Elden Ring: Celestial Dew Location Guide

Elden Ring: Celestial Dew Location Guide

Celestial dew elden ringThere are repercussions for killing friendly NPCs, even if you have Elden Ring, since anybody may die. Furthermore, if players harm a neutral NPC, they may be prevented from moving on in a quest or obtaining a valuable item. Thankfully, the Celestial dew elden ring, a consumable, may be used to make amends for wrongdoing.

Rare Heavenly Dew may be used in the Church of Vows to get Absolution. However, celestial dew cannot be used to bring back deceased NPCs, a common misunderstanding. Instead, after you’ve attained Absolution, NPCs will forget you ever fought them and return to being nice. The following map shows the locations of all ten Celestial dew elden ring flasks.

The Liurnia of the Lakes, the Heavenly Dew

In Liurnia of the Lakes, you may find two flasks for the Celestial dew elden ring relatively early in the game. One may be taken from a body lying within the southern entrance of Raya Lucaria. Unfortunately, the southern gate is now locked; thus, you must first enter by the main gate to the north to continue southward. To get through the magical barrier protecting the school, you’ll need the Glinstone Key, guarded by the Glintstone Dragon Smarag on one of the little islands west of the mainland.

 It is the original celestial dew location that you will find in the elden ring game. Within Caria Mansion is a shopkeeper named Pidia, who sells the second flask of Celestial Dew. Around the Three Sisters area in northern Luirnia of the Lakes is where you’ll find Caria Mansion. The only catch is you need help getting to the merchant from the estate. Instead, you need to leave the area and clean it out. If you exit the building and go left along the wall, you’ll eventually reach the cliffs. You can see the top of a historic tower to your right. You’ll need to use the scaffolding to get down from the first roof, which is a stone one, but it’s worth the effort. Pidia, who can be found at the bottom of the staircase, can sell you a flask of Celestial Dew for the low, low price of five thousand runes.

It’s the heavenly dew from the Ainsel River!

The Ainsel River region has two more Celestial dew elden ring flasks buried under the river’s surface. The Ainsel River Well in eastern Liurnia of the Lakes leads to this underground cavern. If you go down the tunnel to the left after you reach the bottom, you’ll find a room with many graves and crypts. To get to the ruins, return to the tunnel on the left and keep going. A dead body will hang from a column when you emerge from the tunnel. You’ll see another body dangling precariously from a lower ledge when you approach it. Take the first flask of Celestial Dew from this second body.

After you’ve made it past the massive structure, you’ll find yourself in a more extensive clearing with even more crumbling buildings. As soon as you enter the location, the monster above the temple will launch an assault. As you make your approach near the temple, try your best to avoid its missiles. As you reach the interior, the Hermit Trader will offer you a flask of Celestial Dew for 7,500 runes.

Nokstella, Heavenly Dew of Eternity

At Nokstella, Eternal City, part of the wider Ainsel River region, you may find two more flasks of Celestial Dew. After making sufficient progress in Ranni’s questline, you will unlock the waygate at the peak of Renna’s Raise, which will lead you here. A second option is to use the casket at Deep root Depths. If you happen to find yourself at the Ainsel River Man Site of Grace, regardless of how you got there, go south beyond the remains and follow the river until you reach Nokstella, Eternal City. Cross the river to the right after arriving at the Place of Grace. Go on until you come upon three snails around a dead body. Gather a flask of Heavenly dew from the body.

Return to the water and keep moving downstream, but be wary of the many hidden foes. You’ll see a towering structure on your left when you go under the bridge. Wait to use the elevator, although it’s inside. If you go beyond the main building, you’ll come to a smaller building crammed to the gills with slimes. As the slimes are eliminated, the body of a poor explorer will become visible. As you rummage through the body, you’ll uncover another flask of Celestial Dew.

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The City of Nokron, Forever and Ever Precipitation from the Heavens

After battling Starscourge Radahn and entering the crater, you will find yourself in Nokron, Eternal City. Three bottles of Celestial Dew are present. The initial part of the region is very straight, so go forward until you reach the Mimic Tear, and then continue on some more until you reach the Ancestral Woods. Visit the Ancient Woods Site of Grace to the west of the bridge and activate it if you have yet to do so. Go beneath the bridge instead of back up on it, and gently enter the northerly ruin. One of the two bodies within the ruins will have a drop or two of Celestial Dew. The celestial dew locations are different on every map of Elden ring. 

Now that it’s out of the way, you may return to the Grace Site in the Ancestral Woods. To reach the spot where two Silver Tears will assault you from the Site of Grace, just keep travelling along the roofs. If you can, kill them from a safe distance and don’t rush in just yet. You must climb the steps if you want to go up on the ledge. Take a right and travel around the building to reach the body carrying the Celestial Dew flask.

Return to the rooftop you initially explored to find the Silver Tears again. Following the roofs to a cathedral is the next relatively straight step. Take the ladder down and kill the opponents above if you can. When you leave the church, you will enter a location known as Night’s Holy Ground. The third Celestial Dew flask is on the slime body you’ll find on your left.

Divine Rain from the Heavens, Falling on the Holy Ground of Erdtree

You may pick up the last remaining bottle of Celestial Dew in the Erdtree Sanctuary. Unfortunately, you can get this one late in the game, so be patient. If you start at the Place of Grace in the Erdtree Sanctuary and go east, you’ll discover a sturdy branch that will take you to the next level. As you come out the other side, turn left. You can return to the building if you climb up on the surrounding roof and search for a hole. To reach the body, go to the opposite side of the room and enter the doorway. The tenth and last flask of Celestial dew elden ring is stored within.


Where can I get celestial dew early?

In Liurnia of the Lakes, you may find two flasks for Celestial Dew relatively early in the game. The first one is within the southern gate of Raya Lucaria, inside the city.

How many celestial dews are there?

Ten vials of Celestial Dew may be found in various locations throughout Elden Ring.

What is the most accessible place to get celestial dew in elden ring?

Celestial Dew may often be found in the long-lost cities of Nokron and Nokstella. A Celestial Dew may be discovered in either Nokron, Eternal City or Night’s Sacred Grounds.

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