BOBBING FOR APPLES : Many families celebrate some special fall customs every year. Apple picking and visiting pumpkin patches come to mind. Bobbing for apples is perhaps an activity that can be done by you and your family and are looking forward to now that fall is fully underway.

Maybe you want to know where one attempts to grab an apple and pull it out of the container without touching their hands by floating it in a huge container filled with water. Everyone who is involved in this game finds it amusing, and it is undoubtedly a watery mess.

Do you know the background of the well-known game Bobbing for apples? It may surely catch you off-guard, but it’s interesting. Why? Nowadays, there is just one way (and motive) to bobbing for apples, but that wasn’t constantly the case.

You’ll be surprised to learn that the game has been around for centuries and wasn’t always associated with Halloween, the fall, or anything threatening.

How Come We Bob for Apples?

In Europe, the tradition of bobbing for apples was started first. Then, it has become romance in every aspect.

The game, you see, was a common technique to introduce young lovers and aid them in figuring out whether they were soulmates or not. It was also a component of a courting ritual. Every apple in the container was associated with an individual somebody, which was one of the most widely used game variations.

After that, every girl would search for an apple and attempt to bite into the particular one that belonged to her love. They had a destiny to be together if she could get it on her first attempt, which indicated the stars were right.

If the woman required two attempts to get the apple, it was a sign that they would court for some time but that their romance would finally fizzle. Long-term use wasn’t intended for it.

If it took her at least three shots to bite the crush’s apple, it was unfortunate confirmation that she shouldn’t pursue a relationship with a guy.

Anyone correctly bitten into an apple first would be the first member of their group of friends to get married, which was another recurring element in the game. Girls sometimes followed another superstition around the game that advised them to place the apple they had just eaten under their pillows at night to dream about their true love.

Such romantic-themed versions of the game lost popularity over time. Some of their older customs, like bobbing for apples, were brought to America by European and Irish immigrants.

Eventually, more Americans started to learn about their history; they finally learned about these customs and started to find ways to tie them into other festivals, including Halloween.

As Halloween dropped on October 31, the same day they marked the Celtic holiday Samhain, an ancient Gaelic celebration celebrated at the end of the growing season and the beginning of winter, it ultimately came to be connected with bobbing for apples.

How can this be a bob for Apple?

What you’ll need is:

  • A big container
  • A container of apples
  • Fill the container with water


  • Put some water into the bucket and fill it to the 3/4 mark.
  • Put some washed apples into the water.
  • Guide all participants to try to bite an apple without using their hands. A towel will come in handy for drying your face and hair.
  • Set the timer for every player. Start with one minute and change it if required, whether it’s too easy or too difficult.
  • The fastest apple-abstraction winner will be chosen.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you information about  “BOBBING FOR APPLES”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.

Frequently Asked Question 

Q1) Where does apple bobbing come from?

Ans. The game of “bobbing for apples” has been around since the Romans invaded Britain in history. Roman conquerors took their customs with them, and these mixed with the Celtic holidays and customs that existed for centuries in Britain. An apple tree that served as a symbol for Pomona, the goddess of abundance, was brought by the Romans when they began to rule this new area.

The young single couples would munch on apples that were dangling from a string or floating in water during the annual festival. The next person who could get married would be the one who bit into the apple first. It used to be thought that ladies who put the apples she bobbed for under their pillows would have romantic dreams about their partners.

Q2) What is a game of “bobbing for apples”?

Ans. Bobbing for apples is often referred to as  “apple water game,” “apple bobbing game,” or “apple dunk game” in America. Since this game has European roots, as was already said, different nations in the area have different names for the game bobbing for apples. The name for this game in Scotland is “dooking” (ducking).

This game is known as “duck-apple” or “apple ducking” in the northern area of England. This game is referred to as “snap apple” in Ireland, especially in County Kerry. Halloween is referred to as “Snap Apple Night” in places like Newfoundland and Labrador.

Q3) Why do we “bob” for apples?

Ans. As apple bobbing was a European history (refer to roots above), in modern times it evolved into a seasonal activity around the fall harvest and is now more frequently practiced around Halloween.

Q4) What use does apple-bobbing serve?

Ans. A pleasant (and humorous) autumnal activity that honors tradition is apple bobbing. The object is to retrieve an apple from a container of water as quickly as possible using only your mouth and no hands.


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