Discordant Whispers 5th Edition Good day, gamers!

Discordant Whispers 5th Edition Good day, gamers!

 In today’s article, I’ll be discussing a spell from the DnD 5e core book called dissonant whispers 5e. I’ll explain how Dissonant Whispers works, how to cast it, and then address some often-asked issues about the spell.

Put in your earplugs and read on because today’s topic will be a doozy!

In other words, explain the concept of dissonant whispers 5e. D&D 5e’s Dissonant Whispers is an Enchantment spell of 1st level. Instantly used, it has a range of up to 60 feet. It requires one action to utilize and usually is only available to Bards.

The spell produces unpleasant noises that only the intended recipient can hear. The intense anguish caused by the loud smashing noises (3d6 Psychic damage) overwhelms the subject. If the victim succeeds at a Wisdom Saving Throw, they incur half damage, and the following effect does not occur. In addition to using up its response, the creature is motivated to flee as far as possible from the spell’s user.

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Discordant Whispers: A User’s Guide

This spell is fantastic for isolating individuals from their surroundings. If an enormous creature is harassing the Wizard, for example, casting this spell will drive it to flee in whichever direction its speed will carry it. At the very least, the Wizard will have a round to readjust.

Improper usage is possible as well. Casting this on a monster currently in melee with your heavy hitters will force it to flee, giving your teammates a chance to pounce. In all, it’s an excellent little spell.

Question Period: Incoherent Mutterings

Opportunity Attacks from Dissonant Whispers? That’s a 5e question.

True, that’s the case! If the target is in melee with another creature and breaks contact, the other creature gains an opportunity attack. Moreover, there are astonishing things about dissonant whispers dnd 5e that you should know. 

Booming Blade, does Dissonant Whispers activate it in 5e?

The short answer is no. Only when the target moves alone will Booming Blade go off.

Is it a terror in 5e to hear harsh whispers?

Not at all. A creature’s resilience to fear won’t protect it against this spell. Think of it more like they’re fleeing the spell’s terrible noises.

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To Sum Up

This 1st-level spell is quite neat, particularly for its low level. It’s pretty neat to have a technique to coerce Opportunity Attacks or lure an opponent away from a valuable target (like your Wizard or Sorcerer). So, I hope you gained some insight into the spell, and until we meet again, I wish you nothing but crucial success in your day.

It is everything you should know about dissonant whispers 5e. 


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