Best Peely Fortnite Skins To Try

Best Peely Fortnite Skins To Try

One of the Peely  Fortnite costume mascots is Peely. Peely is the main protagonist of most PR materials and a few additional characters, including Jonesy, Midas, and Fishstick.

Peely Fortnite has undergone more radical modifications than others because he is an anthropomorphic fruit. Peely becomes a smoothie when some characters acquire new hairstyles.

He’s been transformed into a robot, frozen, and more, to mention a few. Which of the Peely is the most Peeliest when there are so many appearance options?

If you want to learn more about “PEELY FORTNITE” then continue reading!

Top 10 Peely Skins

Peely Bone

Starting with a Peely who has seen better days, let’s go on.

When it first appeared in 2019, shortly after Halloween, it was in a semi-skeletal form. By immediately following Halloween, we also mean November 1st. The majority of the time, this goes against tradition. Holiday-themed skins are typically issued before an occasion or date rather than following it.

Despite his debut date, Peely Bone appears much more open and leaner than before. Peely has his standard banana peel appearance on one side, although with a few dirt stains. On his head, his peel is additionally gradually falling away. The remaining half of him gives you a clear view of what makes this banana tick.

Despite having a high potassium level, Peely has a whole skeleton & intestines within his yellow housing. Peely still smiles brightly despite having half of his skin removed.

The Banana Bunches Set, which costs 1,500 V-Bucks, includes Peely Bone. He has a built-in gesture called the Xylo-bone, which involves playing the ribs like a xylophone.

Polar Peely

As Polar Peely demonstrates, bananas are not simply a fruit for the summer.

Peely’s arctic appearance, part of the animated Frozen series, was made public on December 24, 2021, as a part of Winterfest. Players only needed to patiently await the gift box to defrost within the Winterfest Lodge to reclaim him. All gamers who logged in after Christmas Eve during the instance received a free copy of Polar Peely and Krisabelle.

Because he does not have a wardrobe, Peely adheres to identical aesthetics as Peely. He’s chosen a new skin type because of his outer peel instead. He appears to have entered an ice box to turn into a frozen fruit.

Polar Peely doesn’t have a special glider or harvesting gear because he is a part of the Frozen & Winterfest collections, which is regrettable.


Peely has undergone some extra treatment for this one, which has an artistic edge.

This banana buddy contains motifs common to the American artist KAWS’s work as components of an arrangement with him. In this picture, Peely’s head/peel has two bones sticking out on both sides. His formerly eyes with buttons are now xs, and he has bulky gloves and shoes on both his hands and feet.

These themes have appeared in KAWS’s (actual name Brian Donnelly) work. Similar features are shared by the main protagonist, Companion, who also appears in the game.

This Peely includes a Back Bling and a companion glider named Far From Home in the KAWSPEELY Bundle. 1,800 V-Bucks will buy you the Bundle.

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Jonesy’s silent adventure partner, a well-known figure in the Fortnite narrative and mythos, merely wants to get behind the wheel. As a result, he frequently hangs out near wrecked cars all across the map.

Peely is available as an eighth season of Battle Pass release and can be obtained at Tier 47. Ever since he first appeared, Epic has used him as a standard PR frontman/fruit. He has gone through a lot in the lore, including becoming a smoothie. He has been a member of The Seven since Chapter 3 of Season 2, although he hasn’t yet mastered driving.

Peely is the base model, hence he doesn’t have any further accessories or cosmetics. He is just bananas with a cute grin. However, none of the other figures on the list would be here without him. After some time, he develops a reactive quality that causes him to become “too ripe” and unclean.

The Banana Bunch cosmetics set includes Peely, Peely Bone, and more. These comprise his particular harvesting device, the Peely Picker.


When the conditions are good, Peely uses his only means of protection from the sun to soak up the summer rays.

Unpeely depicts Peely without his stiflingly hot and yellow skin, which is a fitting moniker. Unpeely, a Summer Legends Pack member debuted in the third season of Chapter 2. In addition to Summertime Fable, Tropical Fruit Zoe, & various other summer-themed accessories, he arrived in a package.

Unpeeled sports a set of black shorts featuring a tree of life motif as if she is in full holiday mode. He completes his look with a distinctively styled straw hat and orange sunglasses. All these accessories can be turned on or off separately in Unpeeled, which can be customized.

