Ten Amazing Tricks to Win Roulette Game in Casinos

Ten Amazing Tricks to Win Roulette Game in Casinos

The fantastic part about the roulette game in Casino is that there is no surety of winning it. Nevertheless, there are certain tricks which can help you in enhancing your chances of winning the game. Here is a list of ten amazing tricks to win roulette game in Casinos.

  1. Chose the Color

Picking a Color is always confusion in the roulette game. The color could be either black or red, and there are 50% probabilities for the occurrence of both the colors. It is better to always stake on a color in order to get started. If you have decided to play the game for sometime, then you can begin with betting three or five dollars, but I would never suggest you to do so, as losing $3 on the first bet might be demotivating and not good for you. If you win the first game, then play again, leave the original bet, and take the new one home. As long as you lose or win the game till you own the original bet, you can continue playing the game, if it is happening, cut the losses and leave the game. You can also do one more thing; you can play free of cost Roulette, and you should stake on outside table’s one. 

  1. Staking on Numbers

It is always dicey to bet on numbers that are present between 1-18 and 19-36. These bets pay a similar amount as attained on betting on colors; nevertheless, these are a onetime win or lose system. You can stake once or maximum twice on the casino games. I have always played the game while staking once. The case that the ball does not land on either two sides is rare. According to research, after seven spins, one should bet on the number that has not come till now. At this point of time, I bet 42, if in case I win I would get a good amount and if I lose either quit the game or wait for my turn again and I start betting from $1 so that the next time I win the game, I would have my original bet, i.e. $1. 

The days when I have good luck, I quit the game after four continuous wins and if I have stake $10-$20, I opt for quitting the game after three straight wins. Sometimes, I prefer betting from my own house, spinning some wheels, placing stakes from one of the best online sites and take advantage of the good bonus offered by the online casino game sites. 

  1. Placing Bet on Rows

Placing bets on rows is similar to that of colors. If you win on the first attempt, continue the game after winning by keeping aside your real bet. In case of losing, bet with the same amount and your loss will be covered in the win. If you face two straight loses, then you have two choices, either quit the game or double the stake. You are required to get lucky only once, if you opt for repeating the game, nevertheless, keep in mind not to double the bet. In this trick, there are higher chances of losing the game, but the trick has always proved successful for me. 

  1. Force the Zero

This trick is based on the break down of the program that is installed in the computer. There are in total 36 numbers, and including zero there are 37, and each number has equal probabilities of occurring. In real casino games there lesser probabilities that a certain number would happen, but in the online or computer-generated casino games the system follows a specific algorithm to generate a particular number in order to add some reality to the game. If you have decided to bet on a specific number, there are lesser possibilities of occurring the number 75-80 spins, but the number will come for sure. There are lesser people who gamble on green zero. Most of the people stake on black and red, and zero will occur a few times finally to counterbalance Block and Red. This procedure is further divided into the following steps. 

Step 2 

In online casino game stake a dollar on the black as well as red chip and the green zero, bet three dollars. If you are lucky enough to hit zero in the first ten trials, you would be able to make 16 dollars. After this log out from the site or switch to some other website in order to start the entire procedure again. It is quite obvious that the zero might not come in the initial 30-4 spins, and it would occur two to three times in the next 60-70 spins. If you are lucky enough to get what I have mentioned here, then you can easily earn more than 120 dollars.

Step 3 

It is similar to the previous step. On green zero, place 4 chips worth 1 dollar. In the initial ten trials if you at least hit once on zero, then you would make $2. Like mentioned earlier, the chances of scoring zero are higher after sixty spins, and if you are lucky enough to hit zero twice, then you would easily make more than $130. 

Step 4

Start the game all over again and this time place six chips of solar on both black and red. If you are lucky enough to make zero in the first 10 trials then you would easily make 42 dollars, and the possibilities of occurring zero after first 30 spins are higher. In such a case, you can easily earn more than 170 dollars. 

Step 5

In accordance to this trick, you are required to place a dollar on red as well as black and place 8 chips worth a dollar on zero. In the first 10 trials, if you score a zero, you would earn sixteen dollars. Nevertheless, there are lesser chances of getting zero in some of the first spins. In my experience, I have never encountered 0 in the first 60 trials, and have got 0 almost 3 times in only 15 trials after the first 60 trials. I won two games, but I lost the third game. If I could easily earn $300, then you can also make it.


Final Step

This is the best trick when it comes to the game of Internet Roulette. In this trick, you are required to bet a dollar on black as well as red and place two dollars on green zero. After every ten trials double the total amount of stake on green zero and you would get zero within initial 60-70 trials, and you would end up earning a profit. 

If you follow the above mentioned guidelines, there are higher chances of winning the game.


Extra Tips to win Roulette Casino Game while Playing Offline

Pay Attention on the Table

If you have been playing the game for a long time, then remember which colors and numbers hit the table mostly. Track your previous score appropriately, and it would be beneficial for you in predicting numbers and colors for the next round of the game. 

  1. There is not even a single thing that cannot be mastered. It is better to get a table at home and play the roulette game every day. When you get an adequate idea of which numbers have the highest probabilities of occurring. 
  2. Take home the amount you have won. You begin gambling with $10, and after sometimes you have earned $40, then it is better to quit as you have earned 300% of your investment and it is more than enough. It is better to avoid being greedy if you get some good odds. 
  3. American and European are two types of Roulette tables. It is better to avoid playing on the American table as it contains 00, which reduces the chances of winning the game. The probabilities of winning American Casino are 1/38, whereas the same for European Casino are 1/37.
  4. If you are planning to play an online casino game, opt for some repudiated sites and places in order to avoid scams. Play online casino game at places where they generate a random number.
  5. Some of the roulette tables generate some specific evens or odds.
  6. According to my experience there fewer chances that multiple of 5 would hit on the roulette table.

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