How to Claim a Race Horse?

How to Claim a Race Horse?

what is a claiming race?

Commonly horses in the US-run in claiming races. Claiming Horse Race means they are for sale when they run for the prize specified. The bigger the award is for winning, the better is the quality of horses; however, you can also find good horse sometimes at a low-level racing, due to the undervaluation by the current horse owner.

There are many incidents in which claimed horse turned out to be a great winner, like the great gelding John Henry, this is an exceptional case, it does not happen every time, sometimes claiming a horse can be a crapshoot, but for starters, it is an easy way owning a horse.

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How to buy a racehorse?

  • The first and most important thing is to familarize with the racing rules of your state. Rules of horse racing differ from state to state, so understand the rules is essential.
  • Then comes the second step, which is to select a trainer. This step might sound easy, but trust me, it is deceptive. Check out for the trainers who have a past record of maximum wins at the local track; this will be a good start to buy a horse. You can ask the existing horse owners for suggestions; they will recommend someone good.
  • buying racehorseThen comes the time to select a horse to claim. Make sure to check the past performances of the horse in the racing form and then make suggestions. You should always ask the trainer for guidance, he is the expert in this field and knows better, and also, you are paying him for his experience. Make use of his expertise.
  • Ask your trainer to secretly gather information from the backside gossip about the horse condition to ensure he is of sound state. Often times horses are run a low prize runs to get rid of the problematic horses.
  • Get your owner’s license. If you are buying the horse for the first time, then you will be required to get a special horse claiming license. For this, you must now your state rules.
  • Then you will have to deposit required funds for covering your claim with the bookkeeper of the horse at the track where you will place the claim for the particular horse.
  • On the day of the race, the trainer will have to discreetly scope out the condition of the horse once he comes to the race paddock area.
  • If your horse passes the physical inspection before the race begins, then ask your trainer to drop the claim slip.
  • Be there to watch the entire race and hope for a good and sound run even if the horse does not wins. It will benefit you if the horse does not win but is of sound condition.
  • If many people drop their claim on a horse, you have to attend the shake to check whether you win and get the horse.
  • This is usually a random draw or lottery that is performed in the horseman’s office once the race is finished. If you win, ask your trainer to take back the new horse to its barn.



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