Basics Of How To Play Clue Board Game

Basics Of How To Play Clue Board Game

Basics Of How To Play Clue Board Game 

Are you getting bored? If yes, then why not try mysterious and thrilling board games. Clue games are the best choice for you if you love mysteries, murder stories, and investigations. Now, you must be thinking how to play the clue game?


The clue game is one of the best board games. It involves three or more than three players at once. You can play this game at your home as it is an indoor game like printable games and pen and paper games. The players of this game should be aged eight, so they can easily understand this game. Clue game is beneficial in strengthening your logical thinking skills and deductive reasoning skills. Moreover, the game also improves your reflexes and analytical skills.

The clue game was invented in the U.K during World War II, and at that time, this game was known as Cluedo. It was first called the Murder game; after a few years, the Parker Brothers did the licensing of this game and renamed it as Clue. The Parker Brothers did some alterations in the games and guided people about how to play the clue game. 


Components Used For Clue Game 

Here is the list of all the necessary components which are needed to play the clue game. 

  • Clue game board 
  • 6 Murder weapons
  • Six suspect badges
  • A dice
  • Detective small handbook 
  • Room cards
  • Secrete envelope 
  • Character cards 
  • Weapon cards

Now that you know about all the essential elements required to play the game, you can begin to set up the game. You don’t need any other requirements for this, just a packed room, a comfortable sitting, and few friends or family members. Now read the further article to know how to play the clue game.


When the game starts, each player gets their turn to roll the dice, pass on the assigned badge along with squares into the rooms in the “mansion.” The game is very participatory, so each player in this game involves various deductive activities until they find those three clue cards hidden in the secret envelope.  


To find out the hidden card from the envelope, you need to follow these simple steps. 

  • Each player in the game has to choose a single character piece. 


  • One person grabs the opportunity to arrange the card by their type and shuffles every pile face-down. 


  • Here comes the turning point in the game. The shuffling person has to pick one weapon card, one suspect card, and a room card without looking at cards, then put the clue cards inside secret envelopes. 


  • Another player shuffles the cards again and distributes them in a clockwise direction to all the players until the rest of the cards are dealt.


  • Now a very interesting part of this game comes. It is to adjust on murder weapon in each room. You can place the weapons according to you, but the places are already assigned for weapons in some clue games. 


  • In the final part, set up the character pieces on the right starting squares, and then you can enjoy playing the clue game. 


How To Move The Pieces 

The clue game rules and steps are not so difficult to learn. There are many ways to learn the rules of this game. The clue game comes with a guide book behind its cover, giving you all the information regarding the rules and moving pieces. In case you miss out on some information there, then I am here to brief you about how to play the clue game so that you can play the game smoothly. 


Moving on to the Squares 

When the game starts, a special character starts the game, Miss Scarlet. In the clue game, Miss Scarlet takes the opportunity to begin the game always. After her, the dice passes to other players clockwise around the table. When a player rolls the dice, they have to move the piece on the different colored squares. 


The squares of this game appear like an entrance to the mansion, and you will feel like you are roaming in a big mansion where you have come to fund the murderer. The players have to move vertically or horizontally; they can not make a diagonal move during the game. 


Moving into Rooms

The clue game is fully based on its name. Your main aim in this game is to collect the clues as soon as possible. You have to play this game by setting a goal in your mind that you want to put your pieces into the room to get more clues. 


The larger the numbers you get in rolling dice, the more you get closer to the room. More than one player can also stay at the same home square. One more interesting thing about entering into the room is that you can jump directly to the room through a secret path in which there is no need to roll the dice. You can easily access this way once you properly learn how to play the clue game. 


Moving Out of Rooms

Moving out of the room is not as tough as moving into the room. There are a whole three ways by which you can exit the room. Following the clue game rules will help you to win the game soon. 

  1. Normally roll the dice, and you can move out from the room. 
  2. There is a secret passage near the room; you can also exit from there. 
  3. If you suspect there is a very interesting way to move out, your piece will automatically shift to the room where you are thought to have killed Mr. James. 


How to Suggest a Suspect

The clue game is filled with mysteries and fun. Now think about what you will do if you enter a murder area? You will guess who the suspect is, the same thing you can in this game once you move your piece into the room. 


When you enter the room, you can guess the murderer, the murderer’s location, murder weapons. For example, if you entered the cafe, you can start guessing; you are allowed to say something like, “The murder might be done by lieutenant Jeffrey, in the cafe, with a knife.” Then the suspect you have mentioned and the murder weapon both get moved in the same room you are. 


Guessing about the suspects is the most interesting part of this game. While guessing about the suspect gives you a feel like you are a detective, right? Well, this game is all about using your brain and skills. Here are some points that will help you play the clue game and find the suspect. 


  • When you guess a suspect and mention the detail about the murder weapon, location, and murderer, the next player must prove you wrong. If you guess something, then the next player gets automatically against you; they have to show the clue cards opposing your theory. The other may have more than one opposing card, but they are not supposed to show you all the cards. 


  • This guessing and opposing task goes on the turn by turn until you find the real murderer. The clue games should go clockwise until a player comes with a mastermind and shows their clue cards opposing another player’s suspects’ theory.  


  • If any of the players do not reveal their secret clue cards, you have to use your detective skills. For that, you need a detective notebook in which you can keep all the tracks about murder. You can keep all your secret information in your notebook, so do not show it to other players; keep it safe and secret. 


Final Words

The clue board game is a complete package of enjoyment. This game is full of suspense and thrill. The makers of the game have focused on the development of kids’ brains and logical skills. The indoor games are very helpful in the overall development of kids (Source). The creative designs attract many people towards this game. Moreover, the clue game rules are also  very easy so that anyone can play this game. As you know how to play the clue game, you can invite your friends to your place and enjoy a beautiful evening with this amazing board game.


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