Best Road Cycling Shoes For 2021

Best Road Cycling Shoes For 2021

Feet are one of the most important body parts that makes contact with the bole. Therefore choosing the best road cycling shoes is necessary. With a never-ending pool of options, choosing one can be extremely difficult.

Cycling shoes vary widely in terms of fit and use. You can easily spend a lot of money and end up buying a pair of shoes that is not right for your foot shape and riding style.

We have taken out time to crunch the numbers so that you can find the best road bike shoes to match your budget and performance needs. Once you have put down all the options into consideration, you can take a look at our buyer’s guide on the best roach cycling shoes.

Best Road Cycling Shoes

Finding the right type of cycling shoes is not easy. We hope this list will help you pick the shoes that match your requirements. 

Shimano S-Phyre RC9

One of the best and our favorite road cycling shoes are from Shimano S-Phyre. Shimano has been making some of the most stunning cycling shoes and this model is a top-notch pick. This is the only pair of bike shoes that gets five stars. 

It features a microfiber upper, wrapped around with a Dual BOA IP1 dial, making sure you get a secure hold overall without any overly tight areas. The arch support in these shoes is fully customizable using changeable inserts so you do not have to reach out for custom insoles. 

These brilliant all-rounders are for 320 euros and are built using the stiffest Shimano carbon sole. These are perfect Tour de France race shoes. Although not cheap but given the comfort and performance you get value for money.

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Boardman Carbon

Another favorite pick in the best road bike shoe category is Boardman Carbon. The sole of these shoes is made from a bumper and features a replaceable heel bumper. You get all of this in just 80 euros. 

Boardman Carbon offers some great features including twin Atop dial adjustment and all-carbon sole. Internal padding adds comfort with the upper and it also provides a lot of venting to keep your feet cool. You also get a great quality toe box to provide extra space, unlike other cycling shoes.

With heat moldable and stiff carbon soles, The Riot Road + Boa also brings these shoes a distinctive design at a low price. The carbon soles are tub-shaped and make an efficient yet supportive pedaling surface. 

This model provides an anatomical fit that is right out of the box, unlike other road cycling shoes. You can customize the fit by popping them into the freezer for 20 minutes and get ready for a tight fit. 

Giant Surge Pro

Retailing at 275 Euro, the Giant Surge Pro cycling shoes use an innovative carbon sole design incorporating stiff plates on the heel and forefoot linked to “ExaBeam” as the Giant calls it. This provides a stiff and efficient pedaling surface without restricting the upper part of the shoe like flat soles. 

The upper part of the shoe increases the range of movement for your ankle and midfoot that adds comfort without affecting your performance. An arch insert or choice will help to add an element of customization.

However, these shoes are only available in black or white. So in case you are looking for some fun colors, this variant might not be the best pick for road cycling shoes. Keeping that aside, these are professional shoes at this price range.

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Specialized S-Works 7

If you are into specialized cycling or bike shoes then this might be it. Prices at 340 Euros you get a lot of resources put together in this shoe range. S-WORKS 7 are truly magic. 

A generous form fit and spacious toe box, as compared to last range these shoes are a great fit for wide feet. These feel comfortable with Body Geometry footbed and Dyneema Mesh Uppers providing a secure fit without stressing the feet in any way. 

The brand says that the FACT powerline carbon soles are the stiffest soles ever made and these are good enough for monstrous power level cycling. They look super classy and come in a range of color options too.

Specialized Torch 3.0

Specialized 3.0 shoes retail for 200 Euros with a great fit and plenty of stiff soles. They are not as efficient as the S-Works but they perform like any cycling shoes that cost more than this. 

These specialize cycling or bike shoes take design inspiration from S-Works. The 3.0 torch fits similar to two Boa dials and the Velcro strap sits across the forefoot. This helps in precise and easy fitting adjustments. 

In order to put these shoes on you will have to unhook the toe Boa lace which causes a slight inconvenience. However these Specialised cycling and bike shoes feet are pretty great, they feature great arch support, generous fit, and plenty of support near the heel cup to prevent slips when sprinting or climbing. Brand says that the carbon soles rank 8.5 for stiffness in comparison to S-Works shoes.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Road Cycling Shoes

We understand shopping for the best road bike shoes can be a huge nightmare as there are so many options available in the market, and you might not find the right one at your local store.

Once you start cycling for a while you get an idea of what you need but in the beginning, it can be a little daunting. Keeping these things in mind we have created a buyer’s guide to help you understand the basics.


Just like any other type of shoes, cycling shoes are built around Last. These molds are shaped like feet that brands use to keep the shoes in shape. Every brand makes these with its own philosophy. 

It is important to find a shoe shape that works for you and the only way to find that is by trying the shoes on. So always make sure that you try to buy the shoes from the store instead of relying on online shopping. In case you shop online, buy from a website that offers a good return policy.

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The one material to look for when buying the shoes is carbon soles. It is known for its ability to stay stiff even being lightweight. Carbon is an ideal material to make the soles of the best road bike shoes.

However the downside of this higher cost. To save money beginner-level cycling shoes are made of glass fiber or nylon. These are more flexible than carbon soles and are a great pick if you want the best features without stretching your budget

Closure system

Today’s all the best road cycling shoes use three types of closure systems. The most popular pick is velcro straps or the wire laces that come with adjustable dials. Sometimes you also get two types of lacing systems incorporated into one.

Velcro straps are cheaper and are also easy to use, you get these mostly with lower-priced cycling shoes. With higher brand shoes you mostly get Boa and similar closure systems because they offer precise fit control.

Traditional lacing often has a renaissance so if you are particularly looking to get a classic look you will have limited options.

Other features

Before buying shoes it is always important to consider what type of bike riding shoes you want. Most road cycling shoes are designed to keep hot weather in mind. They are breathable and do not provide much protection from outside elements. 

If you live in a place where the weather conditions are cold and wet, you must consider what type of shoes will be the right fit for you.


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