Know all About Medieval Dynasty Straw

Know all About Medieval Dynasty Straw

Medieval Dynasty Straw – At the beginning of the Medieval Dynasty, there were many ways for players to earn money. One super simple way is by gathering and selling medieval dynasty straws.

When you are just starting out in the Medieval Dynasty and need some quick cash in a simple way, collecting Medieval dynasty straws is the way to go. However, here’s the twist: straw is not grown like a regular crop in the game. You find it in the wild on plants, not by planting and harvesting.

For players who do not like fighting or bothering other villagers for money, there is a simpler way – gathering a plant that does not need planting. Growing crops takes a whole season, and who wants to wait for straw? It is better to collect it from the wild plant.

This makes it easier to get straw quickly and make more money fast. However, as players advance in the game, they will find better ways than going to the river to collect it.

Where to Get Medieval Dynasty Straw?

Even though straw becomes less important as the game goes on, it is still handy. Besides making quick money, you can use it to build houses and torches. It is not the sturdiest, but there are good reasons to collect it.

Remember, in the game, straw does not come from wheat crops. It comes from reeds, which grow near cattails and other water plants. There are many river banks on the map, so there are many places to gather medieval dynasty straws.

Most lakes leading to these rivers are in the middle of the map, but there is one at the bottom centre too. All the cities on the map are near water, but the ones closest to it are Gostovia and Borowo.

The best part is knowing which plant is the reed. However, no worries, it is not too tough. Move your cursor over the plant, and it will say “reeds.” Once you harvest them, they magically turn into straw in your inventory. N0 need for extra steps; just go and grab it.

Some FAQs

What is the good thing about medieval dynasty straws?

Straw is not just for making quick money; it is also for crafting. You can use it to build houses and torches. It is not the strongest material, but there are many reasons to gather it. Moreover, remember, it does not come from wheat crops in the game.

Where did you get medieval dynasty straws?

You can get 1-2 straws each time from reeds, a plant found all year on riverbanks and lake shores. You also get straw when you harvest crops like Oats, Rye, and Wheat at the barn. So, if farmers grow Oat Grains, Rye Grains, and Wheat Grains, they will make straw, too.

Do trees grow back in medieval dynasty?

Yep, trees grow back from their stumps after two years. However, if you remove the stump, the tree is gone for good! So, if you want more trees, use a shovel to remove the stumps. When exploring, find an area with many trees and cut them down.

What was the best thing to make for money in the medieval dynasty?

If you want to make money quickly, craft Stone Knives. You only need 5 sticks, 2 stones, and no special recipe. However, here is the trick: go to the options menu and turn on Quick Crafting if you are going for this method. 



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