Card Fruit Meaning on TikTok

Card Fruit Meaning on TikTok

card fruitTikTok is getting super famous nowadays. Lots of new words are coming up, like ‘card fruit.’ People who think they know about food and health have been discussing it since 2021. However, what does ‘card fruit’ mean on TikTok, and is it a big deal? Let us find out:

What is the meaning of “Card Fruit”?

“Card fruit” is a trend on TikTok where people share tips on picking healthy fruits when shopping. They look at the barcode on the fruit to decide. The “card fruit” term means the product code on the fruit. This code tells us if the fruit is organic, genetically changed, or treated with chemicals.

For example, if the four-digit barcode on an apple starts with four and has four digits, it means the apple was treated with chemicals. The fruit is probably genetically changed if the code has five digits and starts with eight. It is considered organic if it has five numbers but starts with nine.

However, experts say there are only tiny differences between non-organic and organic fruits and veggies. So, if you cannot afford organic, do not worry. Eating regular fruits and vegetables is still healthy.

Where Did Card Fruit Start?

Card fruit might have been around before TikTok got famous. However, most articles about this trend say TikTok user @Prettydelicious4u is the one who gets credit for starting it. They made a video explaining why they care about the barcodes on fruits and veggies and how these codes help them shop better.

How to Talk About Card Fruit?

Unlike other slang words, you do not use “card fruit” in a sentence. Instead, it is like a way of picking fruit codes based. You would not say, “I am going to card fruit at the store,” but you can “card fruit” when shopping. It is about how you choose fruits when you shop, and you do not have to say it when talking to someone.

Other Meanings of Card Fruit

Recently, the term has taken on another meaning. Some users now use “card fruit” to show off how playing cards can be thrown so fast that they can cut through fruits. This is not as common, but if you look on TikTok, you will find some videos showing this under the hashtag of card fruit.

Other TikTok’s Slang 

TikTok is a breeding ground for new slang terms, with new ones constantly popping up. Here are some of the most popular slang terms from TikTok:

  • BBL: This stands for “Brazilian Butt Lift,” a type of cosmetic surgery that has become increasingly popular in recent years.
  • Cheugy: This term is used to describe something that is outdated or trying too hard to be trendy.
  • Clout: This term refers to social status or influence, mainly on social media.
  • Drippy: This term is used to describe someone or something that is stylish or fashionable.
  • Fit: This is a shortened version of the word “outfit,” and it is used to describe someone’s clothing.
  • Goated: This term describes someone or something that is the best or greatest.
  • IB: This stands for “inspired by,” and it is used to credit the original creator of a trend or video.
  • Mid: This term is used to describe something mediocre or average.

Some FAQs

What is the card fruit trend on TikTok?

The card fruit trend on TikTok is a method for determining how a piece of fruit was grown by looking at the barcode on the sticker.

How do I read the card fruit code?

The first digit of the barcode indicates how the fruit was grown. A 4 means it was grown conventionally with pesticides, an 8 means it was genetically modified, and a 9 means it was grown organically.


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