HOGWARTS LEGACY TROPHY GUIDE  – Players must obtain 46 different accomplishments and prizes to finish Hogwarts Legacy Trophy Guide. This game promised to be quite a challenge to finish, from fulfilling plot and relationship missions to finding every last collecting item that the game provides.

This Hogwarts Legacy Guide will outline each trophy in the game and offer tips, advice, and links to other resources and quest guides that will help you complete them. Players must continue playing throughout the game until they reach the Map Chamber a minimum of four times to accomplish everything, as they’ll receive trophies for completing each main quest & connection quest, plus achievements for many minor side quests and items.

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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Wear Robe Hoods

Players in the Hogwarts Legacy trophy guide have complete control over their appearance, allowing them to customize any equipment to resemble any other item they previously had. It’s great that players have this freedom because it enables them to dress as they want and wear the machinery with the best stats they can find.

Players are never truly instructed on how to achieve this in the game, but since its release, many have worked it out for themselves. Although modifying one’s look in Hogwarts Legacy is now largely standard information, few players know it is also possible to put on cloaks & robes with a hood up.

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are six primary categories for gear: Handwear, face and head coverings, neck coverings, cloaks and robes, and attire. The game starts with each player wearing their house colour on the Traditional School Robe, representing a student at the renowned wizarding school. For players interested in wearing the hoods up instead of down, there is a straightforward fix for this default robe feature.

Hogwarts Legacy: Toggle Hood On/Off

It just takes one button push via the gear menu to wear cloak & robe hoods up, but it’s still incredibly simple to forget. The “Hood On/Off” option will appear next to the “Change Appearance” option when you hover over the player’s cloak or robe. On each gaming platform where Hogwarts Legacy is accessible, a different control is required to complete this.

  • Press Triangle on the PS5
  • Y on the Xbox Series X
  • Triangle on the PC.

Cloaks & robes were the only equipment that naturally had this feature; clothes, hands, faces, heads, & scarves didn’t have toggleable hoods. It’s also important to remember that some gear items, such as capes and coats, are categorised as cloaks & robes even though they lack hoods. Wearing the hood upward or downward has no mechanical advantages (players in Hogwarts Legacy Trophy Guide won’t be able to sneak onto Nifflers or other magic beasts); thus, this is strictly a personal preference.

Without ever realising that hoods may be toggled on or off, completing Hogwarts Legacy Trophy Guide up to the end game content is possible. Nevertheless, this is an exciting aspect that shouldn’t be disregarded, especially by players who like to customise their appearance according to roleplaying considerations. When putting a person’s robe hood around their face, breaking into a bandit stronghold at night feels just a little cooler.

Hogwarts Legacy may be purchased for the PC, PS5, & Xbox Series X/S. On April 4, the PS4 and the Xbox One ports will be available, and on July 25, 2023, the Nintendo Switch port will be available.

Hogwarts Legacy’s Rare Mountable Beast 

RPGs have always featured mountable monsters players can ride to travel through the game environment, and Hogwarts Legacy continues the trend. Magical mounts make it considerably easier for playable characters in the Harry Potter video game to tour the renowned Hogwarts campus and the neighbouring Scottish Highlands. In Hogwarts Legacy, players can tame and acquire various mounts, including animals and magical items.

There are five mounts in Hogwarts Legacy; however, two are exclusive to Deluxe Edition buyers, and one is only accessible to those who preorder the game. Four of these 5 mounts, which are soaring mounts that let players soar above the school or the surrounding mountainous countryside, are somewhat similar. However, one mount is the only ground mount throughout the game and has unique skills.

What is a Graphorn?

Graphorns are fictitious magical creatures from the Harry Potter universe that may be discovered in the fictional textbook Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, which is used at Hogwarts to study the study of magic. According to the textbook, Graphorns are enormous,  humpbacked, four-legged, greyish-purple monsters that live in Europe’s hilly regions.

The Fantastic Beasts author, Newt Scamander, reveals that Graphorn hides is more durable as a dragon’s and dispels most spells. Due to their strength and combative attitude, Graphorns are powerful, aggressive animals with two horns, making them highly sought-after ingredients in potions.

