Getting Fit for Rugby: Legs and Shoulders

Getting Fit for Rugby: Legs and Shoulders

What is required to be a top-level rugby player? You would need speed and endurance, agility, and physical strength. In addition to this, mental strength is also required to be a top-level rugby player having the ability to withstand epic battles and tougher occasions. Hence, the rugby players are needed to follow the appropriate leg and shoulder workout as well as a full-body workout routine.

One of the major drawbacks of playing rugby is that the games place a lot of stress on your knees and shoulders. In order to be a pro player in rugby, you need to be in amazing shape. 

Being rugby fit refers to having strong muscles and remarkable legs and shoulder strength to tackle the opponents adequately.

The powerful players in ruby are often considered the best players. A high-level ruby game requires remarkable endurance, technical skill, and agility. The most powerful player with adequate physical strength wins the battles of the scrum, tackle, or ruck. Having strength and power makes it easier on the ground from clearing rucks to chasing kicks and lifting in lineouts. Here are some amazing full-body workouts that will help not only help you in improving the strength of your legs and shoulders but will also improve your overall strength. 

Romanian Deadlift

The Romanian deadlift is highly beneficial to increase the strength of all muscles involved in the movement. If it is carried out properly, it helps in strengthening the core as well as the lower body. 

  • Hold the bar at the level of the hip using your palm-down grip. While holding the bar, keep your shoulder back, knees slightly bent, and back arched. 
  • Lower the bar by pushing the backside back.
  • Manage to keep the bar close to your body with shoulders back and head looking forward.
  • Stop at the bottom of the motion range and then come back to your starting position.

Front-Loaded Barbell Split Squat

It is one of the best exercises to include in leg and shoulder workout. It helps in building strength in core muscles and provides you a better range of motion. 

  • Using an overhand grip, hold the barbell on the uppermost part of your chest. 
  • Bring your feet in a staggered position and keep them around a distance of shoulder-width..
  • As you lower your hip, try to keep the upper arms in a position parallel to the ground. Try to lower your hip in this position until your back knee is at a distance of around 2-3 cm from the ground.
  • Take a pause at the bottom and then return to the initial position. 

Inclines Dumbbell Bench Press

This exercise is highly beneficial to improve upper body strength. 

  • On an incline bench, lie back and then hold one dumbbell in both hands. While holding dumbbells, keep hands at a distance of shoulder-width. Manage outwards facing the position of your palms. 
  • At the top, lock your arms and then lower the weights slowly. 
  • While lowering the weights take around double the amount of time that you took in lifting them. 

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