A Deep Guide on Minecraft Bees

A Deep Guide on Minecraft Bees

Minecraft bees are adorable and an essential ecosystem component, just as with their counterparts in nature. These passive mobs continue their business unless attacked, and their nests disturb an equitable arrangement.

As in the real world a bee sting leads to the loss of the stinger and death reminding us that these important creatures should be treated with care.Treat them with respect and they will give you honey which you can pick and process to do other things.

As some of the smallest creatures in Minecraft, these cute mobs can be easily spotted flying around the various biomes. Their presence indicates the approach to a nest. When you find a nest, you get a chance to get Minecraft honey, a resource that can be used to create many useful products.

It can sometimes be difficult to understand the behaviour of Minecraft bees, especially if you are unfamiliar with their mechanisms. This guide on Minecraft bees will tell you everything you should know to keep your bees healthy and have a successful apiary in the survival game.

Finding Bees in Minecraft

Look for bees in Minecraft within plains, sunflower plains and flower forest biomes close to bee nests. These nests have a natural breeding capacity of three bees and five honey levels and act as a communication centre for bees in Minecraft.

However, if your search for them fails, you may try to inspire a bee nest. By planting spruce saplings along with blocks of any bloom, there is a 5% possibility that the tree will grow along with a bee nest. It is possible to build a beehive with honeycomb or planks. However, securing the bees and honeycomb necessitates locating and dismantling at least one naturally occurring bee nest before that.

Moving a Minecraft bee nest

If you have not used the earlier method for spawning a Minecraft bee nest at your current location, you will eventually need to move one. Being able to move a bee hive in the wilderness means that you can transport a Minecraft bee nest to your base or collect honey at your convenience.

You can get honey directly from a full nest in the wild, but to produce a reliable source of this sticky, sweet nectar, you need to set up a functioning Minecraft bee farm with nests. It is difficult to relocate the bee nest without the bees leaving it and making them hostile.

Keep the bees peaceful by smoking and starting a campfire under the nest. This is important for honey gathering, honeycomb collecting, and refilling your honey jar. Ensure the presence of bees inside and use a silk-touch instrument to destroy it, preserving both the item and the bees.

In Minecraft, without this enchantment, bees will fly away, leaving the nest unsuitable for transportation. Although you can attract the bees with a flower or guide them the most effective way is to move them as well as their hives over long distances.

Minecraft Bees: Breeding and Behavior

Increasing the bee population in Minecraft is no different from breeding other neutral and friendly Minecraft mobs. Just place a flower in front of two adults and encourage them to fall in love and produce one offspring.

When it comes to improving the apiary, it is very important to increase the number of beehives because each hive can host at most three bees. Unclaimed bees will find their own way to the nearest hive, meaning every bee that you create with this method will find itself a new home.


The main functions of a bee are pollination and honey production. It is crucial to provide many flowers in the surroundings as bees will fly away and sit around the flowers to collect the pollen. This is physically represented by a shift in their appearance with the collected pollen on the body. Once they have gathered pollen, they head back to the hive to leave it. Bees naturally return to the nest at night and when it rains.


When a bee is provoked, the result is a visible sign of rage. Their eyes become red, and they launch an assault, causing injury. Reality is reflected in the bee dropping its stinger (visible on your avatar) and dying shortly after. Thus, it is recommended not to annoy these cute animals. Striking a bee by accident results in the same consequence, which is a response from the nearby bees, as they all go on to attack you simultaneously.


Finding bees in the Minecraft universe is an exciting experience. This guide discusses various things, such as bees’ behaviour and breeding systems, honey collection and honeycomb moving. The game gives the key information for players interested in maintaining a peaceful relationship with virtual pollinators. Whether setting up a thriving bee farm or enjoying the sweet gains of honey, the fascinating details of Minecraft bees make the gaming world sweeter.


What is the range of travel for Minecraft bees?

During clear weather, bees in Minecraft can travel up to 22 blocks from their hive. Bee Nests and hives can accommodate three bees at the same time, and they do not leave their hive at night or during rain. If conditions allow, the bees go out to collect pollen, rotating around a flower for about thirty seconds to harvest the pollen.

What is the function of bees in Minecraft?

Bees in Minecraft are essential in pollination and fertilization of crops. When bees transfer from flower to hive, they leave some pollen behind, leading to the development of crops. A good plan is to place bee nests or hives and flowers at opposite ends of your crops so that bees will fly directly over them on their journeys.

What is the difference between Beehives and Bee Nests in Minecraft?

Beehives and Bee Nests in Minecraft have same functions as they house up to three bees and store honey. The main difference is in their source – players create the beehive, so it is artificial. In case of stray bees around, a beehive can become an attractive place to live for them.

What flowers do bees prefer in Minecraft?

Several plants in Minecraft attract bees, such as sweet berry bushes (Java only), flowering azaleas and their leaves, as well as various Overworld flowers, including dandelion, poppy, blue orchid, allium, azure bluet, tulips, daisy, cornflower, lily and sunflower.

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