How Can You Get Truffles Stardew Valley?

How Can You Get Truffles Stardew Valley?

Are you curious about obtaining Truffles Stardew Valley? Well, look no further because we have the perfect guide for you. Truffles are uncommon mushrooms in the game that can be transformed into valuable truffle oil, fetching a considerable amount of money when sold. But your initial task is to acquire a Truffle before you can engage in any of that. Here’s a simple explanation of how you can accomplish this.

How Can You Get Truffles Stardew Valley?

To acquire Stardew Valley truffles, you must first buy a few pigs in the game. To buy pigs, you will need money. A full-sized pig can produce plenty of truffles if you fulfil all the terms.

Buy A Pig

To get a Pig in Stardew Valley, you must have a Deluxe Barn on your farm and enough coins (at least 16,000g) to buy one. If you meet these requirements, go to Marnie’s Ranch to buy the Pig and keep it in a Deluxe Barn.

When you first buy the Pig, it will be young and unable to produce Truffles. You must feed it for 10 nights to help it grow and mature.

Once the 10 nights have passed, the Pig will become an adult and start producing Truffles for you.

Unlike other animals in the barn, Pigs won’t give you their Truffles if kept inside. To ensure you get Truffles, let them be free and go outside during early mornings.

Where Can You Find Stardew Valley Truffles?

Before your animals can start producing Truffles, there are some important things to remember.

Once your Pigs have grown into adults, it’s essential to feed them daily and let them roam outside the barn during the daytime. Failing to do so will result in the Pigs altogether ceasing their Truffle production.

It’s worth noting that in case it is raining, the Pigs won’t produce Truffles or during the winter season.

When a well-fed pig is allowed outside, it will wander around and unearth a Truffle from right below the ground!

You can discover these Truffles spread throughout your farm and collect them to add to Stardew Valley stock.

How Often Pigs Get Truffles Stardew Valley?

The level of friendship you have with your Pigs is crucial for how often they find Truffles.

Pigs with an increased friendship level have the potential to produce additional Truffles in a single day!

Statistically speaking, there is a 0.02% chance per frame for your Pig to find a Truffle if it hasn’t already found one for the day and is standing on an available tile.

To simplify the calculation, there is a 99.99% chance that every single pig will produce 1 Truffle within 24 hours.

How To Produce Additional Stardew Valley Truffles?

After your Pig has discovered its initial Truffle for the day, it can continue producing additional Truffles!

The formula for Produding: Animal Friendship/1500 determines the likelihood of this occurring.

To simplify matters, having a full friendship meter with your Pig translates upto a 66% chance of producing an additional Truffle.

Reasons You Are Not Getting Truffles?

It can be quite frustrating when your Pigs aren’t producing profitable Truffles. Rest assured; we’ve all experienced that situation.

You won’t obtain Truffles if any of this happens:

  1. It is currently raining.
  2. The Pigs are Young
  3. There are no available tiles where the Pigs can uncover Truffles.
  4. Currently, the winter season is running in the game.
  5. You haven’t fed the Pigs.
  6. The animals were not let to go outside barn.
  7. There is a storm happening outside.

Benefits of Stardew Valley Truffles

Truffles can be used to do various things in Stardew Valley; one of them is buying and selling.

Consuming or Selling

Truffles can be consumed to derive energy and increase health. You can also sell them to get more coins. The amount of coins/health or energy you will receive depends on the rarity of truffles.


Truffles make great gifting in stardew valley. Leah loves to get truffles. You can gift truffles to any villager except Maru, as she hates them, and it will deduct your friendship point.


You only need a single truffle to be on Chef’s Bundle Bulletin Board. Also, you can use it only one time. You may also need the Stardew Valley truffle to complete the Quest “Help Wanted” that starts outside Pierre’s General Store.

Artisan Products

Truffles are also used to extract = Truffle Oil which can be sold or consumed as per your preferences.

Can You Get Truffles With No Pigs?

On Sundays and Fridays, you can get truffles using a travelling cart near Secret Woods. However, this method is highly irregular and inconvenient. The items in the Travelling cart are overpriced and randomized. This means that you have very few chances of finding the truffles.

Apart from this there is no other way to get Truffles in Stardew Valley.


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