How to Become an Expert Dribbler?

How to Become an Expert Dribbler?

If you want to be an expert player, you need to be better at dribbling. Players who work on the basics and become an expert in the fundamentals can effectively contribute to their team. Dribbling is one of the best skills to practice as it doesn’t require a court, too much space, or a partner. 

Spending more time with the ball in hand will help you in improving the control and going to the next level easily. You should practice different dribbling techniques in order to attain a good control of the ball and manage better movement as well as balance in order to move the ball downfield while playing during the match. Here are some principles in order to help you be an expert in dribbling. 

Core Principles

When you start dribbling, make sure that you use your wrist and fingertips. You should avoid using your palm. You should not bounce the ball more than the waist height. While dribbling, you should keep your head up and should focus on a spot at the wall. You should imagine the scenario of the game, as it will help you in improving your dribbling. 

The hand of the player should be on the top of the ball, and they should try to bounce the ball straight down. The fingertips of the players should be widely spread in order to control the ball properly. The wrist renders power. The ball will return right back up if you bounce the ball straight down. 

1. The players do not need to look at it if the ball returns straight up. Instead, they should keep an eye on the players. They should watch the opponents as well as the teammates. While dribbling, players should keep their heads up.

2. In order to attain proper control over the ball, you should practice the control drills of the ball. It will help in attaining higher confidence in controlling the ball as you move the hand. 

3. In case you are dribbling under pressure, you should focus on bending your back over and should also bend knees in order to manage the athletic position. It will help you in attaining higher control, and the ball will have to travel less distance to return to your hand. 

4. While dribbling under pressure, you should try to protect the ball from using your body. You should manage to keep your body between the ball and the man. 

The above mentioned are some of the most common tips in order to master in dribbling. If you practice dribbling following these tips, you will attain better control over the ball.

Five Drills that Can Help You to Become a Better Dribbler

If you want to become a master in dribbling, then here are some drills that you should learn. 

Figure Eight Dribble

In this dribble, you need to widen your legs and should dribble the ball, making figure eight around your two legs. You need to switch your hand as the ball goes from one side to the other. You should keep your free hand between your legs and should be ready to switch quickly. Make your dribbles lower and lower as the dribbling gets faster. 

Front V-Dribble

This is one of the best dribbles to get around a defender. It is utilized for in and out fake moves. In this dribbling, you should begin by using your right hand and then dribble the ball in front of your body side-by-side. It should form a V. The ball should go side to side, and the body should continue moving with the rhythm. Switch the ball to your left hand, and then repeat. 

Dribble Behind the Back and Crossover 

 This type of drill needs two basketballs. You have to keep one basketball in each hand and then pound both the balls three times on each side of the body. Then the next step is to pass one ball beyond your back and have to put one ball in front side to the opposite hand. After five times, make sure to change the direction. 


It includes practicing drills alternatively between your legs. In order to start, you need to put your left foot behind and right foot in front. You need to cross the ball between your legs and then switch your position after each time. 


In a stationary position, combine all the moves that you have learned. Make sure to control your ball with freestyle. In addition to this, do not forget the fundamentals. 

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