Copium Meaning Explained Here

Copium Meaning Explained Here

copium meaning – Players use many interesting words and phrases in League of Legends. Some come from outside the game, while others refer to unique things only found in LoL.

One of these words is copium, which has been around for 20 years and is now popular on Twitch and loved by League of Legends fans.

Let’s find out what is copium meaning and why it became so famous. Get ready to learn the context behind copium.

A Copium Meaning for the Next Generation

In the context of online gaming, copium is often used to describe the way that players cope with defeat. For example, a player who loses a game might claim that the other team was cheating or that the game was rigged. This thinking is often seen as a way to avoid accepting responsibility for one’s failures.

The title track of COPIUM has a subtitle called ‘Counting Other People’s Money,’ which results in the initials C.O.P.M. pronounced as ‘copium.’ Considering how the word is used in the song’s context, this choice of title does have some logic behind it.

Instead of using Keak da Sneak’s version, copium came back as a blended word, combining ‘cope’ and ‘opium.’ It suggests that someone takes a made-up drug to help them deal with a situation.

Back then, the copium meaning was quite similar to what it is now. It suggested that if you truly believed things would work out in your favour, you must use some coping mechanism, like being high on something. The idea quickly became popular beyond its initial political context and became more widely known after being shared on 4Chan.

When did the word copium become a part of the League of Legends language?

The term “copium” first entered the League of Legends lexicon in 2019. It was popularized by a meme that showed Pepe the Frog hooked up to a tank of copium. The meme was used to mock players who refused to accept that their team had lost a game.

We interviewed Jankos, a professional player and popular streamer, to find out when he first started seeing ‘copium’ frequently. Since Jankos often uses the term Copium to describe game situations, he was the perfect person to ask about it.

Many people in the League of Legends (LoL) community had the same experience with Copium. They revealed this using the Copium icon, part of the Better Twitch TVĀ  browser add-on. The most liked Copium icon on BTTV was added on September 18, 2020, by t0asteds0up, and people started using it in early 2021. The same emote of Copium was also seen on FrankerFaceZ not long after.

If the streamer loses Baron but their team takes down a tower on the other side of the map, they might concentrate on the fact that they earned bounty gold. This could lead to the viewers expressing ‘copium,’ which means they are trying to find comfort or positivity in the situation.

Today’s League of Legends Copium Meaning

Today, League of Legends still uses the term “copium” to describe how players cope with defeat. However, it has also been used more broadly to describe delusional thinking. For example, a player who believes that their team will win a game, even though they are losing, might be said to be a “smoking copium.”

The word’s popularity can be seen through the popularity of its emote. On BTTV, there are many versions of the ‘COPIUM’ emote, and the most popular ones rank among the top 120 most-used emotes on the site.

The Future of Copium

It is likely that the term “copium” will continue to be used in League of Legends and other online gaming communities. If players are unwilling to accept defeat, there will be a copium. However, it is also possible that the term will finally lose copium meaning as it becomes increasingly overused.

There is a good possibility that Copium could become a word in mainstream dictionaries because it’s quite popular and is being used beyond just online activities. Since Copypasta was added to official dictionaries in 2022, anything is possible for Copium.


The term “copium” is a complex one with a different copium meanings. It can be used to describe both the use of false hope or rationalization as a way to deal with a difficult situation and how players cope with defeat in online gaming. The term will likely continue to be used in these contexts for the foreseeable future.


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