Best Cycling Glasses For Safe Ride

Best Cycling Glasses For Safe Ride

Whether you ride bikes on trails or roads, cyclists need to have the best cycling glasses that they wear throughout the year. Cycling glasses do the traditional function of keeping sun out of the eyes,  they also help in protecting the eyes from UV rays, debris, rian, and bugs.

For most people how cool sunglasses look on the face is the biggest determining factor when buying a new pair. However to buy the best cycling sunglasses it is essential to keep in mind other factors like fit, visibility and level of eye protection they offer, to enhance your performance and keep your eyes safe. 

We are here to help you find the right pair of cycling sunglasses, to suit your budget and needs also offer value for money.

Best Cycling Glasses To Try This Year

Here are some of the best men’s and women’s cycling glasses that you can find in the market. All of these glasses have different lens types, size and other features like adjustability and interchangeable lenses. Let’s take a look and find the right one for you.

Tifosi Vero Sunglasses

Whether it’s cycling on the trains or on roads, women prefer performance and comfort that Tifosi Vero Wrap glasses provide. These glasses have polarized lenses that provide 100% UVB and UVA protection from Sun’s rays while reducing glare. 

Tifosi sunglasses have a durable and lightweight frame which perfectly fits women’s faces. 

These are the best women’s cycling glasses that feature adjustable nose and ear pads for a secure fit. Tifosi bike glasses have shatterproof lenses made of decently polycarbonate material to get rid of distortion and have vents to increase airflow and reduce fogging. The hard case comes with a cleaning bag for when your glasses get dirty.

Oakley Men’s Radar EV Path Rectangular Sunglasses

If you are looking for the best men’s cycling sunglasses then Oakley Men Radar will be an exceptional pick. Oakley are the perfect mountain bike glasses as they offer outstanding clarity with glare filtering to enhance your vision and performance.

It features a PRIZM lens to enhance contrast and colors, keeping your view clean and crisp and keep optimal ventilation at the same time. With durable yet lightweight frames, grippy nose pads and ear socks, these cycling glasses offer all day protection and comfort. However these are not cheap, but you will get value for money in terms of functionality, quality and durability. 

Tifosi Jet Sunglasses

If you are looking for durable, high-quality and affordable cycling glasses, then you should definitely consider buying Tifosi Optics jet sunglasses. These have shatterproof polycarbonate lenses which eliminates glare and visual distortion that helps to decrease eye fatigue.

The streamlined design, durable frame protects your eyes from outside elements while the nose pads and rubber temple keeps these cycling glasses in place.

These are the best cycling glasses in the affordable category and also make an ideal choice for triathletes looking for a pair of shades.

Oakley Jawbreaker Shield Sunglasses

Featuring Oakley’s PRIZM lens technology Jawbreakers are the best mountain bike glasses for optical clarity and razor. It gives the sharp vision that mountain bikers need to spot holes, sticks, rocks and other hazards when hitting trails. 

The frames and lenses are stress-resistant and durable so they will keep you protected from any debris that comes at you.

Plus, these Jawbreaker glasses feature adjustable temples with three different lengths to accommodate various head and helmet sizes to make the exact fit. The nose and ear pads are comfortable and also increase their grip with perspiration, so that you do not have to worry about sliding or slipping down.

100% S3

If the glasses are working alright for Mathieu Van der Poel, then they might surely do great for you as well, right?

100% S3 cycling glasses are a progression from S2 and are perfect for both men and women. The lenses are ventilated to protect up to UV400 while being fully replaceable depending on the weather conditions. Also the lenses are scratch or impact resistant with a little cylindrical shape to allow better peripheral vision.

The frame of S3 bike glasses are shatterproof with rubber nose pads to give a secure fit which can also be removed for alternative options. 

Rudy Project Defender

Rudy Project is an Italian company which is a top leader in the sunglasses game providing its shade to some of the coolest riders over the years. This company uses interchangeable mirrored lenses that offer 100% UVA and UVB protection, water and dirt repellent and also comes with anti-fog coating. 

However you might face some trouble with its hooked frame arms when trying to slot the glasses into your helmet. 

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Oakley EVZero Blades Photochromic

Oakley has a wide range of best cycling glasses, but the photochromic glasses are slightly more concise. It does not include all the new models, but it does have some of the popular one like Flight Jacket and JawBreaker. Instead we have picked EVZero bike glasses here to review. 

This frameless design will get you unrestricted view along with supreme comfort with its light weight material.

