World’s Most Extreme Sports

World’s Most Extreme Sports

Extreme sports are all about adrenaline rush and thrill. Some people do it for fun while others test their limits, whatever be the reason Xtreme sports are extremely crazy.

Here is an extreme sports list carrying all the sports from Intense to Insane.

Extreme Sports List

Check out this list of extreme sports for a heart stopping experience

Abseiling (Rappelling)

Abseiling features a descent off the cliffside in a controlled manner using a rope. It may sound easy, but this is a true Xtreme sport. People have to improve their skills to ensure safety and use the best quality rappelling equipment to take part in abseiling.  

Aggressive Inline Skating

This type of inline skating sport requires specially designed inline skates with an extreme focus on spins and grinding. People also know extreme sports by the name of blading, rollerblading, skating, or rolling. You will often see people practicing at skate parks or on-street obstacles.

Air boarding

The extreme sports got its name from AirBoard. Airboard is an inflatable board that looks similar to a bodyboard. In air boarding, the little aircraft move in rhythm to the riser’s weight and fly with four propellers’ help. The rider stands in a vertical position, and the aircraft speeds up when the rider shifts forward. If you are looking for a sport that will trigger the adrenaline, give air boarding one try.

BASE Jumping

Base jumping is a thrilling sport that involves jumping from a fixed structure using a wingsuit or parachute. The free fall is done at the speed of 100mph, giving a thrill, unlike any other extreme sports. The base stands for Building Antenna Span Earth, which symbolizes the different types of structures for the jumpers to jump off. The unpredictability to wind gusts, objects make this a thrilling sport.

Just for your information, this sport is illegal.


A crazy winter sport combining rifle shooting and cross-country skiing, biathlon is quite famous. The participants race through a cross-country trail system and have to take shots at some fixed points. The contestant with the shortest race time and best shooting performance is the winner.


In blobbing, the participants sit on humongous airbags, also called blogs, which are placed in the middle of the lake. Another participant jumps on the blog, and the sitting person is launched into the water. The thrill depends on the jumper’s weight- the heavier is the jumper, the bigger will be the liftoff. 


BMX racing is gaining a lot of popularity in off-road biking activities. This is another one of thrill-filled extreme sports that will definitely trigger your adrenaline. These Sports require skills to impress people.


Bodyboarding is also known as Boogie boarding. This is a type of water sports in which the surfer rides a bodyguard on a crest, face, and curl on a wave that carries him to the shore. 

Bungee jumping

A very popular Xtreme sports, Bungee jumping, involves jumping from a tall building, bridge, or fixed structure when connected to a large elastic cord. For some added thrill, people also jump from helicopters and hot-air balloons. Rebound and free-falling when the cord stretching gives the adrenaline rush.

Canyon Swinging

The name of this sport tells it all. The athletes have to jump down a cliff using a specially made system that helps them to swing vertically and horizontally. Canyon swinging provides spectacular scenery, and people with low self-confidence can adjust the speed as per their preference.

Cave Diving

Cave diving is an underwater diving sport done in caves filled with water. People also take part in this as a science project to explore flooded caves. There are various types of equipment used based on the varying circumstances. 

Cliff Jumping

No wonder cliff jumping is a part of the extreme sports list. Cliff jumping is also known as tombstoning when performed without any equipment. People also use a parachute known as base jumping.

Extreme Pogo

This action packed sports features various tricks, flips, and jumps using a pogo stick up to 9 feet in the air. This is a dangerous sport and requires good skills. This is the most loved extreme sports among enthusiasts. Extreme pogo is becoming very popular among thrill lovers.


Flowriding is similar to surfing, wakeboarding, and snowboarding. The main difference is that flow riding is done on an artificial wave machine pumping water at the speed of 20-30 mph in three layers. This has become a competitive sport over the years. The fun part of these extreme sports is the participants can perform tricks to entertain the audience. 


Freestyle Motocross is done on modified bikes tailored for airborne tricks and stunts. The rear and front fender are short so that nothing gets stuck on the bike from the rider. The riders have to compete in a fixed time session and perform the best skills to impress the judges with the best score.

Free Climbing

Free climbing is a type of climbing sport performed on the rock formation without any assistance or support except climbing harnesses. In case of falling or flipping, the only thing that prevents the performer from tumbling down is the anchored clips and safety ropes into the rocks.

Free Diving

Freediving is an underwater diving sport that involves the ability of the diver to hold the breath until they resurface. The divers cannot use scuba gear and other breathing apparatus. There are various types of freediving activities like spearfishing, underwater hockey, and many others. Freediving involves mindfulness, dedication, and a great deal of practice to hold the breath for longer periods.


