Dislyte: A Ranking of Characters

Dislyte: A Ranking of Characters

Dislyte charactersDislyte might be intimidating to new players since there are more than 70 heroes (called “espers” in the game) from whom to choose. And while your funds for developing these people are limited, you don’t want to waste them on subpar espers.

We’ve listed the top excellent and awful dislyte characters below. Within the tier descriptions, we will elaborate on what we mean by identifying the positive and negative characteristics that place an esper where they are. Consider this ranking less of a precise science and more of a guide to solid footing. Ultimately, choosing the kind of game you engage in is up to you.

New content, including time-limited events and new Espers, has been added to Dislyte every month since its introduction in May 2022. Since its inception, Esper has launched over ten four and five-star products, several of which have quickly established industry standards for premium entertainment. At the same time, the prerequisites and eligibility for specific older material and dislyte characters have shifted due to changes in balance and level. 

As a result, many of the older Espers’ ranks have been adjusted downward, and many new Espers that we believe you’ll like having on your teams have been added. Let’s understand everything you should know about dislyte tier list

Tier ‘SS’ Espers

These Espers are the best of the best; they are compelling and can be used in practically any circumstance. If you find them, you should immediately plan to include them in your team. Clara is one of the most sought-after Espers because she is a powerful healer, particularly against enemies who rely heavily on debuffs, and because she raises AP for all allies.

Her healing removes a debuff and increases friends’ turn speed, while any surplus is turned into a shield. Because of this, Clara is valuable in PvP defences, even if your party is in total health. She has been nerfed more than any other Esper (in August 2022), yet is still quite potent.

If you want to construct a team centred on speed, there is no better place to begin than with Unas. He may increase his teammates ‘ attack power when equipped with the proper artefacts and trained to be the first to act in combat. If you execute this strategy well, your whole squad will move ahead of the adversary.

Just Below

 Gabrielle: You don’t have to “spin” for Gabrielle; thus, she’s open to anyone. You may instead get her via Esper Fusion. When you unlock her full potential, Gabrielle becomes a devastating damage dealer who strengthens friends and weakens foes.

If you need a damage dealer, look at least Lin Xiao. Her “Tiger Roar” buff grants her an unblockable 100% crit rate for three rounds. Lin Xiao is the go-to damage provider in almost every fight style in Dislyte due to how her strikes weaken adversaries.

Sally: Sally is widely regarded as the most potent primary healer out of all dislyte characters, and she backs up her healing power by removing harmful effects from allies and weakening the power of incoming strikes. She, like Gabrielle, is given a substantial lead part and a plethora of supporting material.

Tier ‘S’ Espers

Each task requires a unique composition of your five Esper soldiers. But if you can, you should have some ‘S’ tier Espers on your team for any difficulty. 

Dhalia: Exclusive to the Ripple Universe. Excellent support is Esper, whose primary ability increases the user’s C.RATE, AP, and ATK. In contrast, her other two abilities focus on a single foe and damage them heavily, such as with Stun and Freeze.

If you’re fortunate, you may get Li Ling, a legendary Esper, early in the game. Because of his tremendous damage output, he may be used effectively against single or numerous targets. In addition, his “Tai Chi” attack drains the target’s health over time, making him particularly effective against bosses.

As a prize for reaching level 100 in Spatial Tower, you will get Lucas. Unfortunately, his skills have long cooldowns; therefore, he needs Espers (like Tiye) to help him. However, the opponent lineup will be stunned and debuffed when they go off.

Sander: Sander excels against solitary opponents like boss mobs and even more in fast-oriented teams. His damage increases over time, and he may lower an opponent’s movement speed and attack power with a single strike.

Ripple Space is the only place to get Ye Suhua. Her allies will indeed survive after receiving powerful healing supported by “recovery” and invulnerability from her. Ye Suhua is one of the top support dislyte characters, largely thanks to a buff that increases her Attack and Defence.

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Only Beneath

Alice is a support Esper who increases her friends’ attack and defence stats while also extending the duration of their buffs.

Asenath is a powerful healer and one of the dislyte characters who gains speed as she progresses because of self-AP bonuses, allowing her to heal more often. However, time is crucial, making her defences less effective.

