Who Killed Irina Elden Ring?

Who Killed Irina Elden Ring?

Irina Elden RingWe don’t have a clear answer about who killed Irina Elden Ring in the game. The players aren’t given that information, and we don’t know why she was targeted.

But we can come up with some ideas about Elden Ring Irina questline who might have done it.

Idea #1: Maybe it was because of the fighting

When we first see Irina Elden Ring, she’s sitting near a road with many enemies. So, she wasn’t safe there.

It’s possible that some of those enemies came across her and attacked her right there.

We know it was one of these enemies because a bloody Iron Cleaver was next to her. The Iron Cleaver is a weapon that these enemies use.

Idea #2: Maybe Hyetta hurt Irina to take her body

Many people think this because Hyetta and Irina look exactly the same. They have the same look and the same person doing their voices.

What’s even more interesting is that Hyetta only shows up after Irina is gone.

Hyetta is connected to something called the “frenzied flame.” In Elden Ring, there’s another character linked to this “frenzied flame” who also looks like someone else.

This other character says the person who looks like him gave him his body. But some people think Shabriri hurt Yura and took his body for himself.

This character is called Shabriri, and the body he has now used to belong to Yura. Could what happened with Hyetta and Irina be similar to what happened with Shabriri and Yura?

But there’s one big problem with this idea. You can still find Irina’s body where it usually is, even after meeting Hyetta. A different enemy likely killed Irina, and then Hyetta came later and looked like her.

It’s also possible that the people who made the game just used the same character design for both NPCs.

Can You Help Irina Elden Ring Stay Alive?

In the typical style of FromSoftware games, the only way to keep Irina safe is not to follow her story at all. It seems that she will die no matter what you do, as long as you give her a letter to her father.

There’s no big reward for finishing Irina’s story, except that it allows you to start Hyetta’s story. But if you can do without a special item called the “Frenzied Flame Seal,” you can choose not to follow Irina’s story to prevent her from dying.

Some Questions

Where can I find Irina Elden Ring?

Irina can be found on the Weeping Peninsula, just after the Bridge of Sacrifice. She is sitting on a wall to the right of the road.

What does Irina ask me to do?

Irina asks you to deliver a letter to her father, Edgar, who is the commander of Castle Morne.

Where can I find Edgar?

Edgar can be found at the Revenger’s Shack, which is located in the Weeping Peninsula, just south of Castle Morne.

What happens if I deliver the letter to Edgar?

Edgar will thank you and give you a reward. He will then move to Castle Morne.


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