How to Play the Spoon Card Games by Using Astonishing Rules

How to Play the Spoon Card Games by Using Astonishing Rules

If you are wondering how to play a spoon card game or what are the rules for spoons card games, then here is an article with the answer to all your queries.

Game Spoons (Card Game)
Game Type Matching
Decks 1
Time Maximum 15 minutes
Spoons Number of players minus 1
Skills Required Speed and Memory
Players 3-6 (in case of more than 6 players more than 1deck is required)


Spoons is a famous card game, and both children and adults can enjoy this game. It is also famous by the name of “Tongue” or “Pig.” It is played by 1 deck, and in the case of more than six players, more than 1 deck of cards is required. Spoons and Cards are the two essential things needed to play this game. In order to win the game, you are required to have four cards of a kind, or you should not be the last person to get the spoon.



In this game, one player is a dealer. The number of cards required to deal is depended upon the number of players. Seven cards are needed for the deal in a game of 3-4 players, and for 5-6 players, more than six-five cards are used. The cards are placed at the center. In order to initiate the discard pile, the top card is turned face up.



The game starts with dealer picking his cards first, and then others picking their cards. If a person picks cards, before the dealer does, then the person has to spell the word SPOON. The game begins when all the players pick up the cards. 

In the game, the dealer takes the card placed on the top of the discard pile and then put a card face down to the right from his pile. In the next step, the second player takes the card discarded by the dealer and then takes a card from his collection and place it to the right. The next player will take the card discarded by the last player and then remove a card from his pile. The last player will remove the card into the pile, and the dealer will continue to pick the card from the removed pile.

Until the players discard the card, they are not allowed to pick cards. Speed is the core component of the game, and the players are required to play the game quickly; otherwise, it might lead to an increasing number of cards in a pile.  

The primary intent of the game is to make four cards of a kind, for instance, four sevens, for threes, by means of discarding and picking the cards.

It is essential to note that layers are not allowed to have less than four and more than five cards. Players should manage and arrrange their cards in a manner that others can’t see what they have got.



Spoons are kept in the middle and closely in front of all the players, so they don’t find any issue in reaching the spoons. In any of the players get four cards of a kind, then they are permitted to pick the spoon. As soon as any player picks the spoon, other players get the opportunity to grab the spoons. All the players try to get a spoon, and only one player is left without a spoon. The player who does not get the spoon ends the game by spelling SPOON.



  1. When a player gets defeated in a round of the game, he gets the letter “S” and if he loses the second round, also he gets “P,” and the game goes on. If a player loses the game for five times, then he would lose the game and would be out of it. A spoon is decreased by one every time a player is dropped out. The player who remains till the end wins the game. The players who are dropped out are not supposed to help the other players.
  2. The player has to take a spoon and stick out it with the tongue or touch the nose with the other hand. The last player to do the process is removed from the game. Always remember that in the process of scoring, the number of spoons is always equal to the number of players.
  3. Three chances are provided to a player. If the person loses three times, he is removed or eliminated.

Note: If a player is eliminated from the game, always remember to eliminate a set of four cards of a type and then proceed to play other round.


Amazing Strategy to Play Spoons Card Game

Focus on the Spoons

During the games, players mostly focus on the hands and do not concentrate on other players grabbing spoons when they get four same cards of a kind. Be careful while drawing the cards during the game. Getting similar cards of a kind is not a big deal; instead of grabbing a spoon is more crucial.


Conspiracy Entertainment

During the game, the player can opt for playing in a group in order to remove a strong player. While playing the game, players signal each other when even a single one of them gets four cards of a kind, so that they could prepare themselves to grab spoon altogether leaving the one intended to be left without a single spoon. Nevertheless, there is one drawback of the trick that if you get caught by other players, they can make a counter-attack, which might leave you without a spoon.



The trick is encouraged in the game of Spoons. Players are allowed to bluff in order to touch the spoons in order to restrict other players face penalties and into touching them.


Do not look at the Cards

In order to follow this strategy, players play the game without looking at the cards they have in their hands, they pick one card and remove one and keep themselves focused on the spoons. In the beginning, players concentrate on their hands in order to get more cards of the same kind and then shift their focus on grabbing the spoon.


Pro Tips for Playing Spoons Card Game

In order to play the game, spoons are placed in a manner that their top part touches each other, and the handles are placed pointing towards each player. 

Spoon game is popular for speed. During the game, players involved in the game do not wait for the other person to discard a card; instead, they put their next card rapidly.



Joker Spoons

In the game, jokers are included as Wild Cards, and the other rules of the game remain the same.


Extreme Spoons

Spoons are kept at a distance from the players, and they have to run in order to pick them as soon as a player gets four similar cards of a kind.  


Other Objects

Spoon might not be available at all the places. You might wish to play the game in the office, park, or bus. The variation for choosing some other objects is bifurcated: acceptable object and unacceptable object.


Acceptable Objects

Acceptable objects for playing the game include poker chips, coins, aluminum cans, stones, or any other objects that are small.


Unacceptable Objects

Marbles, valuable items, the game should not be carried out with objects that might hurt someone.

It is not essential to grab the spoons as the number of spoons is equal to the number of players. 

Tongue: In this, you are needed to stick your tongue out.

PIG: After grabbing the spoon, you are required to place a finger on your nose’s tip.

As this game is all about speed, the slowest player might lose the game.

Optional: In this, the players continue to play the game while fixing the tongue out; it makes the game more difficult for other players as it confuses them. This variation of the game cannot be played in PIG as the players have to keep one hand on their nose.

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