Genshin Impact : Henna Berry Locations

Genshin Impact : Henna Berry Locations

Henna Berry Locations – If you are an adventurer in the enchanting world of Teyvat, you have probably encountered the vibrant and mysterious Henna Berries. These crimson gems are essential for ascending characters like Faruzan and Candace. 

However, where can you find them? Fear not, fellow traveler . In this guide, we will explore the Sumeru Desert and reveal the secrets of Henna Berry locations.

What Are Henna Berries?

Henna Berries are plump, crimson fruits that cling to tall cacti throughout the Sumeru Desert. Their vibrant hue makes them hard to miss. These berries are not only visually appealing but also crucial for character ascension.

What are Henna Berries Locations?

Let us start our berry-finding adventure. Here are the prime spots and possible Henna Berries locations:

  1. Aaru Village: Start your quest at the Statue of the Seven waypoint in Aaru Village. Head south along the path, and you will spot Henna Berries by the roadside. Venture into the Dar al-Shifa area, climb cliffs, and collect nine more berries. You will also find two near the Khaj-Nisut waypoint.
  2.  Great Red Sand: Explore the vast expanse of the Great Red Sand. Henna Berries thrive here, especially near Aaru Village and around Dar al-Shifa. Keep your eyes peeled for tall cacti adorned with these crimson gems.
  3.  Tighnari’s Wisdom: If you have the character Tighnari, her passive ability, Encyclopedic Knowledge, reveals nearby Sumeru resources on your mini-map. Use this to your advantage .

Farming Routes and Tips

Here are some routes:

  • Route 1: Start at Aaru Village follow the path southeast (the same path from the Dual Evidence Quest). Along the way, you will encounter several Henna Berries.
  •  Route 2: From Dar al-Shifa’s waypoint, head through a tunnel. Collect two berries—one to the left and one to the right.
  •  Route 3: Glide down from the Dar al-Shifa waypoint, grabbing two more berries from cacti.
  •  Route 4: After defeating the Dendro Hypostasis, explore the area to the left for another berry.
  •  Route 5: Near Khaj-Nisut, you will find additional berries.

Berry-Spotting Techniques

  • Eagle Eyes: Keep your gaze fixed on tall cacti. Henna Berries love to hide among their spiky arms.
  •  Stretchy Pyro Fungi: These little fellows often accompany Henna Berries. If you spot them, chances are you are close to a berry bonanza.

Berry Ascension Rituals

When you have gathered a bountiful harvest, perform the ancient Berry Ascension Ritual:

  1. Hold a Berry Aloft: Stand atop a sand dune, raise a Henna Berry to the sky, and whisper, “Ascend .”
  2.  Feel the Energy: Close your eyes and imagine your character growing stronger.
  3.  Consume the Berry: Take a bite. Savor the magic. (Berry consumption is optional.)

Some FAQs

What are Henna Berries?

Henna Berries are a Sumeru local speciality material needed to ascend characters like Faruzan and Candace in Genshin Impact.

What are Henna Berries locations?

You can find 102 Henna Berries throughout the Sumeru Desert, mainly near Aaru Village and Dar Al-Shifa. Look for these plump, crimson-coloured fruits hanging from tall cacti.



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