NBA: How To Hang On Rim 2K23 [Easy Method]

NBA: How To Hang On Rim 2K23 [Easy Method]

Basketball fans eagerly await the latest instalment of the NBA 2K series every year. Whether you are a seasoned player or a newcomer to the virtual court, mastering the game’s mechanics is essential for success.

Another addition in NBA 2K23 is the ring-hanging mechanic, which allows players to add flair to their dunks by hanging on the rim. In this article, we will talk all about how to hang on rim 2k23 and more in detail.

Key Takeaways

  • NBA 2K23 introduces a new ring-hanging mechanic for players who want to emphasize their dunks.
    •  To dunk in NBA 2K23:On PlayStation, press R2 while controlling the player near the basket.
    •  On Xbox, press RT under similar circumstances.
  •  After a successful dunk, flick the right trigger down twice to perform a rim hang.
  •  Be cautious: hanging on the rim for too long results in a technical foul.

How To Hang On Rim 2K23

Before we delve into the art of hanging on the rim, let us ensure you know how to dunk in the first place. Follow these steps:

  • Position yourself near the basket with the ball.
  •  On PlayStation, press R2; on Xbox, press RT to initiate the dunk animation.
  •  Your player will perform a simple two-handed dunk.

Adding Flare: How To Hang On Rim 2K23

Now, let us talk about it in detail. After completing a slam dunk, you can hang on the rim for that extra oomph. Here is how:

  • Instead of releasing the trigger after the dunk, slide it down twice.
  •  Your player will stay suspended on the rim, showcasing their dominance.

What about timing?

Remember, timing is crucial. Hanging on the rim too long results in a technical foul, giving the opposing team free throws and possession. So, choose your moments wisely!

Other Dunk Variations

While hanging on the rim is a crowd-pleaser, NBA 2K23 offers various other dunk moves:

  • Flashy Dunk: Add style to your dunks with flair.
  •  One-Handed Dunk: Showcase finesse with a one-handed slam.
  •  Weak-Hand Dunk: Mix it up by using your non-dominant hand.


Take out your inner dunk artist next time you are on the virtual court. Whether you are soaring for a two-handed jam or hanging on the rim like a pro, NBA 2K23’s mechanics allow you to express yourself.


What is the new feature in NBA 2K23? 

NBA 2K23 introduces a ring-hanging mechanic that allows players to hang on the rim after a dunk.

How do you perform a dunk in NBA 2K23? 

To dunk, get near the basket and press R2 (PlayStation) or RT (Xbox), then hold the right trigger up for a two-handed dunk.

How To Hang On Rim 2K23?

After a successful dunk, flick the right trigger down twice to hang on the rim.

What should players be cautious about when hanging on the rim? 

Hanging on the rim too long can result in a technical foul, so it is important to time it well.



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