How To Get Pokemon GO Bombirdier (Can Bombirdier Be Shiny?)

How To Get Pokemon GO Bombirdier (Can Bombirdier Be Shiny?)

Bombirdier Pokemon Go is a captivating dual-type Pokemon, combining Flying and Dark attributes. Its maximum CP can soar up to 2812, making it a formidable contender. Before we dive into the details, let us understand how to add this majestic creature to your Pokedex.

Raid Battles and Pokemon GO Bombirdier

  1. Raid Boss: Pokemon GO Bombirdier debuted as a 3-Star raid boss during the Ultra Unlock: Paldea event. Alongside other new additions like Shiny Lechonk, Baxcalibur, Frigibax, Pawmi, and Pawmo, Bombirdier awaits daring trainers.
  2.  Power Level: While it is not as mighty as higher-tier bosses, Pokemon GO Bombirdier still packs a punch. Its weaknesses include Electric, Fairy, Ice, and Rock attacks. However, it resists Ground, Grass, Dark, Ghost, and Psychic-type moves.
  3.  Raid Strategy: Assemble a team of Pokemon with proper counters. Electric, Fairy, Ice, and Rock-type attacks work best against Pokemon GO Bombirdier. Remember the Same Type of Attack Bonus (STAB): when a Pokemon’s attack type matches its attribute type, it deals extra damage.

Best Pokemon GO Bombirdier Raid Counters

Here are some Bombirdier Pokemon Go to consider for your raid team:


  • Fast Move: Spark
  •  Charged Move: Discharge


  • Fast Move: Charge Beam
  •  Charged Move: Fusion Bolt


  • Fast Move: Volt Switch
  •  Charged Move: Thunderbolt


  • Fast Move: Thunder Shock
  •  Charged Move: Wild Charge



  • Fast Move: Rock Throw
  •  Charged Move: Meteor Beam



  • Fast Move: Thunder Shock
  •  Charged Move: Wild Charge


  • Fast Move: Spark
  •  Charged Move: Wild Charge


  • Fast Move: Thunder Shock
  •  Charged Move: Zap Cannon

How to Catch Pokemon GO Bombirdier?

Raid Battles: Currently, the primary way to acquire Bombirdier Pokemon Go is by participating in Raid Battles. Defeat Bombirdier in a Tier 3 Raid Battle, and you will have the opportunity to capture it.

Premier Balls: After a successful raid, you will receive a limited number of Premier Balls for the capture attempt. Remember to use Pinap Berries to enhance your chances!

Event Timing: Bombirdier is currently appearing in 3-Star Raids during the Día de Muertos event from November 1 to November 2. If you can, seize this opportunity to add Bombirdier to your Pokedex.

Best Counters for Bombirdier:

  • Zekrom: Moveset Charge Beam & Wild Charge
  •  Mega Manetric: Moveset Thunder Fang & Wild Charge
  •  Mega Diancie: Moveset Rock Throw & Dazzling Gleam
  •  Xurkitree: Moveset Thunder Shock & Discharge
  •  Shadow Raikou: Moveset Thunder Shock & Wild Charge
  •  Shadow Rampardos: Moveset Smack Down & Rock Slide
  •  Shadow Rhyperior: Moveset Smack Down & Stone Edge
  •  Electivire: Moveset Thunder Shock & Wild Charge
  •  Magnezone: Moveset Spark & Wild Charge
  •  Galarian Darmanitan: Moveset Ice Fang & Avalanche
  •  Glaceon: Moveset Frost Breath & Avalanche

Shiny Bombirdier: A Rare Encounter

  • Shiny Chance: After defeating the raid boss, there is a chance you will encounter a Shiny Bombirdier. However, it is not guaranteed.
  •  Persistence Pays Off: Participate in multiple raids to increase your chances. The ongoing combat effort can lead you to its Shiny form.

Some FAQs

How can I get Bombirdier Pokemon Go?

To obtain Bombirdier, you must participate in Raid Battles, where it appears as a 3-Star Raid Boss. Defeat it in the Raid Battle, and you will receive a limited number of Premier Balls to capture it. Using Pinap Berries can boost your chances of success.

Can Bombirdier be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Yes! Shiny Bombirdier is available to encounter in Pokemon GO. The Shiny variant of Bombirdier has a subtle difference: its beak and legs are dark grey instead of the traditional red.



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