Although there will be a mountable Graphorn within Hogwarts Legacy, players can also encounter Graphorns as wild monsters. A single Graphorn can be found in the Graphorn den, located southeast of Clagmar Coast. This monster can be captured and added to the Hogwarts Legacy Vivarium using a nab-sack after being fought and having its HP reduced. However, access to this den won’t be granted until after players have finished Francisco Bakar’s Trial, the storyline which introduces the main character to Lords of the Shore.

Lord of the Shore

Players are charged with invading the Lord of the Shore’s lair and taking down the boss as part of the Hogwarts Legacy game line San Bakar’s Trial. Lord of the Shore is a formidable Graphorn that should not be trifled with; if reduced to 50% health, it becomes supercharged and more aggressive. The Lord of the Shore will stop attacking if the protagonist kneels before him, allowing them to ride it to that point on. This happens after the protagonists have exhausted all of their magical weapons to come dangerously close to defeating the beast.

Although the Lord of the Shore’s inability to fly initially appears to be a drawback, the Graphorn more than makes available for it with its distinctive in-game talents. The enormous beast can move quickly over land, providing gamers with a faster alternative to walking that doesn’t require flying over the landscape. The Graphorn’s strength and thick skin are demonstrated by the charge assault of Lords of the Shore as it charges past barriers, foes, and obstacles. The only mount in Hogwarts Legacy with fighting powers is the Graphorn, which gives players a gratifying bulldozing option & a welcome break from the game’s incessant spellcasting.

Although there aren’t many mounts in Potter Legacy, which is the Graphorn mount offers a good range of traversal possibilities despite being unlocked almost in the end of the game. Other mounts, such as the hippogriff and broom, are also accessible. Still, since some mounts are exclusive to particular Hogwarts Legacy editions, it’s quite likely that further mounts will be included in upcoming DLC. But regardless of whether new mounts are later added, it is very likely that they will share a paywall with the Dark Magic Battle Arena in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy is now available for PS5, PC, & Xbox Series X/S. The Switch version will be released on July 25.

Best Dark Arts Talents

In Hogwarts Legacy, learning Dark Arts isn’t the most moral course a Witch or Wizard can follow. However, many fans have developed a Dark Wizard build for the game due to the possibility of basing their character around it. Early on in Hogwarts Legacy, players discover Black Arts in the Defence Over, The Dark Arts Class; however, to use the Dark Arts for themselves, they must allocate points to the Black Arts Talents.

Because Black Arts Talents are “curses” rather than “spells” and bonuses for the same, developing a Dark Wizard could take some time. Even though some of these Curses’ effects resemble those of Spells, they deal more significant harm to enemies, simplifying the game to aspiring Dark Wizards. But famous Forbidden Curses with comparatively more potent effects are sometimes hidden behind the conclusion of Side Quests. It’s important to note that abilities are ranked under the “Hard” difficulty assumption. Famous Curses like Crucio & Imperio can start to fall flat. As a result, the mastery-level Talents of those Curses are not ranked.

(1) Disarming Curse

Similar to the elemental Expelliarmus Spell, the Disarming Curse causes Curse effects on opponents. The enemy is effectively cursed, loses their wand, and is more vulnerable to damage for the duration of the curse effect.

As a result, it can be utilised to provide a window for players to use more offensive spells or curses. Combine the Arming Curse with the Ancient Magic Throw Proficiency obtained from the Basic Talents or the Dazzling Curse of the Dark Arts Talents for optimum results. Once you have completed the “Jackdaw’s Rest” main quest and have reached level five, you can buy it from the Talents Menu. Before attempting to unlock this Talent, Expelliarmus should be castable.

(2) Slowing Curse

Arresto Momentum is a late-game spell that players must be aware of because it can paralyse unaware adversaries and cause them to levitate helplessly in battle. Similarly, the Slowing Curse operates. Despite being a funny sight, it causes Curse effects that temporarily boost players’ damage to afflicted adversaries.

In addition to lasting longer than the Levioso Spell, the Slowing Curse eliminates foes while the fight is still in progress. Once their demeanour level reaches 16, players must finish Madam Kogawa’s second mission to unlock Arresto Momentum. After gaining access to Arresto Momentum, they can use points to upgrade Slowing Curse.


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