How To Play Craps At Resorts And Casino

How To Play Craps At Resorts And Casino

Do you miss the thrill and fun in your life while playing the games? Then you should try an interesting and energetic game, “Craps”. This game is full of suspense and fun, at first, it may be complicated for you how to play craps, but it is a very simple game. This game is played worldwide, and people love to play this game when they go to parties. Craps is full of exciting things like; it provides you with various betting options; you can draw different cards and fun during this whole game.


You must be thinking about how to learn playing craps? Well I am here to help you out with this. Read the full article to learn this amazing game. Craps can be played both online and offline, but in the current COVID 19 situations, many people are playing it online. Online you can play the games on your desktop or in your smartphone with an app “mobile casino”. 


In craps, the gamblers push on their wagers based on the outcome of the roll of two thrown dice. Now how to play craps starts in a way like two dice are used in this game, it means six white dotted dice are there to improvise the excitement of this game. There is a term “shooter”, which is used for a player who throws the dice and during the online game every player on the casino table has an opportunity to roll. Then the players have to pass the dice in clockwise rotation after each round.  


When you go to play craps in casinos, there are very beautiful craps tables on which you can also get the casino services.  You miss the casino services benefits when you play craps online. 


Rules for this game

  • The player who throws the dice selects the two dice to roll. 


  • The dice-throwing player has to make a Pass Line bet, and it’s their choice where they have to make a bet. Either on the Pass or Don’t Pass line. 


  • The shooter ( a person who throws dice) Starts the round by rolling dice on the opposite wall of the table. When the shooter first starts the game by rolling dice, it is known as the come-out roll. 


How to play Craps: Popular Bets

Craps is full of adventures and actions; the bets in this game give you a next level enjoyment in the game. Once you learn how to do betting in craps, you can make a lot of money in the games. The whole game is based on your betting’s, how proficiently you use your brain to do the correct betting. When you get the proper knowledge about betting’s, you will surely hit this game greatly. 


Pass Line

Pass lines are the easiest bets in craps. If you want to learn how to play craps, the pass line bet is the base bet . 


How to bet:

There are two numbers in the pass line bet, so when the game starts, and you wager on the pass line it means you’re betting those numbers. 7 and 11, these are the numbers on which you bet in the pass line. The result will come in 7 or 11 of the come-out roll in the pass line bet. 


When you rolls the dice in-game and if the number comes 7 or 11 on the come-out roll, your money gets doubled, you will get the double money in the pass line bet if the numbers come in your favor. 


If you do not get these two numbers in one roll, then the shooter will roll the dice once again. 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, if any of these numbers comes in the second roll, a point gets settled. At the time of pass line bet, the point number will be rolled again, ( sooner the shooter rolls the number 7). If the shooter rolls the point number before rolling a 7, you will win, and your money gets doubled. And if the number 7 gets rolled before the point number, you will lose. These simple steps will help you to understand how to play craps.  


Don’t Pass line

Don’t pass line bets are directly proportional as compare to pass line bets. The actions in this bet are the opposite of pass lines. Don’t pass line bet is a bet against the shooter, it means you challenge the shooter by making the don’t pass line bet. 

How to bet:

This bet is against the shooter, and they have to roll the point before rolling the number 7. When in the pass line bet the 7and 11 are the winning number along with other rolling points, the don’t pass line bet is opposite. 2, 3, or 12 are the winning numbers in this bet and automatically 7 and 11 are the losing on the com-out roll. 


When the shooter rolls and the 7 come before the point number, you win, and your money gets doubled, and if the shooter rolls the point number before 7, you lose and your money will also get lose. How to play craps will not be a difficult thing for you once you start applying the bets correctly.  


Come Bets

The come bets are very similar to pass line bets, so you do not need to put more effort into learning this bet. But come bet can be made anytime after you made one point in the game. 


How to bet:

When the shooter rolls the dice after your pass line bet and 7 or 11 appears, the come bet wins. And when the shooter rolls dice on the come-out roll and seven comes before the point number, the come bet gets lost. The most interesting part about this bet is you get more money when you lose. 


Don’t Come Bets

Again this bet is reversed to the come bet. Don’t come bets are also directly proportional to the come bets and all the rules are just opposite of the come bet. 


How to bet:

You can make the don’t come bet after you get the point in the don’t pass line bet. When you bet on a don’t come bet, the shooter rolls and if 2 or 3 comes, you win the bet. If 12 comes on the come-out roll, the round will get a tie. If any other number gets rolled, that turns into your point number, and then a seven must come before that point number is repeated so you can win the don’t come bet. 

These bets are mostly used in gambling and randomly someone asks you how to play craps you can tell these basic bets to let them know about it. 


Odds Bets

This is a side bet, and you can not make this bet easily until you have already made a pass line, don’t pass line, come, don’t come bets. This bet is not listed when you play craps online, but you can make this bet by adding chips behind your original bet.  


You can take the odds only when you have completed a pass or come bet, and you can lay the odds when you have made a don’t pass or don’t come bet. 


Things to be remembered while playing the craps 

If you visit a resort or casino for playing craps, then it is a great idea. It is a really enjoyable and fun activity when you go for having a chill-out time. There are some points you need to remember which will help you learn how to play craps. 


Game Responsibility

Gambling is a risk-taking game, and you must have some guts in you if you want to play the craps. Make sure you never bet more than you can afford to lose. 


Ask Help 

Please clear all your doubts before playing the craps. If you have some questions regarding the bet in your mind, ask them from your friend or other people before. The table manager, and staff are available for your help on casino tables.


Final Words 

When it comes to games, table games are nothing less in impressing you with their charm. Straps are one of the best table games; this game can be played in casinos and you can play it online also. This amazing game will not be very difficult when you know about the bets and rules of this game. So now you know how to play craps, then download the casino app on your smartphone and experience the gambling for fun and enjoyment.  


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