How To Catch a Unicorn Hogwarts Legacy?

How To Catch a Unicorn Hogwarts Legacy?

Welcome to the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy, where aspiring wizards and witches can explore the vast landscapes, learn powerful spells, and face mystical creatures. Today, we will start on a quest to find one of the most exciting creatures in the wizarding world: the Unicorn. 

In this article, we are going to how to catch a unicorn hogwarts legacy. Follow these six easy steps to find and interact with these majestic beasts.

How to catch a Unicorn Hogwarts legacy

Here are the steps to catch Unicorn Hogwarts legacy:

Step 1: Know Your Unicorn

First things first, let us get to know our Unicorns. These creatures are horse-like with a single, spiralling horn on their forehead. They are known for their shyness and the magical properties of their blood, horns, and hair.

Step 2: Prepare Your Journey

Before you set out, make sure you are ready for the adventure. Pack your wand, wear comfortable robes, and bring along some treats that Unicorns love, like the Unpoppable Bubble Drop. It is also wise to have your Nab-Sack handy for finding a Unicorn.

Step 3: Find the Forbidden Forest

Hogwarts Legacy’s only known Unicorn den is nestled deep within the Forbidden Forest. Head to Upper Hogsfield and walk west into the forest to start your journey. The path may be difficult, but keep your eyes peeled for the magical glow of the Unicorn’s den.

Step 4: Use Disillusionment

As you approach the Unicorn’s location, cast the Disillusionment charm to blend into your surroundings. This will prevent you from startling the Unicorns, as sudden movements or unfamiliar faces easily spook them.

Step 5: Approach with Care

Move slowly and quietly towards the Unicorn den. If you see a Unicorn, admire it from a distance at first. They have a shimmering golden coat that is quite a sight. When you feel the time is right, gently offer the Bubble Drop to show you mean no harm.

Step 6: Capture with Levioso

Once the Unicorn is comfortable with your presence, use the Levioso spell to lift it into your Nab-Sack gently. Be respectful and kind; remember, we are guests in their homes.

Moreover, there you have it, six simple steps to finding and befriending a Unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy. With patience and respect, you’ll have a magical encounter that you will remember for years.

Requirements To Catch A Unicorn

To catch a Unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy, you will need to follow these essential requirements:

  • Nab-Sack: Acquire the Nab-Sack by moving through the main story.
  •  Disillusionment Spell: Use the Disillusionment spell to approach the Unicorn without alarming it.
  •  Levioso or Arresto Momentum Spells: Cast Levioso or Arresto Momentum to subdue the Unicorn temporarily.
  •  Accio and Glacius Spells: Use Accio to hinder its movement and Glacius to freeze or hold the Unicorn in place.
  •  Night Time: Unicorns only appear under the cover of night. Use the “Wait” option to advance time if needed.
  •  Patience and Strategy: Regular visits to the Unicorn Den in the Forbidden Forest and a gentle approach are key.

How To Collect Unicorn Hair

Collecting Unicorn Hair in Hogwarts Legacy is a magical experience that requires a gentle approach. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Tame the Unicorn: First, you need to tame a Unicorn by feeding and petting it. This will make the Unicorn comfortable enough to drop its hair for you.
  2.  Use the Brush and Beast Feed: After placing the Unicorn in one of the Vivariums, you will need to use the Brush and the Beast Feed, which you can get by completing the beast class at Hogwarts. Brush the Unicorn first, then feed it with the Beast Feed.
  3.  Collect the Hair: Once you have cared for the Unicorn, it will drop its hair, which you can collect.

Also, if you are in a hurry or have not tamed a Unicorn yet, you can purchase Unicorn Hair from the Brood and Peck Shop at Hogsmeade for 700 Galleons.

Some FAQs

How to catch a Unicorn Hogwarts legacy

Unicorns can be found in the Forbidden Forest. The only Unicorn den is located to the south of the East North Ford Bog Entrance Floo Flame.

Are there any special requirements to catch a Unicorn?

Yes, you will need the Nab-Sack, Disillusionment and Levioso spells, and it is recommended to approach during the night for a successful capture.

Can I find more than one Unicorn in the den?

No, only one Unicorn appears at the den at a time, and they are quite rare. You may need to return after a day or two to find another.

What does a shiny Unicorn look like?

A shiny Unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy is brown, almost gold-like in colour, as opposed to the normal white Unicorn.



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