How To Play Ludo – Tips For Beginners

How To Play Ludo – Tips For Beginners

Ludo has been one of the most favorite games for many people during their childhood. People used to play ludo during summer vacations. It is probably one of the first games introduced to kids, and they learn it in no time. So in this article, we will tell you how to play ludo?


Ludo is basically played between 2 to 4 players. The beginning of the Ludo goes back to ancient India, where it was called parchisi. This game was a favorite for royal families and kings. The goal of this game is to get all the pawns inside the home space, which is located in the middle of the board.


How To Play Ludo


Place Your Dice’s


There are generally four equal size square colored pockets in all four corners like red, green, blue, yellow. Between pockets, pawns are placed, every colored pocket has a place to accommodate four pawns.


Rules To Play Ludo Online Game


This game is like an excellent cross, it has 4 arms, and each arm has 3 rows. The main purpose in this game is to take the lap through entire outer rows come back to the pocket where it was started. After that, it enters the middle row the same color that you choose at the starting game to enter the house and release the pawn.


Who Plays First?


 The player can decide this by rolling a dice, and any player who gets the highest number can roll the dice first. Now, the game will start with that player who got the highest number.


How To Take Out The Pawns From The Pocket?


If the player got the highest number, then get the chance to roll the dice, and if the player gets 6 numbers, then you can take the pawn outside the pocket. If you don’t get number 6, then you have to keep rolling the dice until you get six.


How To Move a Pawn on The Board?


The Player has to roll and get the number six on the dice, and then you must roll the dice again. Suppose if the player gets a number four on a dice then your pawn moves four numbers on the board. Once the pawn is out, keep rolling the dice until the pawn takes the entire lap and comes back to the house base.


Take Turns


Once you move the pawn, then give dice to the next player so that the game can continue.



Move The Pawns


Remember, the moves are always made clockwise when moving the pawns. Every player should roll the dice and take turns until every player’s pawn reaches their particular color house base.


Capturing Opponents Pawn


The main aim of each player in the game is to prevent the other players from reaching their house base. For that, the pawn has to capture other players’ pawns by taking the same place where the other pawn is lying. For example, if the player rolls the dice and gets a number four, while the player moves the pawn to the fourth place player, see the other player’s pawn on that place, then you can capture the other player’s pawn. So like this captured pawn has to go back to their respective pockets, and that player has to roll the dice to get number six again to bring the pawn back.


How To Win The Ludo Game?


The player must reach the home base with all four pawns; two or three pawns in the home base will not be enough to win this game. The player must continue rolling the dice to get all the pawns in the home base one by one. The first player who gets all the four pawns in the home base first to win this game.


Final Words


If you are getting bored, then this is the best game to play with your family and friends. It is the best way to connect and have fun with your loved ones. So what are you waiting for? Now that you know how to play ludo stop getting bored and enjoy the game. Do share your experience with us by dropping a comment.


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