Top Weird Games To Play If You Have A Taste

Top Weird Games To Play If You Have A Taste

Do you want to play something different? Or are you the person who has some word taste? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then installing some weird games can do the job for you. 

Some things might look weird and out of the palace at first, but they have a purpose, and that’s why they are built. There are also some people who want to try such games, which at first might look out of place and straightforward weird. But one thing which makes these games different is that they are intriguing and funny in their own way. 

In the article, we will tell you about some of the weird games which you can play. 

Best Weird Games

These are some of the weird games which you can play to have fun and entertainment:

Paper Racing

Do you like racing games? If yes, then this is a game that might look weird at first but is an interesting race game. 

In this game, the race is to unroll a toilet paper roll. The players in the game need to unroll a toilet paper roll faster than the opponent. The objective of the game is to see who unrolls the toilet paper roll the fastest. If you are an eco-friendly person and don’t like waste, then this is not a game for you in which you want to challenge your colleague. 

The good thing about this game is that it is fun and easy to play, and people of all ages can enjoy it. All you need for this game is players and toilet paper rolls for yourself. One thing which you should be aware of is that it is an addictive game and can lead to a lot of toilet paper wastage in the end. 

Weird Guy 

The weird guy game is one of the weird games which is full of weird guys. Sound confusing? Well, it is no joke. This game point is that in the game, there are some guys who are attracted towards the flowers. For attracting the weird guys in the game, there is a flower that hangs in the middle of the screen of your mobile. 

Your job in the game is to keep away the weird guys from getting the flower in the game. For it, all you need to do is tao in the weird guys that come towards the flower. By doing this, you can prevent them from getting the flower. What’s even weird is that when you tap on the weird guy, they turn into the eggs or money. After turning new guys hatches from the eggs or money. Yes, we agree it sounds weird, but we are talking about weird games, so this is what we can expect. 

In the game, you can also upgrade the flowers and also create some new flowers in the game. These will attract new weird guys in the collectible form. 

Plumber Crack 

Talk about the weird games and the plumber crack is what will take the first prize. In this game calls like the many target and shooting games, the main aim is to hit the target. But what is the target in this game? Yes, you guessed it right, like the name suggests, the plumbers crack the target. 

In the game, you use the ice cubes for targeting the crack of a plumber when they bend down to fix something under the sink. The more number of hits means more coins in the game, and as the hits increase, so does the coin collection speed. With each consecutive hit successfully, you get more numbers of coins. Later you can use the hard-earned money for buying a tattoo or clothes for the plumber. 

In the game, you also get the chance to choose the gender of the plumber along with the location. 

There Is No Game

Do you love mystery games? Or do you like puzzle games? Well, if yes, then you will surely love this game. 

In this game, the whole game depends on the fact that there is no game. Yes, you read that right. After the complete game, an automated voice tells you that there is no game. But still gives you hints about how you can manage in the game. All the game times stretch to “there is no game,” but the objective is to find a game. For doing so, you will need to click on everything in the game. So, be creative, and you are surely going to find one goat near to the water. Good luck. 

Milk A Cow 

Are you a person who wants to experience farm life? Or have you never ever got to milk a cow, but it is on your bucket list? Well, then getting this game is what will satisfy both your needs. 

This is a simulation game that is way more interesting than it looks. In it, you need to milk a cow and fill up the bucket in as short a time as possible. But the twist in the game is that you need to be careful while milking the cow in speed. This is important as if you do it too quickly, the udder will start to move, which will result in the milk going sideways. 

Daddy Long Legs

There are many games like Mario in which you need to save the bride or the princess or conquer the world. In some games, you need to find the treasure to win money, but in this game, it is a little different. This game needs you to walk; yes, you read that right, it needs you to walk. Did you thought walking is easy? But what if we tell you to walk on the stilts? 

The reason for this game to be on the list of weird games is that in the game, you need to pull off the legs of the namesake spider. You will need to maintain balance while walking. It may sound macabre, but in reality, it’s kind of fun. In this game, with the winnings of the game, you can go for new outfits. But changing the outfits doesn’t make this weird game an easy one. 

Pimple Popper

Are you grossed out by the thought of popping the pimples? If yes, then this game is for you as it is one of the weird games which you will like grossly. 

What’s interesting about the game is that it is all over the internet after being so gross. In this game, you will need to pop four different kinds of pimples. For popping each kind of game, you will need to take a different kind of approach it. It may sound easy, but the pimple popping game is not an easy task to complete. On unsuccessful attempts to pop a pimple, you will also hear a kind of painful and weird sound in the game. 

This game requires experience in pimple-popping, and you can’t even pass the first level of this game without it. One thing you can be sure about this game is that it is one of the weird games which will gross you out but will also a good way of entertainment. 

Make It Perfect

Are you a little OCD? If yes, then the game is for you. All you need to do in the game is to make everything in the game a perfect, symmetrical, and harmonious thing. 

When you do this task of making everything perfect in the game, you pass a level of the game. In the game, you should look forward to completing tasks like arranging the balls in a single direction or setting all the bricks of a house in a perfectly symmetrical and perfect position. 

I Peel Good

Do you want to peel your fruits even when you are not in the kitchen? Or do you want to peel some fruits without even going into the kitchen? If yes, then the game I Peel Good is a great option for you. 

This game is also like an OCD game in which you need to peel the fruits in a perfect way. In the game, you need to peel away vegetables and fruits by using the vegetable peeler. One thing you will get from this game is – satisfaction. 

These are some of the best weird games which you can play alone or with your friends. One thing to know about these games is that they are not like regular games and need you to be creative and patient in playing them. 

Final Words

Do you want to enjoy some entertaining and fun games which are different from regular games? If yes, then trying some weird games can be a good option for you. 

There are a number of weird games available on the internet which you can play to enjoy something unique. What’s amazing about these games is that they give you the option to choose between the difficulty levels as well as the entertainment levels. 

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