Best Mountain Bike Helmet For Safe Ride

Best Mountain Bike Helmet For Safe Ride

Are you in search of the best mountain bike helmet? Well, you are at the right place. 

A good bicycle helmet is the most important thing to wear while riding and finding a quality helmet is not easy. Yes, mountain bike helmet prices are stepping up, but do not let that stop you from buying a helmet for you. 

From dodging trees to hurtling over rocks, we do so much when riding bikes on mountain trails. Spending a little extra on the lid is like an investment. Fit and retention system of the helmets continue to improve and the advanced Multi-Dimensional system of the helmets aim at reducing risk of injury.

Below we have mentioned our top picks of mountain bike helmets to try in 2021.

Best Mountain Bike Helmets:

Check out these top 6 bike helmets that you need to try when you go out to ride your bicycle on mountain trails.

Giro Spherical Manifest

The Giro Manifest keeps an edge over other competitors for mountain bike helmets. This unique model possesses all the features we would expect from a top-notch best quality mountain bike helmet. This sleek design helmet is packed with a rotational impact system which is made of two types of foam shells connected with the help of elastomers.

The shells are made with two foam densities and are designed to rotate against each other like ball-socket joints. The interior part of the shell drops low on the backside of the head to give extra coverage on the occipital lobe and temples. This bicycle helmet can fit different types of head shapes and sizes easily. 

The interior padding inside the helmet absorbs sweat when things get hot. We have nothing major to complain about this best mountain bike helmet. The Only downside is the high price and average weight. The price tag can put off some people at first glance but compared to other mountain bike helmets; its performance is worth the price you pay. 


Troy Lee Designs A2 

This is a close competitor of Giro’s best bike helmet. It is built on the former A1 design in terms of comfort with a few notable upgrades. The ventilation of this bicycle helmet is improved with the help of wider channels in the front and an expansive opening at the backside. This is a great helmet for aggressive readers as the safety suite has been upgraded.

Troy Lee A2 helmets use innovative designs with two different foams, EPS and EPP. These foams make it apt to absorb high-speed impacts and save you from low-speed crashes. When you talk about fit, A2 has a wide, deep, and adjustable interior which cyclists love.

The only problem encountered with this second-best bike helmet is the lack of padding along the top part, which results in sweat accumulation. Otherwise, A2 has a premium build and performance, which is worth the extra money.

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Bontrager Solstice MIPS 

Another one of the best budget mtb helmets is from Bontrager. This best mountain bike helmet combines modern styling with MIPS technology which puts it into the affordable category. You get good ventilation, slip-plane liner, and an effective twist-style adjuster at the backside. 

The company has also added some premium touches like magnetic buckles with soft padding on the inside of this bicycle helmet. It is available in various colors and makes a great choice for people who have started riding on non-technical terrains. 

Like any other budget product, Bontrager Solstice has some downsides as well. You will only get menial coverage on the back lid. If you ride on rough trails with rocks and roots, it’s better to upgrade to an all-mountain-ready model. Solstice MIPS comes in two sizes; it may be difficult to find the right fit. 

However, Bontrager is a mix of safety, style, and comfort for the price. 


If you detest heavy-weighted mountain bike helmets, then POC Octal is made just for you. A lightweight and ventilated helmet is the first priority when going for a ride on a bicycle on hilly days. Among many different best bike helmet options available in the market, Poc standouts with its extremely lightweight.

This helmet weighs only 9.4 ounces and has 21 decently sized vents. It has high-end Octal features with SPIN technology for extra safety and included Aramid reinforcements on the EPS liner for extra protection, which is not seen on most helmets.

100% Status ($175)

It may not be a popular name when considering cycling brands like Giro, Fox, or Troy lee; however, their experience in the motorsports industry gives them great knowledge in the field of helmet safety. This is the best full-face mountain bike helmet with a reasonable, affordable price and good looks. It has fiberglass tips of 2 pounds and 1.5 ounces, staying above its competitors like Troy Lee, which are about 7 ounces. This has a modern look with a range of colorways, making it a top choice for downhill riding. 

The price you pay is worth getting optimal protection and coverage. If you are going on a downhill lid, then you should definitely pick this one. 

Troy Lee Designs A1 ($145)

While A2 has taken the lead over A1 on this list, The original Troy Lee Designs still remains one of the best mtb helmets in the market. The reason this design has been widely famous is due to its excellent fit. This is the kind of helmet that will sit right on your head the moment you slip it on.

It has a secure closure system and large opening, which easily accommodates various head shapes. You also get high-quality plush padding to hold up the helmet for long and give plenty of coverage for trail riding. 

One reason why Troy Lee A2 was launched is to make some improvement updates in the A1. Lack of ventilation was the biggest issue with A1 bike helmets. If you buy A1, you save an extra $44 in comparison to the A2 models with zero compromises in terms of comfort, making it a great value of money in terms of long-lasting and durable build. 

Leatt DBX 3.0 All-Mountain ($170)

Leatt is a South African-based company that has earned recognition for full-face protection helmets and neck braces, and now they entered into trail-riding like with their DBX launch.

This 3.0 range comes in two different categories: full convertible face or standard half shell, but the design mainly revolves around 360 degrees. They used an alternative to MIPS, which are ten small and flexible turbines distributed evenly throughout. 

The main aim is to absorb the impact by reducing the risk of concussion. DBX 3.0 looks a little bulky than SPIN or MIPS helmets; however, the difference is less visible as compared to the ODS design on ATB-1T.

Keeping aside the safety factor, the rest of the Leatt DBX 3.0 has high points. You get an adjustable and larger visor, a smart ventilation system that can draw the air around the brow and provides all-day-long comfort from a deep and cushy interior. 

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There are many various options for mountain bike helmets in the market in terms of helmet models and styles. Similarly, there are different needs of different cyclists who count on helmets for protection. All these bike helmets are made specifically for mountain biking with a range of features, and all fall at different price ranges.

We hope this article helps you to find the right mountain bike helmet to suit your needs and budget.


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