Ways To Repair Damaged Telescopes In Fortnite 

Ways To Repair Damaged Telescopes In Fortnite 

  It seems exciting to watch the new season of Fortnite chapter 2, as it includes many other features like snow biome. Fortnite season 2 was screened on Twitter by lucas7yoshi_ before releasing on the official website. Fortnite adds an epic and cryptic story to explain the brief parts of season 2 that will likely come in the upcoming weeks. 7 telescopes are damaged, and the players have enough material for 5 of them to repair damaged telescopes Fortnite. Let’s come to know more about Fortnite season 2.

How to find the shadow of Ghosts?

Isn’t it interesting and develops an eagerness to know what happened in this game? There is an addition of a Foreshadowing quest in Fortnite chapter 6 that seems like a shadow of ghosts. It appears like something huge above, and we can see it with the help of a functional telescope. As players complete the task of weekly quest in Fortnite, they earn XP. But it is not yet found how to repair damaged telescopes Fortnite in season 2.

20 pieces of metal are required to fix each damaged telescope. The Fortnite telescope gives hints to take together clues about Foreshadowing quests and some suggestions for players to face in the finale of season 6 and more. 

 In search of a way to repair damaged telescopes Fortnite season 2

Around the edge of Fortnite island, we find 7 damaged telescopes, and players have to fix five of them to fulfill the foreshadowing quest. The information on all damaged telescopes is given on the map-

  • Craggy cliffs of the east hill near the Fn radio station
  • The southeast side of the top mountain 
  • Dirty Dock’s hills in the northwest direction and steamy stacks in the southwest
  • Mountain Shipwreck cove in the south direction
  • Misty meadows hills of west 
  • Sweaty sands cliff near crashed cargo in the west direction
  • Lockie’s lighthouse island in the northeast and north of the coral castle and stealthy stronghold

To repair damaged telescopes in Fortnite, players must visit these locations and find out the damaged telescopes to repair the five other telescopes, which can be done only with enough materials.

Players can easily find out and gather the materials in Fortnite when they play the challenged game with a slightly typical team Rumble. In this way, they fulfill the requirements of all five repaired telescopes with 150 different kinds of material. To spread out all these materials in the telescopes and games, one game is enough to complete this challenge.  

To work on the quest challenge with the whole rumble team, players seeking in the telescopes and can’t go to harvest metal more effectively. In this game, the players will receive 24000 XP when they find 5 telescopes in Fortnite amongst 7. 

For players, there are also 3 other Foreshadowing Quests, destroy spooky tv sets, use CB radios, and place warning Signs at crop circles. These 3 quests will go live within a few weeks.


To repair damaged telescopes Fortnite season 2, players have been provided with the locations where they can find the damaged telescopes. There are a few names on which Fortnite is screened; Xbox Series, Xbox one, android devices, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and 5. Rest you knew in the article, I hope you get your answer on repairing damaged telescopes in Fortnite.


How do you repair damaged telescopes in Fortnite?

You need 20 pieces of metal to repair damaged telescopes in Fortnite; these can be easily found on Fortnite maps.

Where to repair damaged telescopes in Fortnite?

You can repair your damaged telescopes at these locations;  craggy cliffs hills of the east, snowy peaks of the southeast, and Lockie’s lighthouse of the southwest.

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