy games, then Clash of Clans is a must for you. The game requires you to build effective strategies and the best clash of clan army to win the game. You need to use the armies to fight against the goblins on the maps or another player to win trophies and loot gold. Moreover, the best clash of clan troops is essential for successful Elixir (raiding). 

In the clash of clans, you are charged with making the best clash of clans base layout using an effective defensive scheme littered with traps and weapons to protect your building. Moreover, on the offensive side, you can develop the best troops in clash of clans by training and strengthening litanies of different troops with specific purposes. Making clash of clans army and strengthening is the part where the actual fun begins. Here is an article about some best clash of clans army to help you understand the game better. 

Best Clash of Clans Army

Creating a perfect clash of clans army for the most devastating attacks in an art form. It requires the right placements, which can only be mastered with countless fights. Do not panic, new leader. Here are some of the best clash of clan army to help you in the gold loots, fights, and elixir. 


The best heroes in the clash of clans game are the Archer Queen and the Barbarian King. Once you unlock them successfully, they are always available for you for both defending and attacking. You need to keep both of them alive in a raid. You can do this by dropping managing to keep some healers behind them. Moreover, you can use wiz and golems to carve a path to win the fight. Ensure to target air defenses as healers are essential for the success of your army in the attack. In addition to this, you can use jump spells and wall breakers to help golems to reach the heart of a base. 


Dragons are one of the most high-powered cards in the clash of clans game. When using this best clash of clans army, you need to use the giant wall attack first. Make sure to use it in the direction of the enemy’s air defense. When any one of your giants is destroyed, send a healer and try to keep the giants alive. After this, you can drop P.E.K.K.A. with the intent to clean everything and finally absorb the attack. Now it is time for the dragons to show to do their best. Send the dragons in last and let them do the destruction.  


Farming is one of the most popular strategies of Clash of Clans. In this, you do not care about winning battles; instead, you concentrate on acquiring gold and elixir using the best clash of clans army. 

In this attack, you need to use giants. Clear the path using some wall breaker and after that release some of them to complete their jobs as enemy weapons. After this, you need to send in some goblins who are amazingly quick. Use the goblins to target elixir buildings and gold first. Once the first wave of goblins dies, you need to send the remaining against, followed by your archers and remaining goblins. You may not be able to win all the battles, but your elixir storage and gold will be filled soon. 


When it comes to the most powerful clash of clans troops, P.E.K.K.A. is on the top of the list. Their armors are built in a way that they can withstand a wide range of enormous hits. Moreover, they are strong enough to destroy the buildings using their swords. 

It is one of the best clash of clans attack strategies in which firstly, you need to deploy the golems and a few breakers and wizards. It will help you to destroy the enemy barriers and defeat their troops. 

After this, you need to unleash the P.E.K.K.A.s with the remaining troops. It would be better to include more wizards. When it comes to P.E.K.K.A.s, then depleted defenses are the best for clash of clans attack strategy. Moreover, the advantages are enhanced when you have additional wizards supporting the P.E.K.K.A.s. 

Golems/Hog Riders/Valks

It is one of the most serious clash of clans troops. The golems attack the defensive buildings. It is a highly strong unit that breaks into two smaller golemites after defeating. The valks are beneficial for soaking up hits, but their unique ability is that they can take out various buildings at once. Finally, the hog riders can go after defensive buildings and can also leap over walls, which makes them an essential part of the best clash of clans army. 

For this clash of clans attack strategy, you need to send the golems and valks first. They should run through one side of the base and you need to back them up with a few archers and wizards. On the other half of the base, unleash your hog riders using healing spells or rage spells to help them take out the remaining enemy weapons. Finally, release the remaining troops to clean up everything. 


It is one of the best clash of clans army as it can help with the simplest attacks. When you use only balloons and archers, you depend on the loons to almost all the defenses. The biggest threat comes to them from air defense so you need to be careful. 

Use a few good lightning spells to take out one of them, while the other player will not be able to tackle all the balloons before they are completely destroyed. Make sure to surround the enemy’s base properly so that you do not bunch up a lot. After this, drop a few archers in order to protect them and clean the non-weapon buildings.  


Healers are amazing components to form the best clash of clans army. Their work is to heal and mend your troops. The healers do not offer any type of offense, so you need to make sure that they are safe. So how to do that? 

First of all, drop the giants to absorb the defenses of the base. Now send the wizards behind them to boost the process. Once the defense of the enemy has been destroyed, send the healers to heal your remaining troops. Now your army is unstoppable for the archer tower, cannons, mortals, etc.  


Wizards and balloons are one of the most powerful clash of clans troops. Wizards can function like archers as they can shoot over walls but can not take too much damage. Nevertheless, they have more power. 

First of all, send some wall breakers to make way for your giants. Then drop the giants and follow them up with your balloons, especially after giants finish out the chunk of the air defense of your enemy. Make sure to spread them out as they can not take too many hits. Use giants and balloons to take the base’s defense. Finally, use the wizards to back everything up and clean the rest. 


When you start developing base and army a little bit, you will notice that you need more oomph to defeat your opponents. In this regard, giants are your best choice, Giants have an amazing amount of hits, and they target the defense of your enemy first. 

They move slowly, so it would be better to clear the path for them. Therefore, before sending giants, it is better to drop some wall breakers in order to make a hole in your enemy’s barrier. After this, send your giants and let them distract most of the enemy’s weapons. Give it some time, and then unleash your archers and barbarians to complete this clash of clans attack strategy. 


If you are new to clash of clans and have recently started developing your best clash of clans army, then you should opt for barbs and archers. They are best for making a basic clash of clans attack strategy. 

As you have just started the game and your army is in infancy, it is best to make basic attacks using archers and barbarians. The strategy is simple. Barbs can take more hits, so send them first. They will soak up the hits and then distract the enemy’s weapons. 

When they are attacking the exterior part of the enemy’s base, send in the archers. They will rain a lot of arrows and everything in the way of barbarians until the base is completely destroyed. Make sure to keep your troops as spread as possible during the attack as the enemy wizards and mortars can destroy a huge part of your army if your troops are bunched together. 

Final Words

Clash of Clans is one of the best strategy games. In order to win the game, you need to make sure that you have the best clash of clans army so that you can execute an effective attack. The game is really fun when played with the right strategies and using the right armies. Now that you know about different armies and attacks try this amazing game. Do share your experience with us by dropping a comment. 

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