Bossaball: The Crazy Galvanizing Ball Game

Bossaball: The Crazy Galvanizing Ball Game

Ever heard of the bossaball? Or played it? Or at least watched it? If it’s a no, then you are not alone as it is a relatively new sport derived in 2014 from Spain. 

However, since its beginning in Spain, this amazing ball game has got international acclamation. Some of the countries where this game has become very popular include Brazil, Netherlands, Romania, Ecuador, Brazil, Portugal, Germany, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. 

This may be a relatively new sport, but the fun and energizing levels it involves are enough to keep you interested. However, not many people other than the above countries know about it, so we have prepared a brief guide on this game. We have put together all the aspects of this, including its rules, objective, and more.


The game of bossaball is a slight variation of the popular game volleyball. In this game, the players are required to hit the ball over the net like the volleyball. The objective of this is to score more points than the opposing team.

To score the point and hit the ball in the opponent team section, a player can use any part of their body. One of the variations which make this game different from volleyball is the use of an inflatable trampoline. This game takes place on a massive trampoline, which is present on both sides of the net. The addition of a trampoline is for an additional bounce. 

Like any other ball game, in it also the team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. 

Players and Equipment

When we talk about the equipment and players in this weird game, these include:


  • The number of players in a bossaball team ranges from three to five. 
  • There Is no restriction on gender, and thus, a team can consist of both male and female players. This is a good thing when it comes to gender equality. 
  • Each player in this ball game has their designated places on the trampoline sections.
  • The designations of the players in this are not fixed, and they keep rotating. 
  • Rotation of the players in the bossaball takes place after every point-scoring. It means players rotate their designations whenever any of the team scores a point. 


  • One of the main pieces of equipment which are required for the game is a bossaball. A volleyball game ball is also sufficient.
  • A course or bossaball court.
  • Inflatable trampoline.
  • Net, normally the volleyball net is sufficient for the game.

Court Of Bossaball

  • There are no fixed parameters for the court in the bossaball. However, usually, it is around 30 yards in breadth and 5o yards long. 
  • In the middle of the court, there must be a net. The height of the net is usually three meters.
  • On each side of the court, there must be a trampoline section, an inflatable selection for scoring, and an out of bounds section, which must also be inflatable. 

These are some of the players, court, and equipment requirements for this energizing ball game. 


The scoring rules for the bossaball are different from volleyball. These are:

  • To score a point successfully, players need to hit the ball over the net inside the opposing team section. If the opposing team is unable to return the ball, then a point is scored.
  • If the ball hits the trampoline section inside the opposing team section when a player hoots it, then three points are awarded.
  • One point is awarded if the ball hits anywhere else other than the trampoline section inside the court inbounds.
  • If the ball touches the ring or bossa, then the bossaball game continues as normal, and no points are scored. The bossa is a ring around the inflatable trampoline. 

These are some of the ways in which the teams in this game score points against the opponent team.

Winning The Game

The winning in this simulating game is different from volleyball. Unlike volleyball, the winning in this game is declared according to the pre-fixed points. 

Rules for winning in bossaball are:

  • To win the game, a team in this energizing game needs to reach a score of 25 points. The team which reaches the 25 points first is the winner of the game.
  • If there is a tie or the game gets stuck at 24 points on each side, then there is a rule of two clear points. In it, a team needs to score two points to win the set. The team which scores two clears points first is the winner of the game.
  • The set limit in the game is also fixed. However, it depends on the organizers as they can choose sets varying between three and five. Thus a game of bossaball can consist of three sets or five sets. 


  • The rules permit gender equality, and thus, teams can comprise both males and females. 
  • The number of the player must be between three and five. 
  • Serves in the game can be made using any body part. However, they need to be creative in nature.
  • Every player has three chances for hitting the ball before another team must hit it. If a player hits more than three times, it’s a foul. A player can use his hands once and feet twice to hit the ball.
  • A team can hit the ball five times. If a team fails to get the ball in the opponent’s team’s section even after five hits, a point is awarded to the opposing team. 
  • There is no time limit for the bossaball game, and it can go on as long as a team is declared the winner. To end the game, a team needs to score 25 points or win two clear games.
  • After every point in the game, teams have to rotate the positions in the clockwise format. This is done so that there is a different person each time on the different sections of the trampoline. 

These are some of the bossaball rules which you need to know for playing the game.

Final Words

Bossaball is a newcomer in the world of dynamic and energizing ball sports played around the world.

However, since its inception, this vitalizing game has become popular among the folks in various countries. Some of the countries where people love this game include the Netherlands, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and many more. 


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