Best Skyrim Mods In PS4 To Take The Fun A Notch Up

Best Skyrim Mods In PS4 To Take The Fun A Notch Up

Finding the best skyrim mods ps4 is a hard task. The reason for this is that Sony has many reservations for the modding community. 

Sony has limited the available space in this version of Skyrim, which is essential for running the mods. It has outright refused to allow the use of external mods for the game. This has led to the creation of a small market for the fans of PlayStation. However, not every available mod is bad, and there are some of the best skyrim mods ps4 which you can enjoy.

Although this doesn’t mean that Sony doesn’t offer a few toys, you can play with. Thus we have selected some of the best skyrim mods ps4, which you will surely love. 

Whiterun – Underground Den 

Want the best skyrim special edition mods? Well, then the white-run – Underground Den is the perfect option for you, especially if you are a new player. 

This mod offers convenience, ingenuity, and creativity of great quality, which will make you love this mod. Although there is nothing outright mind-wobbling in this mod, it manages to capture players’ hearts who will download it. This place is cozy, lore-friendly, and offers all the whistles and bells that you may want in a mod. 

In it, you get a tanning rack, anvil, alchemy table, cooking pot, chest for storage, and workbench. The good thing is that you can take most of the items offered here, and they reappear after a spawn. 


Are you a fan lord of the rings franchise? Then you will surely love this model which is inspired by the movie. 

This mod comes with a fangirls screech that induces treat of adding a hole of hobbits. In the making of these sky ps4 mods, the Ozymaandy have put special emphasis on these details. They have made detailed mods and have put work especially into the alchemy lab and the enchanting table. However, such a Skyrim mods pack can lead to jarring differences among the mod itself of the remaining vanilla game. But to the surprise, the Hobbiton manages this quite gracefully. This makes it one of the best Skyrim mod packs. 

The home in this mod is not lore-friendly but offers a decent experience. 

Character Editor – All In One Customization Pack

If we say this is the best skyrim graphics mods, we assure you that it is truly what it says. The reason for this is that it offers a lot of customization and has a myriad of customization possibilities. This makes you free, and the present ways of race do not bind you, and you can mix-match them in the way you like. 

This skyrim graphic mod offers you the opportunity to customize your character also. Now you can have the qualities of a human with elf ears or horns and that too without looking weird. Other than this, it also offers other options for new hair, skins, styles, and warpaints. So, the possibilities for customization are nearly endless, which you will surely love. 

Weapons and Skyrim Magic Mods

This mod adds all unused and unobtainable weapons, spells, projectiles, and spells. It also lets you create replicas of the legendary weapons of the game, including the weapons which have been obtained from specific locations. The good thing is that this is also one of the skyrim mods Xbox one has to offer. So you can enjoy it on both PlayStation and Xbox alike. 

You can purchase the spells from a merchant and learn them. These new enchantments can be found over some of the new weapons. You can also find the power inherent in other creatures and races, and they can be found, or you can purchase them. These power necklaces allow creatures to have passive effects. One thing you can be sure of is that this is one of the best skyrim magic mods. 


This is one of the best Skyrim mods ps4 and is unique in its own way. It changes some aspects of the game which you might even not notice at first in the game. 

However, once you play this mod, it sure that it will be one of the mods which will stay installed on your PlayStation. what’s more amazing is that it is also one of the best skyrim mods Xbox one has to offer. One thing which you might not like in this mod of the skyrim is that even animals can report the crime. However, this feature has now been removed, so you don’t have to worry about chicken s reporting your crimes to guards. 

In this version of the skyrim ps4 mods, you can even reduce the distance for which enemies chase you. You can also temper their eyesight. This is a good feature as a guard able to identify you from miles of distance is not a good thing. In these skyrim race mods, the feature of enemies dodging the arrows is also removed; well, if you can’t dodge, no one else should. Another cool feature of this skyrim race mods is that the torches illuminate more, and enemies don’t do the spin dance on death. You know which dance when I say that. 

Other Mods To Try:

  • Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
  • Realm of Lorkhan
  • Immersive Citizens – Ai Overhaul
  • The Great Cities
  • Kings of Hell: Behind Enemy Lines
  • Epic Enhanced Consoles Graphics
  • Surreal Lighting

These are some of the best skyrim mods ps4 you can enjoy. The good thing is that these are also the best skyrim mods pc has to offer. You can enjoy these games on your pc as these skyrim mods pc are the best. 

Final Words

There are various mods that claim to be the best skyrim mods ps4 has to offer. However, not every claim is true and offers what they promise, and that is why selecting the best is essential.

Getting the best is also essential as the new pss4 offers limited space for installation. It has also banned the outside assets, and thus selecting the best available is essential before installation. 

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