Freeflying is another type of skydiving involving free-falling in a vertical orientation. The extreme sports enable the skydiver to dive into a vertical position, allowing him to fall by feet first or head first. Ultimately this will allow the participant to pick up speed, which makes the sport even more dangerous than traditional skydiving. 


Heliskiing or Helicopter skiing is a backcountry skiing version that involves helicopters to access untouched snow or mountainsides and remote areas.


High-lining is a sport similar to slacklining but performed at elevated heights. The performers set up tightropes between the buildings, on top of trees, and even across ravines and canyons. The participants are only attached to a harness or a rope that is attached to the line to prevent them from plummeting.

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is another type of extreme sports on the list that is practiced on the massive ice formation like a frozen waterfall, cliff, icefalls, and rock slabs. There are many risks attached to ice climbing; therefore, using special equipment is essential to reach the top. Equipment range from ice climbing boots to ice axes and ice screws.

Ice Cross Downhill

This is a very competitive sport with a combination of hockey and speed skating. In this sport, four people wearing ice skates and pads race down a track made of ice and obstacles like sudden drops and tight turns. The participant who reaches the bottom first is the winner.

Ice Diving

Ice diving is a type of penetration diving where the players go under ice. The diving takes place under the ice with only one entry and exit point. The players need special equipment and procedures to play this sport. Ice diving is a type of recreational activity and is done for various reasons like scientific research, public safety, and not to mention extreme sports.

Ice Hockey

This is a winter version of hockey that involves two teams of six players, each competing on an ice rink. The game’s goal is to drag the vulcanized rubber disk (puck) past the goal line into the net of the opposing team. Ice hockey has become a popular international sport because of physical contact and dynamic. It is also an Olympic sport now.


Kitesurfing is also known as kiting and kiteboarding. This sport uses the power of the wind to draw the kiteboard and player across the water. Kitesurfing is also performed on snow, sand, and not just water. There are many variants of kitesurfing like freestyle, freeride, course racing, down winders, wake style, speed kitesurfing.


This is a type of water sport in which the athlete is towed using a hydrodynamically shaped board at a prefixed speed behind a motorboat. Kneeboarding blends the features of water skiing, surfing, and wakeboarding.

Land Windsurfing

This is also known as land sailing, terra sailing, and street sailing. This sport is like windsurfing, in which the surfboard has attached sails and wheels to surf on land instead of water. The players use a deck of four wheels similar to a mountainboard deck or skateboard with a sailor mast to project the board across the land. 


This is the most extreme sport powered by gravity. The performers have to power through narrow icy tracks, using a small sled made of steel with their heads in front. This sport is extremely dangerous and has a high level of knowledge and skill that is required to minimize accidents.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is famously known as downhill biking. This sport is a gravity-powered and time trial event. The racers have to race against a ticking clock using equipment similar to downhill skating. Mountain biking is all about downhill and steep terrain without any extended climbing sessions resulting in high-speed descents.

Mountain Boarding

Our extreme sports list has to have mountain boarding, also known as dirt boarding or offroad boarding. This is a very famous thrilling sport using mountain boards to race down the terrain, performing tricks while racing. This sport is a combination of snowboarding and skateboarding.

Standup Paddle Boarding

Popularly known as SUP, this extreme sport has become famous in recent years. Unlike traditional surfing, the surfer has to sit on standup paddleboarding and moves further in the water using a paddle.


Parkour is a famous extreme sport which is also known as freerunning. In parkour, the players have to move from one point to another without any equipment or aid. This game was introduced for military training, but now it is an extreme urban sport that is practiced in complex locations. The participants have to use jumping, running, and climbing to their best ability in order to overcome natural and urban obstacles. Parkour is a sport that demands extreme problem-solving skills and body strength.


In power blocking, the player uses stilts to run, jump and perform acrobatic stunts. The stilts are made of aluminum and were patented in 2004 for the first time. Poweblocking was invented for recreational purposes and as extreme sports.

Roller Derby

Roller Derby is a very famous contact sport in which two teams are consisting of 14 players, each on roller skates moving in anticlockwise motion around the track. The teams consist of five players, each on track at one time. There are four blockers and one jammer in each team. Jammers have a distinguishable start on their helmets who aim at scoring goals by overlapping opposing players. 

Running of the Bulls

Some find it fun, and others find it the most extreme sports. Running of bulls is a famous sport in Portugal, Spain, Mexico, and Southern France. This sport features running in front of a herd of bulls left loose on the streets. This heart-dropping experience has killed 15 people now since 1924.

Final Words:

Extreme sports or adventure sports are way more fun than mainstream sports. If you love the added thrill and adrenaline rush, then these sports are just right for you. Pick any one or more and give them a try. If you have tried any one of the above-mentioned sports, let us know about your experience in the comments below.


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