The Ultimate Warlock Build Guide for Every Game Mode in Destiny 2

The Ultimate Warlock Build Guide for Every Game Mode in Destiny 2

No other class in Destiny 2 has as many possible permutations of subclass destiny 2 warlock build and Exotic armor as Warlocks. In contrast to the melee-focused Titan and the ranged-mobile Hunter, the greatest warlock builds may be found somewhere in the middle. This allows you to create one-of-a-kind characters, which are then pushed to new heights by the mod and weapon selections you choose.

Top Raid-Ready Warlock Builds

Successful Raids need a concentration on support skills or methods of self-preservation. Warlocks have the tools necessary to clear ads, survive, and provide significant damage in raids. Here is a few destiny 2 warlock build you may make that can aid your recovery, increase your damage, and slow down your foes.

Create the Starfire Protocol

In Season 21, Starfire will be toned down; we know that. Even if it’s not the best DPS option anymore, its ability to eliminate more enemies off the field remains unchanged! Even in later raids, such as Root of Nightmares, Fusion Grenades will help clear away waves of ads. A dedicated add-clear build is ideal for a raid recognizing add-clear as a role rather than a “do nothing” choice.

This structure is relatively easy to comprehend. For this build, you should always equip Starfire Protocol since it increases the effectiveness of your Fusion Grenades. We’ll be hurling to get the most out of the grenades; we must equip ourselves with  Ashes to Assets and Grenade Kickstart. This build uses the giant grenade boosts from Starfire in conjunction with the absolute power of the Warlock Solar subclass to quickly dispatch every ad and even the most prominent opponents before they can complete spawning. Let’s discuss everything you should know about destiny 2 warlock build. 

Dawnblade (Solar) is the subclass of the Build class.

Aspects: The Icarus Plunge and the Flame Touch

Grenade/Mace Attack: Snap and Fusion Incinerator Grenades

Rare Armour Protocol for Starfire

Solar weaponry to make the most of Solar Syphon, and a weapon or tool for pinpoint accuracy (depending on the raid encounter or activity at hand).

Discipline and Resilience are the Mainstays of Your Armour.

Support Building Necessities: Solar Syphon, Ashes to Assets,  Grenade Kickstart, Firepower, and a Bomber Well of Radiance

We; pf Radiance Support Build

Well of Radiance is the centerpiece of almost every destiny 2 warlock build. It’s hardly unexpected, given that it is the most robust super in Destiny 2 and has been for a long time. Well of Radiance does more than heal; it also provides substantial damage mitigation and increased damage. Boss battles need you to be in a Well where you have an advantage. If not, your crew will perish or get so rattled that no one can fire a single shot.

Phoenix Protocol and Lunafaction Boots are the finest Exotics to use if you wish to play as a support warlock. When you rack up kills and assists in Well of Radiance, Phoenix Protocol will reward you with more superpower. You can fast amass enough kills to be ready to drop another one if you utilize Well in a suitable location.

Lunafaction Boots, on the other hand, function with your Rifts and anybody standing in your Well to increase their reload speed. Both have tremendous potential; it all comes down to whom your team believes will be most helpful in a particular situation.

Dawnblade (Solar) is the subclass of the Build class.

Aspects: Icarus Dash and Touch of Flame

The Incinerator Snap and the Fusion/ Solar/Healing Grenade are two types of melee weapons.

Phoenix Protocol Shield or Lunafaction Boots: Exotic Footwear

Solar weaponry and significant damage per second gun

Recovery, Resilience, and Discipline are Primary Armour Stats.

Solar Syphon, Solar Damage Boost,  Heavy Ammo Finder/Scout, and Time Dilation are all crucial armor mods.

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What Are the Best Warlock PvE Builds?

Although it’s uncommon, destiny two warlock build goes on the offensive. Improving health regeneration and linking Exotic armor and weapon perks is crucial. Take your pick from the top PvE alternatives available right now.

Void All-Round Build

Using a top-tier destiny 2 warlock build is a lot of fun. It will help if you put most of your effort towards improving your Void weaponry to achieve well. You are more likely to trigger Nezarec’s Sin’s recharge rate increase the more Void choices you have and the more kills you can acquire.

Then, make use of Nova Bomb as a means of both direct damage and further clearing. Also, keep an eye out for Nova Bomb’s improved performance in the next season. Verity’s Brow is an alternate Exotic option if you’d prefer not to divert attention from explosives. This build’s consistency suffers, but it still proves helpful when dealing with Void-heavy shield types or when grenade damage is increased.