These best cycling sunglasses are inspired by streetwear culture and influencers worldwide, this boxy style frame is suitable for all the fashion-forward people.

Bolle Lightshifter 

 If you are looking for men’s and women’s photochromic cycling glasses, then you should not miss Bolle Lightshifter. These wide one-piece light shifter lenses will not only make you look super cool but can also be used with a snorkel. 

These are made to withstand the worst of the weather to get into your face. The lenses are moderately mirrored and have tinted versions which can easily adapt to light changes. 

These cycling sunglasses are suited to use during winter and shoulder season use.Bolle’s glasses feature LTS technology which makes sure that the photochromic performance does not drop even when the temperature drops.

100% Speedtrap Photochromatic

Speedtrap Photochromatic are one of the best and futuristic cycling glasses by an American company. These cycling sunglasses offer 100% adjustability to keep them on your face while you hurtle along. It comes with adaptable arm lengths, combined with an equally adjustable nose pad to keep the wide glass lenses perfectly perched no matter your schnozz size. 

The Speedtrap mountain bike glasses have a wide window covered with hydrophobic coating and slime vents which prevent misting on the inside. These are definitely an expensive buy but make a really cool option. 

Smith Optics Attack Max

While paying $238 for a pair of cycling glasses may sound like a hell lot, when you dive into the details, you will notice that given the features these are prices just right. Smith Attack Max glasses come in two sets instead of one.

With every purchase, Smith Attack Max comes with two lenses with ChromePop which can be easily switched around via a Sample Clip on both arms and are also suitable for riding in all conditions. 

The lenses are hydrophobic and come without a rim to provide excellent field vision as well. The great thing is that Smith Optics also gives the customers lifetime guarantee on all the products allowing you to replace them in case they are damaged in a crash.

Scicon Aerotech

Scicon is an Italian brand that makes biking bags, now they have also started making sunglasses, which is the logical next step. If you are looking for a good on the go cycling glasses feature Aerotech technology you should definitely give them a try. 

These photochromatic glasses will adjust depending on the weather condition and exposure to light, giving you the right optics no matter what the weather condition is. The sunglasses have partial framing allowing a full vision. You can choose from three different sizes to fit your face shape. 

What to Look for in Cycling Sunglasses?

When going out to shop new cycling shades, right fit is extremely crucial because you would want a pair of glasses that feels secure and comfortable. The best cycling sunglasses will always have temple grips, secure noses to hold them in place even during bumpy, sweaty or rainy rides. Also, cycling sunglasses should be lightweight if you are going to spend hours in your bike saddle.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that influence your purchase of best cycling glasses. 


Some glasses feature dark or light lenses, so that you can choose your preferences. You should consider the weather conditions in which you ride when making this choice. For instance, gray lenses are perfect for sunny days while yellow colored lenses work in low light conditions.

 Nowadays you can even find cycling sunglasses with interchangeable lenses which can be easily switched depending on the weather conditions. You can get lenses even with your prescription so that you do not have to worry about drying out your contacts when riding. 


Good cycling sunglasses must always have 100% protection from UVB and UVA harmful rays. Polarized lenses help to keep haze and glare away but some cyclists also prefer to avoid wearing them because it can affect the depth perception. 

If you ride your cycle near water or in bright light conditions, you can consider polarized lenses. 

Some other features to enhance sunglass’s durability and your comfort are anti-fog and anti-glare protection as well as the scratch resistance. 


Another important consideration factor when busing cycling sunglasses are the shape. It is essential to provide adequate eye protection so always buy wide lenses that can cover entire field vision and also protect you from elements.

Some cycling glasses come in wraparound style to provide wide field vision, but you also have some other type of frame as well. Rimless sunglasses and half frame provides clearer view. No matter which frame shape you pick, always look for aerodynamic design to prevent your glasses from fogging up or overheating. 


Why do cyclists wear sunglasses? 

Sunglasses help in preventing the cyclists from squinting eyes during sunny days. It also protects the eyes from debris, UV rays, wind, rain and bugs that come in the way. Bike glasses can keep the glare away and sharpen cyclist’s vision to easily spot hazards on the trails or roads.

What lens color is best for cycling sunglasses?

Choosing lens color is mostly a matter of personal choice. Gray lenses are effective in various conditions, which is why they are the most popular choice among cyclists. These help in providing anti-fatigue benefits and also protect the eyes from the glare off wet roads and water.


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