Unfortunately, you can no longer obtain the funny-looking fruit because Unpeely & his packaged goods were all a part of a store’s temporary promotion.

Potassius Peels

A fighter. A hero. A banana.

Peely’s gladiatorial costume, a Rare item, first appeared in March 2021 during the second chapter of Season 6. Peely exudes the confidence of a great Roman emperor and has the appearance to match. (Though technically, the Colossal Coliseum is where he initially appeared as a statue.)

He is dressed in traditional-looking armour with a breastplate that matches his period-appropriate attire. He wears Roman sandals and a civic crown, and his torso is adorned with a lion’s head. He also possesses the Gladius from Potassium and a cape that serves as a Back Bling.

The former “Peelius Caesar” can be purchased from the shop for items for 1,200 V-Bucks.

Toon Peely

You’ll get the Hammer if you mess with the Toon. Toon Peely, an Inkville Group member who debuted in February 2022, was selected from one of the numerous Epic Games polls. He looks like his typical banana self, only in an animation-inspired style from the 1930s.

The Inkville Group is composed of numerous stylized iterations of all fortnite skins and Fortnite’s sillier characters. This includes Fish, Bushy, Meowscles, and Peely, of course.

Peely is “hand-drawn” in this instance in the same black-and-white aesthetic as the other Inkville residents. Additionally, he appears to be even more cheerful than he usually is. The Nanner Hammer, a huge mallet, is another tool at his disposal.

The Inkwell Gang costs the entire group between 230 and 300 V-Bucks to enter.

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Agent Peely 

He is authorized to peel, yet not to operate a vehicle.

Peely felt he had to act when the GHOST & SHADOW agents broke loose. Agent Peely was an initial unlocking for Chapter two: Season Two Battle Pass and was included in it. Peely is dressed in a blue shirt, red polka-dot bow tie, light brown suit & matching trousers in this picture. He has a pistol grasped around his left leg and is prepared to act.

The Battle Pass Level 34 achievement will reveal his GHOST style. His suit now has a white and black colour scheme instead, with all-black trousers. He has an entirely black outfit thanks to his SHADOW style, which he unlocks at Level 77. Finally, you’ll receive Golden Agent, a banana variant soaked in gold, when you reach Level 300.

The Banana Royal Set includes Agent Peely in addition to several other goodies. One-of-a-kind Gliders, Back Blings, Loading Screens, Sprays, Wraps, Emoticons, and Harvesting Tools are among them.

P-1000 – Runner-up to the Best Peely Skin in Fortnite

Everyone had it tough during the Bunker era, but Peely found it particularly rough.

The P-1000, formally known as a “ban android,” enables Peely to continue living his best life while losing his body. After being transformed into a smoothie, he acquired a synthetic suit that allowed him to compete.

This Outfit made its debut in Season X but was not directly purchased. Instead, it was a component of the P-1000 Competition Pack. One out of the many exclusive offers available in the store, this one costs $14.99. The robotic costume and five challenges for 500 V-Bucks each would be given to players.

Peely’s mechanical body is shaped like his typical peel-shaped body, but Peely’s “normal” visage is Peely in smoothie form. He comes with many goods and his friend Jonesy as part of the Bunker Days Set.

P33LY – The Best Peely Fortnite Skin

Future fruit is already present. The top Peely skin in all Fortnite skins is right here.

P33LY, also known as a “Bananassassin,” is a piece of Chapter 2’s Tech Future Set in Season 8. P33LY dresses in all-black, athletic-inspired attire to complement the concept of the Set. P33LY was born from a survey, and like the other Tech Future costumes, his eyes are a screen for displaying. He is dressed in a zip-up shirt, jogging pants, trainers and gloves.

In the framework of the Fortnite store, the Tech Futures Pack is expensive, costing $17.99. However, the version also features themed goods and two additional characters (NeuralLynx and CRZ-8).

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Final Thoughts Regarding Our Ranking List of All Fortnite Peely Skins

In conclusion, we’ve thoroughly examined these peculiar and entertaining skins with our list for each Peely skin of the Fortnite store, which is graded from worst to greatest. The Fortnite peely costume community has embraced these skins, giving players a fun and engaging way to get out in the game, even though some were undoubtedly less stunning than others.

Our investigation shows Peely Bone & Polar Peely are the worst Peely skins in Fortnite, while P33LY & P-1000 were the best. The decision essentially comes down to preference, though.


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