One last time: consume! Warlock’s Feed the Void feature is only one of several simple ways to get devoured. To get the benefit, you need only achieve a kill with a Void ability. Each enemy you kill restores significant health and increases consumption duration. It’s a lifesaver, and having one is always a plus.

The “Voidwalker” Build Subclass

Components: Feed the Void Melee/Grenade and Chaos Accelerant Vortex and Singularity in a Pocket Grenade

Verity’s Brow or Nezarec’s Sin? Exotic Armour

Since both Exotics need kills with Void weapons, they are the primary weapons used.

The primary attributes of your armor are your Recovery/Resilience and Discipline (especially Dis with Verity’s Brow).

Void Syphon, Void Weapon Surge *2, Grenade Kickstart,  and Time Dilation are all crucial armor mods.

Necrotic Grip Warlock Build

The fact that Necrotic Grips don’t perform what they’re meant to accomplish adds to their ridiculous Exotic status. After being shot with the Grips, an enemy is meant to incur poison damage that quickly kills them and any surrounding allies. However, Necrotic Grips can cause additional status conditions to be transferred to adversaries for unknown reasons.

 To use Weaver’s Trace, equip Osteo Striga, then use a Shackle Grenade to activate it. Necrotic Grips upgrade Weaver’s Trance’s “suspension” effect upon an enemy’s death. It leads to suspending explosion to happen many times, suspending all of the adversaries in the room.

This is a top-tier setup for any material. With this construct, you can (or should) suspend a whole room full of foes at once, and it is one of the best destiny 2 warlock build. It’s a lot of fun and much better when you suspend reality with Unstoppable Champions!

Broodweaver (Strand) is a subclass of the Build class.

Weaver’s Call and Mindspun Invocation are also relevant aspects.

Combat Tool:  Shackle Grenade and Mystical Needle

Necrotic Grips, a Piece of Exotic Armour

It would help if you equipped yourself with an Osteo Striga and a precise special weapon (along with a heavy weapon of your choice).

Discipline and Resilience are the Mainstays of Your Armour.

Kinetic/Strand Syphon, Grenade Kickstart, Kinetic Weapon Surge, Bomber, and a Grenade Kickstart thrice are all required armor mods.

Top Competitive Warlock Builds

For Warlocks, PvP, and destiny two, the Warlock build is a new experience. Warlocks have never dominated The Crucible. But it doesn’t mean they can’t win games with spectacular performances. Here are two excellent competitive warlock builds.

The Stag Build

Have you ever seen a squad that seems to bounce back immediately? More so in the Trials, even? Perhaps one of their teammates is responsible for the best warlock build destiny 2. This exotic helmet heals your teammates when you die and reduces the damage of your Rifts for the whole squad. Since you can revive yourself after taking damage, you may play much more recklessly without letting down your squad.

The ability to create an Arc Soul further improves this defense. Your colleagues may benefit from this, creating an army of robotic turrets. So, have everyone stumble into a crack and open fire, and your enemies will likely be driven away or defeated.

The rest of the build is focused on regenerating and recovering abilities and increasing damage output. Choose advantageous alternatives, prioritize improving your defenses in general, and use long-range weapons with a high hit rate. Shotguns and submachine guns (SMGs) are very effective at close range and should be on hand. You never know what will happen in PVP since it is a free-for-all.

A member of the Stormcaller (Arc) Builds subclass.

Aspects: Soul & Lightning Arc Surge

Lightning Chains and Pulse/Lightning/Storm/ Grenades Grenade

Powerful Player vs. Player Weapons Exotic Armour: The Stag

Recovery, Resilience, and Discipline are Primary Armour Stats.

Mods to your armor required for PVP include targeting, skill, and steadfast aim.

The Getaway Artist Build

Therefore, this best warlock build destiny 2 resembles the previous one. This build emphasizes arcs and seeks to maximize your chances of creating Arc Souls. This build prioritizes offence over group defence, a strength of the Stag. It is because of the Dynamic Duo enhancement added by The Getaway artist to your Arc Soul.

Going about in destiny 2 warlock build with a fully charged Arc Soul is nearly unfair. Nothing but running and staying alive is required, and with Amplified, that’s simpler than ever. You’ll be sprinting so fast that you won’t have time to pay attention to your surroundings, but you’ll still be able to pick out some easy targets. It’s great that such a pleasant construction also has significant promise in more complex topics.

