HOW TO PLAY FLAME – Everyone likes to play the exciting game of “Flames” to acquire knowledge about their romantic partner. All are familiar with Flames video games. The game flame dissolves a person’s relationship with another person according to their names. If you want a pretty connection and want to remember how to play flame games then follow some easy steps.

Define Flames.

This game needs the names of two players to classify their connection. Lovers, Admirers, Friends, Marriage Enemies, and “Secret Lovers” all of these are presented by Acronym Flames. Teenagers mainly use this game to test their bond with their loved ones. It is advised to stick with one definition.

F – Friend

L – Love

A- Affection

M- Marriage

E- Enemy

S – Sister

What are the ways to play flame games?

There is a very thin line between A and I; sometimes, we think about what A is in this particular situation. More of us are friends with each other at the same time. This calculation enters the play only when a female figure comes. A fire professional will always be there, so double-check your findings.

Someone may need to work on his abacus skills, his Vedic calculations, or even mathematics, but he will understand this premise. All of us have scrawled notes, and if you’re fortunate enough to find some of them. Additionally, you’ll find these strange figures if you start at the rear.

Playing flame games

Make your assets

People only need a pen, paper, or pencil to play this easy game. Although, playing this game with friends can be more enjoyable. When you express your feelings for someone, share your possible flames with your close friend, who may help you strengthen your bond.

Write the names of yourself and the flame

Write the name of the person whom you are interested in and your initial name on a paper. Provide your full name rather than nickname. The letters of your name help check the possibility of a relationship between you and the other person.

Mark off all the consonant letter

Every letter which is the same should be marked with an X or crossed out. Just like Alexander and Samantha begin with the letter A, and if there are any A’s in both names that should be crossed out.

Continue doing this with all the remaining letters until they need to match. This same procedure will be followed for all repeated letters.


The Flame Game gives you two names: Flames, which stand for Friends, Lovers, Anger, Marriage, Engagement, and Soulmates. After eliminating the same letters from their names, total the remaining letters. Once the numbers are compared to the acronym, you can predict the trajectory of your “relationship” with that person.

In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you information about  “HOW TO PLAY FLAME”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Is the flame game fake or real?

Ans. Friends, Lovers, Affectionate, Marriage, Enemies, and Sibling are the abbreviations for the well-known game FLAMES. Although it can be entertaining to play with friends, this game cannot reliably determine whether a person is a good fit for you.

Q2) How easy is the flame test?

Ans. A procedure for determining some metals in combinations by the colours they impart to a flame.

Q3) What is the full form of Flames? 

Ans. F – Friend, L- love, A – affection, M- marriage, E – enemy, S – sister.


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