Chloe: Even though she does damage at random, Chloe can deal with much of it. She’s a lot of fun to play since she can steal buffs and get bonus damage from those applied to her.

Lewis: If you’re looking to do heavy damage to a single foe, Lewis should be on your shortlist of potential team members. As the fight progresses, so do his crit chance and damage.

Narmer is another one of the potent dislyte characters, particularly against foes that focus on a high DEF. Narmer is a potent nuker because his Burning Sun ability increases power and partly ignores DEF. Ollie is a support Esper who has SPD as his captain ability and may use it to taunt and silence adversaries while protecting his allies.

 Tier ‘A’ Dislyte Espers Chloe and Lauren, two top-notch espers

Many of these Espers are particularly effective in specific game modes or regions of Dislyte. All of them are valuable to your team as you gain experience since they will eventually become beneficial. These Espers have the potential to completely alter the game if used correctly.

Fantastic enhancements to defence, Donar. Although sluggish, he is a valuable asset to a defensive squad. Fabrice is a reliable support Esper who provides helpful boosts like increased attack power and health regeneration. Finally, Hyde is a multifaceted Esper who increases damage output through debuffs and buffs.

Freezes foes, reduces their SPD and attack power; a Long Mian. Competent at point-based battles. A pretty powerful debugger, Raven. By removing your foes’ bonuses and lowering their DEF, Raven makes it easier for your attacks to hit.

Ren Si: Deals decent damage and is tough to kill. Competent at point-based battles.

Sienna may daze foes and aid your team by increasing their attack power, defences, and speed.

Depending on your luck, Tang Xuan has the potential to be a powerful DPS. Does damage to a single victim.

Trevor inflicts severe DPS damage on foes without Cleanse or Immunity.

Similar to the discussion of Unas above, Tiye’s forte is in the manipulation of APs. She may get the upper hand in battle by stealing her opponents’ action points and distributing them to her team.


 Ahmed, Celine, Heng Yu, Catherine, Jiang Jiuli, Nicole, Melanie, Ophelia, Unky Chai, Tang Yun,  Xiao Yin, and All the Other dislyte characters in ‘B’ Tier Espers Animation Artwork

Investing in the development of these Espers is unlikely to be a mistake, particularly if you find yourself early in the game with few viable options. Everyone on the team performs well, particularly as the plot progresses. These men are usually the ones who bring you there, while others may be more robust in a given scenario.

Zora ‘D’ Tier Espers Biondina, Drew, Eira, Chang Pu, Jiang Man,  Freddy, Lynn, Laura, Mona, Pritzker, Triki, Stewart, Zora ‘D.’ Unless you have an exact need, you shouldn’t bother with these Espers. Compared to typical Espers, they are either broken (their skills don’t add up) or weak.

Names: Alexa, Arcana, Helena, David, Kara, Leon,  Layla,and Layla

What’s Left

If you haven’t been able to locate the powerful dislyte characters from an echo spin in the preceding list, they will likely be here. These individuals can get the job done, but getting an Esper who is more powerful in their particular speciality shouldn’t be too difficult. But here are a handful that shines under specific conditions (highlighted):

The following dislyte characters are effective against Fafnir: Anesidora, Bai Liulu, Aurelius,  Bardon (good in PvP), Berenice, Bonnie, Cecilia, Brynn, Chalmers (good against Kronos and Apep), Falken, Djoser, Hall, Jeanne, Jacob, Jin Yuyao, Lauren, Kaylee,  Lu Yi (good against Fafnir), Luo Yan, Meredith,  Li Ao.

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How many characters are in Dislyte?

Dislyte might be intimidating to new players since there are more than 70 heroes (called “espers” in the game) from whom to choose.

Who is the best 4-star in Dislyte?

Because of the speed boost they provide to their whole squad, Long Mian and Sanders are the greatest 4-star espers in Dislyte to place in the role of captain. Against Kronos and Apep, Sander is still an integral element of the Ritual Erebium.

How do you get Dislyte characters?

At the outset of Dislyte, you will be gifted with an assortment of Espers at no cost. For example, early-game players like Brynn, Drew, and Q will be added to your roster without your intervention.

The above-listed portion provides the most proficient dislyte tier list.

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