BRUCE BOLTS : Baseball players looking for premium hitting gloves with exceptional gripping, convenience, and durability are probably aware of Bruce Bolts. Due to their unique designs and superior performance, this relatively fresh brand has already established itself as a popular choice among players of all skill levels.

 This article will examine more closely what makes Bruce Bolt’s hitting gloves different from other manufacturers and why they’ve attracted so much attention from baseball fans. A review of the Ian Happ collection short cuff gloves and advice on whether you should spend the money on them will also be provided.

Glove series by Bruce Bolts

My son is constantly searching for the latest and hippest equipment that will give him an advantage on the field. Because of this, he was excited to test the recently released Bruce Bolt Superior Professional Ian Happ Edition Low Cuff Batting Softball Gloves.

The outfielder for the Chicago Cubs, Ian Happ and Bruce Bolt, collaborated on these gloves, so I was interested to see whether their quality stood up to their hype. Although we don’t support the Cubs, the colours were most comparable to those on my son’s travel team outfit, and the item was a Christmas gift, so he had no other option.

The customer’s football gloves have to be close behind in terms of joy for gifts after the Xbox Grandma gave him and his brother. He immediately remarked on how cosy the gloves were after donning them. The spandex back created a close fit that felt solid without overly constrictive. He claimed that while swinging his CatX, he still had considerable room for both hands to move around.

Although the genuine leather palm was quite flexible and soft, the grip most impressed him. He doesn’t use pine tar, so I’m not sure why, but the gloves’ palm area offers good traction on the baseball bat handle, giving him more self-assurance.

The following usage

Baseball isn’t an throughout the year sport up here because we’re located in the Northeast. However, to prepare for the Spring season, his travel baseball club has been practising inside since January.

He has utilized the custom football gloves during numerous batting practice sessions and a few outdoor games. They still appear brand new, save from some loose stitching on the lightning bolt.

By no means are these batting gloves inexpensive. He maintains things with the utmost care because he knows how pricey they are. After his very first BP session, he placed them back into the original bag, which his teammates thought was insane.

These gloves have shown to be durable thus far, as they are expected to be at this price. You are slightly more protected from stinging hands thanks to the palm padding. I believe it does a better job of keeping the softball gloves together.

Just hype?

So many goods are marketing gimmicks, like the sports drink PRIME. Bruce Bolt, however, is a high-quality product supported by hype. The design of the Bruce Bolt child batting gloves is what sets them apart. There are so many possibilities available to them!

White clothing with a red thunderbolt bolt & light blue trim are on my son’s clothes. Even though the design is straightforward, it looks sharp when he is at bat. Some of the other kinds, such as the standard Phillips Navy with the light blue trim and a handful of others in the Premium Pro Golden Series, are ones that we do enjoy.

The solid-coloured batting gloves aren’t my style, but that’s my preference. When I first saw Bruce Bolt’s gloves, they resembled either Iron Man’s or gardening gloves. They were good, but simply not my style. I can’t believe I’m using the word “fire” to describe an item at 40, yet here I am.

The new black ones featuring gold accents from the Gold Series are on fire. They are extremely attractive and would certainly cover up any dirt. As soon as he outgrows his existing ones, we may acquire the subsequent pair for him.

You can select the ideal hue to fit your style or your team’s uniforms because there will be so many options available. So far, we are absolutely in love with the Happ Collection Bruce Bolt softball gloves. They have a great design, are sturdy, and feel great. Check these out if you’re a young baseball player!

Gloves made by Bruce Bolts


According to the Bruce Bolts website, the best sheepskin leather, commonly known as Cabretta, is used to make the Happ Series gloves. Softness, tenacity, and flexibility are attributes of Cabretta leather. Because leather can mold to the curve of the hand, it makes sense that these expensive batting gloves would do the same. Custom fit and improved grip are provided by this.

Because of its innate ability to wick away moisture, Cabretta leather may also keep hands dry and comfortable over prolonged workouts or games. A seamless relationship between the player’s grip and the bat may be made because of the leather’s extreme softness.


Bruce Bolts is a skilled stitcher who can thread a needle. They employ lycra, called spandex, to make robust and stretchy stitching. It resembles the superhero of sewing supplies. Your fingers as well as wrists, are free to move in all directions without feeling restricted by the glove. They are so comfortable that you won’t even realize you are wearing them.

But the reversed threaded execution design is great; it’s not only about comfort. The threads are hidden inside the glove so they don’t continuously chafe against your fingers. This improves how the gloves feel against your skin and lessens damage to the gloves themselves. It’s similar to a hidden stitch you didn’t know you needed before trying it.


Bruce Bolts has given every aspect of batting glove design careful consideration. Their custom football gloves have additional padding in strategic spots to ensure they survive longer than the typical set of inexpensive batting gloves.

In addition to the palms, which experience high wear and tear frequently, the heel and crotch also have double reinforcement. Thanks to these enhancements, you may rest easy knowing that your custom football gloves will likely endure more than one season.

Long and Short Cuffs

Bruce Bolts provides two different cuff lengths for their gloves: short and long. Both designs have a 360-degree wrist wrapping that offers support and protection. As you swing, the support makes sure the softball gloves are secure. Additionally, the cuffs are constructed of breathable material. So that when you play in those hot-weather league games, your hands won’t get too sweaty.

Both softball gloves and custom football gloves are excellent choices, however, the long cuffs offer somewhat better wrist support. Additionally, they provide a tighter, safer fit. In contrast to the short cuffs, the long cuffs make your hands sweat a little more. Summertime is a particularly good time to remember this.

Amazing Designs

In addition to black, the colour navy blue, and red, the Happ the Series Short Cuffed gloves are also available in several hues. The Bruce Bolt emblem is prominently displayed on the back of each glove, with white detailing as an accent. 

