How To Play Dodgeball: A Beginners Guide 

How To Play Dodgeball: A Beginners Guide 

Dodgeball is one of the fastest-growing and most loved sports in the US and UK. What is the reason for its success? The answer lies in the fact that it is a fun, fast-paced ball game like Rugby, which has no boundations and anyone can play it. Dodgeball has various advantages over the other popular sports, but none like its accessibility. The accessibility of this game makes it a favorite among people of all ages, sex, and abilities. 


What makes dodgeball even more fascinating is that there are numerous variations that can be enjoyed to keep the session. Another good thing is that you can have teams of mixed ability, age, and gender, thus making it even more popular. Simple rules like for winning; all you need to do is eliminate the opposing team by hitting them using the ball or catching the one who is throwing the ball also makes it a popular sport.


The dodgeball game is also an amazing way if you want to go for some HIIT workout. However, you need to know some basic rules before going for this game. Thus, to help you with this, we have prepared a guide for you to learn dodgeball rules, gameplay, and some winning strategy of this amazing game. 


How To Play Dodgeball 

You don’t need much to play dodgeball, and it is easy to play. Some steps to know for playing this ball game are:


Step One: Team

  • First of all, you need to have three or more people on each team. Now on both sides of the court, gather your team members to play dodgeball. However, there is no limit, so you can have as many players per side as you want. 
  • One thing to know is that all players should wear rubber sole shoes as if not, they might slip on the court and get injured.


Step Two: Ball Arrangements 

  • To start this amazing ball game, place a single or more ball in the middle of the court’s central line. However, if you are using more than one ball, place them on the central line in a way that they are spread evenly. 


Step Three: Time

  • After you are done with the balls and players, now set a timer for the game. The maximum time allowed in the game is 10 minutes. Each game can only last for a period of one or 2 minutes, and then the next game should commence. The multitude of games in the 10 minutes frame will decide the winner. The winning team needs to win more games in the time frame of 10 minutes.
  • Another way of deciding the winner game is to decide a number of games, and then the team that wins more games is the winner. 


Step Four: Beginning The Game

  • Now, when you are ready to begin the game, shout ‘go; or use a whistling sound and allow the players to rush to the center. After the gameplay starts, players must rush to the center of the court to grab a ball. 
  • Although, if there is only one ball in the game, teams can choose their fastest players to grab the ball before the opposition team. 
  • After a player grabs a ball, they have to wait for at least 5 seconds before throwing it at someone. This wait is there to ensure that the other players have adequate time to grab the ball from the player. 


Step Five: Dodging The Balls

  • When the players rush for the ball and aim it at any player, they must dodge the ball, and thus the name of the game, dodgeball. To dodge the balls, you can move to any part of the court, and there is just one rule that you stay on your side of the court. 
  • Once you are successful in dodging the ball, you can grab the ball to throw and hit the other team’s players.
  • However, if the ball hits you, you must leave the court as you are out.
  • One thing you can do to dodge the ball and hit the opposing players is to catch it. If you catch a ball that someone threw at you, the person who threw that ball at you is out. 
  • One thing to know is that you must catch the ball before it hits you. 


Step Six: Throwing The Ball

  • After you grab a ball, you have five seconds to decide your target and throw it. One thing to remember is not to throw the ball too hard as it may hurt any fellow player.
  • You are also not allowed to hit any player on the head using the ball, and if you do so, the hit is not counted. 
  • Another rule for throwing the ball is that if you don’t throw the ball in 5 seconds, you lose your chance. After it, you have to pass the ball to the opposition team gently.
  • You must not cross the line to throw the ball at the opposition, as if you do so, you are out.
  • One more thing to know when throwing the ball is not to throw the ball at a player who is on the ground. 


Step Seven: Winning

  • The objective of this game is to have players on the court to win the game. Thus, if you and your team tag out the players of the opposing team, your team is the winner.
  • If a team wants, they can switch slides on the court after each match. This is done to eliminate any unfair advantage to one team, like the sun on the face or opposing winds. 
  • After the 10 minutes time frame runs out, the team that has won the most games is the winner of the match. 


These are some of the dodgeball rules and gameplay you must know before going for this amazing game.


Dodgeball Strategy

Like any other ball game, if you play by the strategy, you can win the dodgeball game easily. Some strategies to follow are:

  • Working as a team is the best strategy you can try to win the game. Solo throws in dodgeball are seen among the rookie players. You can also develop some team calls so that the opposition doesn’t know your strategy. Coordinate with other players to throw balls at the same time if your team has more than one ball at a time; this makes it harder for the opposing player to dodge. 
  • Spread out as this is the best thing to do when dodging a ball. You must also keep moving as this will confuse the opposition and make it harder for them to guess your general movement direction. 
  • Stay away and back from the lines. This is essential as if you are close to the lines, you are an easy target, whereas if you are far, your throws are easy to dodge. 


Other Than These General Rules, Some More Strategies are:

  • Eliminate the most strong players of the opposition team first to weaken the opposition in dodgeball.
  • Aim at the players that are in the corners to force these players out of bounds.
  • When you have a ball, hold it behind your back. This way, your teammate can grab and throw the ball, and it’s hard for the opposition to guess who your target is.
  • Never celebrate early. This is vital as the opposition is vulnerable when they lose a fellow player, so hit again if you have a ball. 
  • If your team is out and you are the last man standing, be vigilant and dodge the balls. You can use another ball to avoid any hits. Once all the balls have been deflected on your side, go on the offensive. 


Dodgeball Skills

  • Play as a team.
  • Follow the strategy.
  • Keep your cool.
  • Don’t turn your back, as it makes you an easy target.
  • Play with team spirit and give your best.
  • Aim low to avoid any penalties.
  • Keep moving, and don’t standstill.
  • Dodge, if in doubt.


These are some of the common skills and things that you must know about dodgeball to be a player to send shivers down the spine of the opposition team. 



Dodgeball is a fast-paced, fun game that is popular among adults and kids alike. All you need for this game is a ball, players, and court that makes it an accessible game for all. This game is so popular that there is a dodgeball movie for it. So other than the dodgeball cast, you can watch this movie to learn the game. 


Do you love dodgeball? Please do let us know your thoughts in the comment box. 


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