Best VR Shooting Games For An Overwhelming Gaming Experience

Best VR Shooting Games For An Overwhelming Gaming Experience

Do you want to try something new with gaming? Or are you a fan of shooting games? Well, if yes, then the VR shooting games can be the thing that will leave you stunned. 

New technologies arrive in the world of gaming with every passing day. They make the gaming experience even more intimidating and realistic, making us enjoy and fall for them more and more. The virtual reality headsets in the field of gaming are something that has taken the gaming experience to new levels. This technology has taken the experience of shooting games to the next level. However, not all shooting games are available in VR. 

In the article, we have listed some of the best VR shooting games which you can play. These games, in combination with VR technology, will take you into the world of the games. They will make you feel like everything is happening around you and is realistic. 

Best VR Shooting Games

These are some of the best VR shooting games which you can play to have a realistic and amazing gaming experience:


The superhot is one of the top games when it comes to getting VR shooting games. This is a game that takes the innovation level in the first-person shooting genre to the next level. 

The game is a real fun thing to enjoy, and it is amazing, especially when you play it in the VR headset. Other than the graphics and the quest in this game is also undoubtedly the best one you can get in VR FPS games. The wireless freedom of the VR helps in truly unlocking the full potential of the game. 

It allows you to crawl, move, run or jump out of any sticky situations easily. And guess what! It feels so realistic that you might even feel that you got shot in reality. Overall the superhot is one of the best shooting games you can play in VR. In addition to this, it is one of the best ps4 VR shooting games you can have, along with enjoying it on pc. 

Population: One

The success of the battle royale and Fortnite in the VR shooting games genre made the new games inevitable on the platform. Population one, like the two popular games, is similarly one of the best first-person shooter games that you can play. 

The population: one can be the perfect solution if you want something in VR shooting games to play with your friends. This game is the same like Fortnite but offers something more than it. Some of the differences which you will notice in this game from Fortnite include:

  • A three men squad in the game. 
  • Basic wall building system like Fortnite but with an addition to climbing them ability. 
  • Deployable wingsuit to glide, which allows scaling any of the buildings in the game. 

In addition to the amazing in-game options and the plot, the game also has awesome post-launch technical support. This makes it a great option when it comes to getting the best VR shooting games. One more good thing is that games get regular content updates from the developer. So if you want something to sink your teeth in for a long-term gaming experience, then the Population: one is for you. 


Are you looking for a competitive multiplayer shooting game? If yes, then the onward VR shooting game is the one you will love. This is one of the definitive military-grade first-person shooter games you can get. 

In this game, you play in a match with five vs. five teams. The players in the game are online connected to each other and get a number of options for choosing the weapons, teams, and more. Overall this is one of the best online shooting games you can enjoy with your friends. These games also have three modes from which you can choose the best for you depending on the choice of weapons array and more. 

However, this game lacks on the front of visual fidelity and some custom features. These features are a downside when it comes to the PC virtual reality version of the game. However, these missing features are promised to be arriving in the future updates of the game. But it is still one of the best ps4 VR shooting games, which you can also enjoy on pc. In short, the VR games must be on the list of every person who loves shooting games for pc or love playing fps games. 


Do you want a game that gives you the taste of the military contractor world? Or do you want the best in performance, gameplay, and content shooting game? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the contractor is the game you will fall in love with. 

This game comes with undeniably awesome content, performance, and gameplay. However, it lacks the visual quest which you may expect from VR shooting games. This game is similar to the Call of duty game when it comes to the gaming pace. The game features a wide array of loadout options along with guns. One good thing in the game is that all the guns come with the reloading option in the game. 

The contractor game also offers a tremendous amount of freedom when it comes to movement. It allows you to jump, slide around the gaming maps, and sprint. Other than this, it also allows you to play solo missions; however, the real fun is in the multiplayer option of the game. In the multilayer option, you can choose between a number of co-0bjjectives along with some online competitive private vs. private matches. 

Pistol Whip 

The pistol whip game is not a shooting game in its traditional sense. This is because in the game, you will be wielding a gun, but you only use it in a way that will combine shooters to the rhythm games. In short, it is a game which you will love if you are a music lover as you will mow down the enemies in combination with the music. 

The more in the combination you follow the music track in the game, the more you score in the game. It may look like a well-worn-out comparison, but in reality, the game lands somewhat between the super hot hybrid and beast saber. In short, it is one of the best shooting games for pc and gaming consoles if you love VR games. 

