JEDI SURVIVOR CHARACTERS : Let’s take a quick look at every main protagonist of JEDI SURVIVOR CHARACTERS. The cast of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a great blend of Fallen Order alumni and brand-new Jedi survivor characters.

The “JEDI SURVIVOR CHARACTERS” that appear within the Star Wars Jedi Survivor are explained in detail in this article, along with their function in the game and the voice actors.

This page is for you if you want to learn more about each of the Star Wars Jedi survivor Characters in-depth. Prepare yourself, and let’s get started. We’ll go into detail on each of the major characters.

The entire cast of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor features a large cast of Jedi survivor characters, however the primary ones and some information about them are noted below:


Star Wars Jedi: the survivor series brings back BS-1 further solidifying its status with other legendary Jedi survivor characters like R2-D2 and BB-8. The franchise known as Star Wars has a history of developing adorable, interesting robotic companions who accompany our main heroes.

In Shattered Order, BD-1 is a huge help to Cal on his adventure, and in Survivor, he receives the same kind of support and affection from BD-1.

Bode Akuna

Bode Akuna is, without a doubt, one of the Jedi survivor characters who generated the most discussion among fans before the publication of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Star Wars fans were initially exposed to Bode through a single of the game’s trailers where he seems to help Cal. Bode’s traits place him in the Han Solo & Poe Dameron category. He is Cal’s close friend and occasionally appears in Survivor as an AI companion character.

Cal Kestis

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, players mostly control The Cal Kestis. He is the main character and is present to begin the mission in Jedi Survivor with the same power. He was considered a Padawan then and wanted to be a Jedi Knight.

He has developed into a man with considerably more potential and enough battle experience in the present game. To keep the Survivor and Fallen Order related, Cal starts the next journey With the same preparation and strength as when he completed the Fallen Order. He encounters new people on this adventure, and he gains a variety of unique powers. Cameron Monaghan is also the voice actor for this character.

Speaking of his accomplishments, he has also played a role in which he won an award.

Cere Junda

Jedi Survivor Cere has returned from the Shattered Order in Star Wars. Before entering the Stinger Mantis, she was a former Jedi knight who trained Cal. Being a Knight, Cere has made a fantastic trainer who has taught Cal a lot.

She introduces Cal to Eno Cordova, who she works with in the present scenario. Because of her commitment to assisting Cal and the Jedi, she has become one of the most well-liked characters thus far. She currently works from a base known for having been a Jedi Knight in the past.

There is a lot of information to discover as you progress through the story, and the task where you have to locate her Lightsaber is one of them. She is an expert with a lightsaber and the use of force. And is fairly adept at precisely overcoming these two. Debra Wilson has become the person creating Cere Junda’s voice in the final.

Dagan Gera

During Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Dagan Gera shows to be a fierce foe and a difficult opponent for Cal.

Dagan is highly rare, having previously fought as a Knight of the Jedi survivor character during the mostly uncharted High Republic Era, having been kept in hibernation for decades. He’s not there to aid Cal through his Jedi training, though, and the struggle is proving to be challenging for everyone.

Eno Cordova

In Shattered Order, we learn from holographic transmissions how Eno Cordova was originally Cere Kunda’s trainer and gave her all the knowledge she imparts to Cal. Cordova plays a different function in Star Wars Jedi: The Survivor, but you’ll have to discover that by yourself.

Greez Dritus

Cal & Greez took some time to get along because Greez is a trouble-prone travel enthusiast, but by the conclusion of the Shattered Order, it’s obvious that Greez was all-for-one & one-for-all whenever it comes to his squad.

Nightsister Merrin

Nightsister Merrin was another Jedi survivor character who required persuasion, perhaps even more so considering her history with lightsabers. However, she would grow into a valued friend and save Cal’s life towards the conclusion of Fallen Order.

Merrin, who is one of the primary Jedi survivor characters in Survivor, eventually plays a significant role, frequently fights alongside Cal and forges an incredible alliance with him.


The newly developed Jedi survivor characters are brought to you today in the form of Rayvis, an adversary who harbours a great hatred for Cal and all Jedi. He heads the Bedlam Raiders, whose main objective is to track down the Rogue Jedi.

He makes every effort to put Cal in peril or a dangerous circumstance with the primary goal of killing him. Additionally, he collaborates with Dagan Gera while helping implement the plans against Cal. You must know Rayvis’ strategies because he is a skilled adversary. D.C. Douglas does Rayvis’ narration.

Zee (ZN-A4)

The charming robot ZN-A4 also known as Zee became confused in Rambler’s Reach. Zee has been imprisoned for a long time and eventually joins Cal’s crew from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor shortly after he frees the robot. Zee is a helpful companion for Sanitary Khri.

Zee significantly contributes to the game’s main story and eventually establishes a store where you can exchange Datadiscs for exciting items.


These are the main “JEDI SURVIVOR CHARACTERS”  throughout Star Wars Jedi Survivor, and each of them plays a specific part in the story. Continue to participate in the game to get to know each of them better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Does anything carry over to Jedi: Survivor?

Ans.  From your previous game save, you will have access to all achieved Lightsaber Stances and Cosmetics, which are Perks, Stims, Health Upgrades, & Force Upgrades.

Q2) Is it possible to play Jedi: Survivor offline?

Ans. A Day 1 patch for Star Wars Jedi: the Survivor series is going to have to be installed online, but after that, players who bought a physical edition of the game can choose to play without an internet connection.

Q3) How is Jedi Survivor concluded?

Ans. IGN explains the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor ending.

After the match, Cal & Merrin effectively take on the role of foster parents for Kata, with Greez serving as the cranky uncle who prepares the family’s traditional scuzz steak. Despite the lack of information regarding Kata’s plans, it appears likely that Cal will instruct her in the Jedi ways.


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