Beginner to Pro Guide: How to Bet on NHL Hockey

Beginner to Pro Guide: How to Bet on NHL Hockey

One of the best and interesting bets you have ever made is probably the betting in hockey. If you ever bet, there is no issue; you will know how to bet on hockey, how does hockey betting works, and what are the winning strategies to place a bet on hockey. 

Hockey betting is more interesting when you place bet on the National Hockey League, which makes your excitement for the game on another level, and you may get lots of money back in the hockey season. But to hit the right betting is the most important thing that you have to learn; otherwise, you lose a large amount of money. It might be confusing and sometimes complicated, too, on how to successfully bet on hockey. But do not worry, we have covered the winning strategies that almost every time works. You can continue to read this guide and learn some great betting strategies. 


How Does Hockey Betting Works?

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It is critical to understand how the money line works, and an individual must first clear that before starting betting on the National Hockey League. Money Line is the basic and common way of starting betting on the NHL, with this there is a puck line which is also a part of betting in hockey you should also understand. You are also given a sportsbook that includes “Grand Salami” in which the total number of played games are included on that particular day. Almost all the types of sportsbooks use the 20-cent line for hockey betting lines in the NHL. This line shows the difference for the betting decisions odd on favorite as well as odds on the underdog. However, in other sports like baseball or any other, the odds will be more than 20-cents. 

How To Bet

Money Line

In hockey betting lines, point-spread is the money line in hockey. When you are going to bet for the NHL money-line hockey betting, you are just needed to select the one particular team to win the bet in the game irrespective of your favored team margin. To bet in hockey using money-line wagering, you have to select a favored and an underdog team. Remember that a minus sign on the margin will show you the favored team, and the bet you have to place should be $100 to win the bet. To win the bet for the favored team, bettors would place $120 just to win a bet of $100 in return, whereas the plus sign shows the underdog team and wagers placing the amount $100. To win, bettors place the amount of $100 to win a bet of $100 in return. 


Puck Line

The Puck-Line in the NHL betting is the combination of two betting strategies, point-spread, and money-line betting. Usually, the Puck Line is plus or minus with 1 ½ score. In this method, bettor place bet by selecting a team whether it will win by hitting 2 or more goals or bettor choose a team that wins outright, or that loses by only 1 score. In this betting system, there are disadvantages to the bettor if he chooses a favored team, whereas oddsmakers have got a positive return on their bet. For example, if the point spread shows -1 ½ (+200) a favored team and +1 ½ (-2400) underdog team. If the bettor put wager for favored team $100 if the team won by two or more scores, then the bettor will get $200 if the team loses, you will lose $100. Whereas if the bettor put a wager on the underdog team of $100 if the team wins, the bettor will get $240.


Totals (O/U)

The Total or Over/Under or O/U is the term for hockey sports betting. In this, all the numbers of the goals combined oddsmaker wanted or expected that the team would score during that particular match. Bettors on the goal listed can be wager for either Over or Under. For example, if they do 5 ½ goals, bettors who wager for Over will win if the favored team scores more goals or 6 in that game. Bettors who wager for Under will win the bet if the combined goals of the team are less than or 5. 


Grand Salami

In pro hockey, Grand Salami is considered as the unique O/U or Over/Under betting strategy. In the Grand Salami, the bettor tied the wager for all the games held on that particular day. The Oddsmaker to bet for the games, the bettor each day creates a number that is based on the numbers of games held, and the bettor can put wager using an O/U or Over/Under method for the total of Grand Salami. All the over and under made the oddsmaker are added up as per listed in odds prediction by the bettor for all the games played on that particular day. If any of the games is suspended or gets canceled, the Grand Salami does not take any betting action. The winning is decided by the final scores recorded on that day of the game, and the bettor will win the wager accordingly. 

Hockey Odds Explained:

how does hockey betting work

The line or Spread is a term worked as a margin that used to handicap your favorite team. In the hockey betting process, it is predicted by the oddsmaker that their favored team can win a fixed number of scores or points. These points are called Spread. To show the favored team points, these are shown by minus signs like (-4,4) and underdog team by a plus (+4, 4). Thus, in case you bet on the favored team, and that wins as well, their margin is also higher on the point spread, then you will win the bet. In case you bet on the underdog team, and they win as well as their margin does not increase on the point spread than the favored team, then you will win the bet. 



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