Let’s get into a new side of gambling while scrolling through casino bonuses 2019

Let’s get into a new side of gambling while scrolling through casino bonuses 2019

Things have faced a severe change in the online gambling industry due to a decline in the good bonuses which have been frequently hunted down by over-enthusiastic bonus stealers leaving behind no good prize potential. Bonus is something which attracts people towards online casinos. Hence, casinos have nowadays been offering around high lucrative, creative and variety of competitive bonuses. It is all because of the generous amount and broad array of bonuses that the online gambling industry has flourished to a large extent of 20% and has a value of around $60 billion.


The future of this industry falls right into the hands of casino bonuses 2019. Gamers know it very well that some features of bonuses remain constant throughout, but some have changed over time to attain loyalty of their clients. These best online casino bonuses are real innovative schemes which are good at attracting customers towards themselves. 


Greater Value

The most significant share attained by these casinos is because of the sheer cash value provided to customers through bonuses. Online casino bonus trends usually involved $100 worth free spins and all but nowadays, casinos offer $1000 welcome bonuses. Almost all companies of the industry are using this strategy because it helps in facing down the competition. 


We could also take other examples of such cases like that of banks and airline companies. Earlier banks used to gift their new customers’ pens but nowadays, they also offer shopping vouchers, free travel tickets, checking bonuses etc. While airways usually treated their customers with welcome drinks and complimentary snacks have now started offering a free stay in 5-star hotels, and thousands of dollars of free travel.


Loyalty Bonuses

The online casino bonus trends seem to change as even though, welcome bonuses sound too appealing and do attract new players the theme has been changed a bit now. Companies have understood that welcome bonuses might attract new customers but what is more important is to keep those customers from going elsewhere. Hence, to avail their customers with the best online casino bonuses, they have stood by the policy of loyalty bonuses which assure the regular gamers increase in their investment with each game. 


High Roller Bonuses

High rollers are loved by everyone and especially by casino owners. When it comes to land-based casinos, they put their full works on for high rollers which is not the case with online casinos. Online casinos have treated their high rollers differently throughout but now that they have understood that big winnings are not enough they have changed. High rollers are valuable as the playtime and money deposits they invest is not of little value. Online casinos have started taking care of their high rollers. Along with providing no deposit casino bonus initially they now offer them with more games for high deposits, free spins etc.


No Deposit Bonus is back in-game!

No deposit casino bonus had disappeared since a while, but now they are back in the game with a bang. There are back with the resurgence of the act of no deposit bonus because Betway has started providing smaller no deposit bonuses which are quickly snapped by the customers. The release of smaller no deposit bonuses is also convenient for the players as they could now check out a never before tried casino with lesser commitments.


Use of Bitcoin Bonuses

online casinos were the first among the world to accept technological advancements and changes. They started accepting cryptocurrency quite a while ago and encouraged users to play slots, roulette, blackjack and other games with not only bitcoins but also other cryptocurrencies. There are rumours spreading about online casinos going to offer rewards and bonuses on the use of cryptocurrency instead of cash and online money transfers for playing. They seem to be too much in favour of this, leading towards a very bright future and endless gaming experience for the players as well.

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