Best Tandem Bike For A Weekend Family Ride

Best Tandem Bike For A Weekend Family Ride

There are plenty of reasons why a tandem bike is known to give a joyful experience. These are insanely fun and inherently silly at the same time. We all are stuck inside and constantly itching to get some fresh air and sunlight, and a bicycle built for two is the best way to spend some quality time with your partner and kids.

Tandem bikes allow riders with different strengths to ride together without being held back or feeling frustrated. A two-seater bike can strengthen your relationship; as they say, if you can get tandem together, you can do almost anything together. 

Here we have compiled a list of our best and favorite picks for tandem bikes with key features. Let’s dive in!

Best Tandem bike To Buy Right Now.

Below we have listed some options for a tandem bike. There are bikes from various trusted companies and varying designs to suit every person’s preferences and also meet the budget.

Kulana Lua

This cruiser-style tandem bike is perfect for a spin along the boardwalk. It is designed to suit riders of height between 5.4 feet to 6.2 feet. Steel-framed buildings can smoothly take you and your partner around the neighborhood. 

This two-seater bike has both fronts as well as rear v-brakes, which are cheaper and lighter than disc brakes. You can easily carry this tandem bike on mountains as it consists of a 7-speed drivetrain. The cushy whitewall tires easily cover you during road bumps, and the upright handlebars give it a perfect beachy look.

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Bike Friday Two’s Day Tandem

If you have owned a tandem bike before, then you know riding a double seat bike is not the real challenge but traveling or stowing it is. Bike Friday Tandem bike eliminates this problem as it can be packaged into a compact 33-by37 by 17 inches.

Wait! It gets even better. The low frame with step-over height and stoker stem with adjustable features makes this bike a perfect fit for small kids who have just standing paddling. This bike comes with 24-speed patterns for adventure touring and recreational riding and even an electrical option to customize your riding style. 

Pedego Electric Tandem Bike

If you want to ride with your partner together without having to put extra emphasis on the hard work of riding on the hills, then this Pedego E-bike is the perfect pick for you. This electric tandem bike creates the right balance between price and quality.

 It is designed for casual rides offering a relaxed experience with its step-through frame and cruiser handlebars. If you want to go on long adventures, it has got you covered with a 48V battery which can go up to 56 miles on a single charge with 20mph. 

This two-seater bike is powered with 500-watt rear motor and docs brakes to offer more control. Without a battery, it weighs 70 pounds, so make sure to keep the battery charged if you want to get back home without trouble. 

You get options to choose between various batteries, one with 480 energy watt-hours and one with 720 energy watt-hours. 

Schwinn Twinn Tandem

Another best bike built for two is from Schwinn Twinn, which is perfect for exploring rails trails and multi-use paths. This aluminum tandem bike has a low step-through frame in the front allowing the kids to sit easily. Twenty-one-speed options provide you enough gear options to climb. 

It has mechanical disc brakes that are reliable enough to easily stop the bike when you have picked up good speed going downhill. The Schwinn suspension fork comes with a 2.1-inch tire which adds to a smooth ride overall given the price.

Co-Motion Bluebird

One of the best well-known brands for two-seater tandem bikes is Co-Motion. The company has 30 plus years of experience in building a double seat bike. What we love about this tandem bike is the premium quality handmade steel machine at the given price.   

Its 700 c aluminum wheels are strong yet lightweight and can easily fit tires up upto 32 mm wide, which offers extra stability. The 44/32t and 11-34t chainrings and 10-speed Shimano Deore Cassette give you a comfortable cadence for your stroker as well as you. It also features mounts for fenders and racks, meaning you can easily load it for a cross-country tour and a quick commute to the grocery store. 

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Salsa Powderkeg

If you dare enough to take your tandem skills off the road, then Salsa Powderkeg is your best friend. This tandem bike is a part of the Chromoly mountain bike. With its stable and long wheelbase, optimum tire clearance, dual thru-axles, extra burly fork, SLX 10-speed 11-36 cassette, and mechanical disc brakes from SRAM BB7, this dual seat bike is everything you will need for a fun-filled and thrilling ride. 

You can get a complete bike or even just a frame for merely $1,999. This bike is available in three different size options to ride with a partner of all dimensions. This two-seater bike is supremely fun or can also be terrifying as hell, depending on whether you are the stroker or pilot. 


DaVinci Tailwind E-assist

If you are looking for a custom-made, lightweight electric tandem bike to go on a road cruising through the Alps, DaVinci is the perfect pick. Built with a 504 Wh battery and a Shimano E8000 motor, this two-seater has a power bike for climbing. You can customize every single part of this bike from material to Shimano parts or whether you want a hybrid or road machine. 

You can check the menu for add-ons and then start building the tandem bike of your dreams. The best part about Da Vinci is they even make an electric tandem bike with a mere price of $5,595 for the steel frame, in case you are in search of affordable options. 

Pacific Dualie Tandem Bike

If you are looking for a bicycle built for two to ride around the neighborhood, road, or any place you want, then you should consider Pacific Dualie. This tandem bike is made of steel mountain style along with alloy wheels. Its lightweight frame of merely 59lb is an easy-to-setup and assemble the frame. This two-seater bike has a 21-speed shifter and a Shimano derailleur. The wheels are 26 inches with ergonomic handlebars and an alloy crank wide gear system. This tandem bike has two spring saddles and linear pupp up brakes with a very strong stopping capacity. 

Mongoose Wanderer AL Tandem Bike

Mongoose Wanderer is another very specialized double seat bike that is a great choice for casual riders who love to go around in the city. Its oversized aluminum frame and amazon frame construction make it one of the best tandem bikes on the market. The linear allow pupp brake system will let you stop immediately, and it also features a rigid suspension fork. Megarange freewheel and 36 strong rims along with narrow handlebars give good stability when turning. Mongoose tandem bike has SRAM rear derailleur and SRAM 4.0 21- speed shifts, and it comes with a one-year warranty. The best thing is this bike is super lightweight with only 57 lb.

Co-Motion PeriScope Trident

Although not a tandem bike, this trident bike is the best thing to introduce to your kids for a long ride on the roads and fast adventures without having to worry about braking skills, or tuning, etc.

This bike is available in two colors and three different size options. It comes with a low rear upper tube that is great to suit stickers of every height. The steel frame comes with dual mechanical disc brakes, 105 Shimano derailleur, 203mm disc brakes, 11-32 cassette, and triple-chainring 52/39/30. If you have this bike, you can climb almost anything, and this is equipped with 26-inch wheels and is all set to take you on some gravel. 

This bike makes a great setup compared to the attachable Trail-a-bike as it lets the sidekicks contribute to the effort without worrying about crashing. 

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Final Words:

Cycling is always a fun adventure, and doing it with your kids or partners can make it even more enjoyable. Why buy two different bicycles when you can get a tandem bike. All these listed tandem bike options are the best pick in the market. You can pick a model that meets your requirements and also fits your budget. Get set to enjoy a fun ride with family!


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