Finally, you may choose as much or as little Arc weaponry as you choose. If you’re using Arc Soul, running with No Time to Explain may be best, so you can use the Rewind Again and Time Slip Perks. 

A member of the Stormcaller (Arc) Build subclass.

Parameters: arc Spirit and Flash Surge

Lightning Chains and Pulse/Storm/Lightning Grenades Grenade

Getaway, Exotic Armour Artist

Type of Weapon: Any PVP-worthy firearm; however, Arc weapons work best together.

Discipline, Resilience, and Recovery are Primary Armour Stats.

Modifications to Your Armour, Grenade Powerful, Accurate, Quick, and Fearless Aim

Champion Warlock Gambit’s Infrastructure

The Gambit builds you choose should be comparable to those in PvE. You need attacking abilities that can be bolstered by healing and fortification spells. While they may not be optimal in PvE, they are your best bet in this hybrid mode.

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Osmiomancy Gloves Build

Let’s start loving on Stasis now. Since Strand’s debut in destiny 2 warlock build, the whole subclass has been unimpressive, but it still needs to be out of the metagame. Stasis is still a decent choice in Gambit. This warlock build revolves around the Exotic weapon Osmiomancy Gloves, which can be used to generate an infinite supply of Coldsnap Grenades.

These gloves enhance the recharging time, seeker range, and the maximum number of Coldsnap Grenades you may carry (two with Osmiomancy). This Exotic not only improves the stats of your Coldsnap Grenades, but it also has its unique effect. Your grenade’s second charge will replenish significantly more quickly if you score a direct hit. Very quickly. Tossing practically endless Coldsnaps at strong opponents is a lot of fun, and it also helps keep additions under control.

Gambit may be your best bet if you’re looking for a Stasis usage this season.

The Shadebinder (Stasis) Build Spec.

Aspects: Negative Observer and Icy Harvest

Penumbral Blast and Coldsnap, two melee and grenade attacks, grenade

Osmiomancy Gloves, a Rare Piece of Armour

Gambit-related weaponry may be of any Stasis kind. PvP weapons are also quite helpful.

Discipline and Resilience are the Mainstays of Your Armour.

Iconic tales

Syphon,  Grenade Kickstart, Ashes to Assets, Firepower, and Weapon Surge Ionic Traces Build Are Necessary Armour Mods.

Since Ionic Traces first appeared in Arc 3.0, they may be unfamiliar if you have yet to play the game recently. When picked up, they replenish your ability bar, and their tracking means you won’t waste time pursuing them. The primary goal of this setup is to keep our skills off cooldown and our Amplified buff up and running by creating as many Ionic Traces as possible. Fallen Sunstar is the Exotic responsible for this. 

Gain more energy from Ionic Traces, have them follow you quicker, and share some of their power with your companions when you pick up a Sunstar. Is there a way to boost everyone’s stamina? This is fantastic!

The quick tempo of the destiny 2 warlock build makes Arc builds particularly effective. Since there is so much land to traverse and player foes to contend with in Gambit, being Amplified is more beneficial than in any other game. You can count on this construct to provide the extra (velocity) edge to take down the Primevals.

A member of the Stormcaller (Arc) Build subclass.

Aspects: Spirit of the Arc and the Electrical Brain

Lightning Chains and Pulse/Storm/Lightning Grenades Grenade

Lost Exotic Armour Sunstar’s recommended weaponry for destroying the Primaeval includes arc-heavy weapons and arc-energy weapons an like the Grand Overture.

Discipline, Resilience, and Recovery are Primary Armour Stats.

Mods for Grenade Kickstart (2), Targeting, Agility, and Unflinching Aim are Required Armour Upgrades.

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What is the best warlock build destiny 2?

Fragments: Ember of Torches, Ember of Tempering, Ember of Singing, and Ember of Char is the finest Destiny 2 PvP Warlock build.

Sacred Dawn’s Wings and Chromatic Fire are two examples of exotic armor.

The Incandescent perk may be added to any Solar weapon.

Mods: Dissemination, Propaganda, Restorative Orbs.

How to build warlock armor in destiny 2?

This is the Nova Bomb – Vortex builds for the Warlock subclass in Destiny 2’s PvE mode.

Discipline is an essential quality.

Strength is a secondary stat.

A grenade with a vortex design.

Empowering Rift is a class ability.

Aspects: Fuel the Void, Increase the Rate of Chaos.

The Echo of Eviction, the Echo of Perseverance, and Echo of Ruins are all fragments of a larger whole.

Nezerac’s Sin, Controversy Hold, and other exotic armour.


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