Overwatch 2 Delays Roadhog Rework

Overwatch 2 Delays Roadhog Rework

Roadhog – Tank players in Overwatch 2 who are excited for changes to Roadhog will need to be patient. Right now, in its seventh season, Overwatch 2 has brought back a popular Halloween game mode, added a new map called Samoa, and teamed up with Diablo 4 for a special event where Moira plays Lilith and Pharah takes on the role of Inarius.

In Overwatch 2’s Season 7, they made some big changes to the character Sombra, who is known as a DPS hacker. Many players wanted these changes for a long time because Sombra’s ability to stay invisible forever caused a lot of frustration. She could also quickly run away when her health was low, which annoyed many players.

Now, with the rework, Sombra can’t use her teleport device as freely as before. It automatically activates after she throws it, but she can still stay invisible for a long time. They also gave her a new type of projectile called a Virus, which hurts enemies over time, and she can combine it with her Hack ability to deal even more damage.

Aaron Keller

In a article by the director of Overwatch 2, Aaron Keller, he talked about some things. He said that people really like the Halloween stuff in the game, especially the Trials of Sanctuary mode. He also said that the changes they made to Sombra are working well.

The important news is that they are still working on making Roadhog better, but it won’t be ready for the middle of the season. However, it should be ready before the end of Season 7. They’re going to make changes to Roadhog’s main gun and his healing ability, and they’re adding a completely new ability for him, which is really exciting. But they didn’t say what it is yet.

Roadhog in Overwatch 2 has a lot of health, and his ability to heal himself with Take a Breather is a big problem for the other players. But in Overwatch 2, he’s spending more time protecting his teammates, so he doesn’t need such a strong self-heal.

They haven’t officially said this, but it’s probably going to be much weaker in the rework. They are also giving him a new ability, which will make him a bit more interesting to play. Don’t worry, though, he’ll still have his famous chain hook.

Aaron Keller also talked about support heroes and how they want to make them harder to kill. Some players think it’s too tough to defeat enemy support heroes.

They might make changes to how support heroes can heal themselves or change some of the support heroes individually. But Keller promised that support players won’t feel as weak as they did when Overwatch 2 first came out.


BlizzCon is coming soon, and Overwatch 2 fans will find out more about the changes to Roadhog and support heroes. They’ll also reveal a new hero at BlizzCon, and it’s probably going to be a new Tank hero for Overwatch 2.

Some FAQs

Are Roadhog and Mercy married?

If you check the Overwatch Wiki page, you’ll see that Mercy’s page mentions Mako Rutledge (Roadhog) as her fiancé. A fiancé is like someone who’s engaged to be married; they’re almost married, but not quite.

Is Roadhog a good guy or a bad guy?

Roadhog, whose real name is Mako Rutledge, is one of the characters you can play in Overwatch. He used to work as a bodyguard and was involved in a lot of bad activities. Some people see him as a villain.

Why does Roadhog wear a mask?

Roadhog and other folks from the Outback had to leave their homes because of trouble, and they formed a group called the Australian Liberation Front to try and get their land back. They fought against robots called omnics and things got really bad.

The area got messed up by an explosion that made it radioactive. Mako adapted to this new situation by wearing a mask and riding his motorcycle on the damaged roads.


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