Hand Fit

The pre-curved unique finger design is another element of the Happ Series gloves. With this design, hitters may more easily and comfortably hold the bat while also experiencing a reduction in hand fatigue.

There are various distinct sizes for the Happ the Series Short Cuff gloves. Players of various ages and abilities can fit comfortably and securely thanks to this. The sizes of the gloves range from tiny for children to extra-large for adults.

Which Size Do I Need?

Top baseball glove brands such as UA, Nike, Franklin, and Marucci have inspired the design of these products. Whether you’re replacing a pair of older softball gloves or purchasing a new set, you may use your present gloves as an indicator to determine your ideal size. A glove sizing chart is provided below if you’re still unsure. 

What happens if you don’t get the sizing correct the first time? No issue. Bruce Bolt provides simple size exchanges and refunds to help you get the perfect fit as quickly as possible.

What is the lifespan of Bruce Bolt’s batting gloves?

I do my homework before purchasing any baseball gear for my kids. I am examining every review regarding Bruce Bolt’s internet presence, the Reddit and Quora discussion boards, the Facebook sites, and the Amazon reviews.

I genuinely believe that our decade of expertise with the gloves has been fantastic thus far. There are no visible symptoms of deterioration after constant use for roughly 5 months.

Bruce Bolt is not flawless, he admits. For some kids, gloves will rip, but most say they should last you several seasons.

According to everything I’ve read, it means they’ll offer you a coupon for a discount on your subsequent pair of gloves. Bruce Bolt does not have a return policy that is as accommodating to customers as Amazon. Still, as a tiny company, it presumably cannot afford to offer no-questions-asked returns.

We’ve discovered that other well-known brands don’t keep up as my son has gotten bigger, begun to swing harder, and trained more frequently. It was growing annoying for us to go through several pairs of softball gloves each season. We’re hopeful that BB will stick around for at least for a single season, if not two.

If you break the savings down, they aren’t that significant. Compared to one set of Bruce Bolt gloves that cost $80, four sets of less expensive gloves cost $25 for the season. I’d rather have a good-feeling, high-quality glove.

Not to mention that you will be helping a budding businessperson. I have no qualms about supporting them and giving them my money because they stand beyond their goods and genuinely care about the happiness of their consumers.

What Sorts Of Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves Are There?

The many batting glove category lines that Bruce Bolt offers are the “Gold” Series, The Hallmark Series, The Google Chrome series, as well The Original Series. The only distinguishable difference between each is the dimension of the genuine Cabretta leather utilized in the construction, aside from the several unique designs within each. 

The Gold Series provides the most substantial option at 1.2mm, whereas the other collections offer 9mm. You can’t go incorrect with each of the possibilities because gloves made of such leather won’t get tough and crunchy. The thicker leather in the Gold Series might help it last a little longer, but that’s the only change we could notice.

Regarding Bruce Bolt

Bear Mayer, a young man, launched Bruce Bolt in 2018, a comparatively recent business. Professional baseball players were utilizing batting gloves that didn’t offer the grip and comfort they needed to perform at their best, giving Mayer the startup concept. He launched his own business to seize the chance to develop a superior product.

Meyer (The Chief Glove Giver) devoted months to investigating and testing various designs and materials to develop a batting glove that would offer players the finest possible grip and comfort. Ultimately, he created a batting glove with a spandex back and a synthetic leather palm for a secure, comfortable fit that wouldn’t obstruct the player’s grip on the bat.

2019 saw the debut of the initially released Bruce Bolt batting gloves, which acquired popularity among both expert and recreational baseball players. As a result of the gloves’ great grip, durability and snug fit, many players started switching from other brands to Bruce Bolt.

Since its inception, Bruce Bolt has expanded its customer base and product offering. The business currently provides various hitting gloves in various hues and styles, along with additional baseball gear like clothing, pine tar, wooden bats, arm cuffs, leg cuffs, and bat grips. Bruce Bolt is still a tiny, family-run business committed to offering its clients the greatest products despite its popularity.


I have to say that after using the customer’s football gloves during the past five months, we are quite pleased. These gloves provide an excellent grip and durability in addition to their sleek and fashionable appearance.

My son, a fervent baseball player, is in love with these softball gloves & has even observed improvements in his hand control and overall efficiency at the plate. It’s wonderful to witness him feel secure and at ease while wearing his equipment as a parent.

Overall, if you’re searching for a dependable and fashionable solution, I’d suggest the Bruce Bolt hitting gloves. My kid and I have become fans of theirs!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) Where Did the Name Bruce Bolt Originate?

Ans. According to a Baseball Monkey conversation Bear Mayer and his father gave in 2018, the organization was given the name Bruce because it is a family name.

Bruce is Bear’s middle name, as well as the first names of his father, grandpa, and cousin. As absurd as it may sound, the name’s “bolt” component was inspired by the tale of his grandpa twice struck by lightning. It works well as a pair to create a brand name.

Q2) Where can I buy Bruce Bolt hitting gloves?

Ans. You can get Bruce Bolt’s straight from his online store, Headbanger Sports, Amazon, Scheels, Baseball Monkey, and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Q3) What does BRUCE BOLT mean?

Ans. The business was founded and given the name Bruce Bolt in honour of Mayer’s grandpa Bruce, who survived being hit by lightning twice. The Austin, Texas-based business aimed to be the top option for softball gloves.

Q4) What accounts for Bruce Bolts’ high price?

Ans. The price of the customer’s football gloves is affected by several variables, including quality, weight, stretchability, durability, etc Bruce Bolt offers the following four styles of gloves. It is of the finest calibre and premium. You can purchase these if you play frequently.


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