The game originally offered ten music tracks to choose from, but since the launch, new tracks have been added to it. A good thing is that an array of new tracks comes with every post-launch update off this game. In addition to this, it also has a mad max mode which offers a “full throttle” version. Overall it is one of the best VR shooting games you can have for yourself. 

Robo Recall: Unplugged

Are you fascinated with sci-fi movies where it’s humans vs. machines? Or are you a fan of the Terminator movie? If the answer is yes, then the robot recall is the game you should have on your VR console. 

In the beginning, the arrival of the robot recall in the shooting games mode was unexpected. This is because the game has high fidelity of the graphics. However, it did arrive and is now one of the fascinating first-person shooter games you can play in VR. Although the VR shooting games version of this game don’t offer the same quality of graphics like the original shooting games for the PC version. 

The good thing about the game, other than the graphics downside, is that the experience remains the same. It offers the same quality of quest, gameplay, and tact on a grand scale like the original version. So, get this game as it’s time to mow down some evil robots. 

Arizona Sunshine

The Arizona sunshine game has been one of the most popular VR shooting games. It has been in the market for quite some time, and the original version was one of the best VR shooting games for pc. 

The game’s original version of pc came out in 2017. This game, in the start, lacked the quality in comparison to its pc version bit with the new updates to have compensated for it. The game, with its recent updates, now offers the same quality of content, DLC, and graphics like the pc version. This game can be a fantasy come true if you’re a fan of zombie movies as it is a game where you need to shoot the zombies. 

The game offers a 4+ hours campaign to shoot the zombies, which is truly a treat for VR shooting games lovers. In addition to the extensive campaign, it also offers a horde mode that supports the multiplayer option in the game. So you get the option to jump alone or pair with your friends to mow down some pesky zombies in the game. 

In short, if you are looking for a solid first-person shooter zombie game, then the Arizona sunshine is for you. 

Hyper Dash

Do you want VR shooting games to enjoy with your group of friends? If yes, then the hyper dash is the option you should go for. 

The game offers a number of game modes which include some of the best classic FPS options. You get the options like control point, deathmatch, payload, and more to choose from. In addition to this, its graphics, content quality, and gameplay are something that will leave you awe-inspired. In short, it is one of the best shooting games which you can enjoy with your team in virtual reality.

Refreshingly a good thing about this game is that it is not military-themed like most of the shooting games are. In addition to this, its gameplay also makes it different from the other online shooting game options available. This game is a sci-fi and robot aesthetics type of game in comparison to many other games. 


The Blaston is a completely different type of game when it comes to the VR shooting games genre. It takes advantage of the unique and present possibilities which are afforded by the Virtual reality title. 

This game is a one on one shooter game that you can play online. It is one of the best competitive online shooting games you can play. However, the thing which makes this game different is that the players in this game don’t move much. Each of the players stands in a square space of 1×1. The weapons in the game will automatically spawn around you. All you need to do is get those weapons and shoot your opponent. 

The bullets in the game are slow-moving, and you can literally see the bullets fired by your opponent coming towards you. To save yourself, you need to dodge the bullets, and this dodging also happens in slow-motion like in the matrix movie. So, in short, this is something which you can play if you are a fan of matrix and Chinese movies where dodging bullets look easy. However, it is not for someone who loves speed in a game. 

Warhammer 40K: Battle Sister

Are you a fan of the battle hammer gaming franchise? Or do you want some of the best gameplay and graphics offering VR shooting games? If yes, then this is the game that you will love for sure. 

This game is a fun romp that will take you through the world while giving you an opportunity to hand weapons. In this game, you can handle some of the most famous weapons like the Bolter and power sword from the franchise. However, this game is not on par with its pc and gaming console version when it comes to the VR version. 

Although it is one of the best games, you can get to know the Warhammer franchise world better. It is also a good option if you are a beginner in the world of VR shooting games. 

These are some of the best VR shooting games which you can have to take the gaming experience to the next level. The good thing about most of the games which we have listed in the article is that they are the best. They offer some of the best gameplay. Graphics, plot, and content. 

Final Words

Are you a fan of FPS games? Or do you want to have something different than the usual in the shooting genre? Well, if yes, then the VR shooting games are what you will love. 

There are a number of VR shooting games available in the market which you can choose for yourself. However, choosing the best can be sometimes confusing and thus to help you with this we have prepared a list of best games in the article above. To know more, go through the article. 

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