Best Armor in Skyrim – Raise Your Game with the Most Effective Armors

Best Armor in Skyrim – Raise Your Game with the Most Effective Armors

A good defense is highly essential to winning a battle, and the same is the case in Skyrim. While playing Skyrim, you will come across various threats that could cause disaster if you are not well-prepared. The right armor will help you to stay strong in the game. There is a wide range of armors in the game, which can make it difficult to choose the right one. So, we have rounded up a list of the best armor in Skyrim, which can help you win the game. 

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Best Armor in Skyrim

No matter which character you like the most in Skyrim, your armor is an essential part of your equipment. The right armor provides you a line of defense against various challenging situations and harsh conditions in the game. Here are some of the best armor in Skyrim.

Wolf Armor Set

This armor set is one of Skyrim best heavy armor. It is the most preferred choice of the elite members of the Companions. The set includes a breastplate, helmet, boots, and gloves. All teh elements are adorned with feral motifs like wolf skull, head, or teeth. 

The players can not craft this set. They need to obtain it during the Companions questline. Moreover, they can also buy it from Eorlund Gray-Mane after finishing the “Proving Honor” quest. This is the best armor set in Skyrim, which has a value similar to that of Steel Armor. However, it has a lighter set of boots which makes it the perfect pick for players who mainly focus on Heavy Armor. 

Dawnguard Heavy Armor

This one is another best armor in Skyrim armor sets. It is worn by the individuals belonging to the Dawnguard group. It is the Skyrim best heavy armor and features some of the most amazing visual aesthetics that are available throughout the game. 

This Skyrim unique armor set includes a set of leather and plates. Moreover, it comprises a crusader-inspired helmet that helps to reduce the damage caused by vampires. Moreover, it provides a shield that helps to increase the bashing damage against vampires, which makes it a must for vampire hunters in the game. You get this set for becoming a member of Dawnguard. Moreover, you also get this one if you are a vampire by completing a side quest that requires you to find out a member of the Dawnguard group responsible for the murder. 

Azhidal’s Armor

When it comes to the Skyrim best heavy armor, the list is incomplete without mentioning Azhidal’s armor. This set may not be eye-catching or attractive in terms of design, but it provides effective protection. 

This armor set may not seem interesting as it has the same numbers as that of the Steel Plate set; however, the bonuses that you get from this set make it different. The effects provided by the st include: you can make the enemy paralyzed who melee attack you, you can walk on water, it allows you to cast spells to freeze or ignite. The set provides a lot of benefits, more than just providing protection from massive damage. Moreover, this set can be acquired easily, which makes it the best armor in Skyrim. 

Blackguard’s Armor Set

It is classified as best Skyrim light armor set and is almost similar to that of Linwe’s armor set visually. However, the features of this armor set are completely different and more powerful. Additionally, it includes a set of bonuses that are created for characters who are not big fans of combat. 

The armor set does not provide bonus damage. Instead, this armor set increases your carrying capacity by around 50. Moreover, it boosts your pickpocketing and lockpicking capacity by 40% and reduces your merchants by almost 25%. The armor is available to the members of Thieves Guild. Moreover, you can get this Skyrim unique armor set as a reward from Glover Mallory for successfully completing the “Pain in Full” quest. 

Linwe’s Armor Set

This one is a Skyrim unique armor set that is designed for people who opt for a stealthier approach to combat. This one is a chest piece of the set of equipment that is used by leaders of Linwe and Summerset Shadows. Other equipment of the set includes a pair of gloves, boots, and a hood. It provides bonuses to your player’s sneaking skill, stamina, bow damage, and one-handed attacks. It is right to deal with the best one-handed weapon attacks.

This armor set may look like the Thieves Guild Armor set, but it has different color features focused on grey, brown, and black leather. Moreover, it has a unique hood that matches the hoods worn by casters. The armor is designed to boost stamina by fifteen points. You can get this armor set from pickpocketing or looting Linwe at the Uttering Hills Cave. 

Ancient Shrouded Armor

This is another best armor in Skyrim that is usually worn by the members belonging to the Dark Brotherhood. Nevertheless, instead of providing a basic set of enhancements, the set provides a stronger set of bonuses as compared to the base set of Shrouded Armor in the game. 

This armor set provides 100% resistance to all the effects of poison. Moreover, it allows bows to deal around 35% more damage, muffle your movement and footsteps, and doubles the damage caused by the sneak attack of all one-handed weapons. It is basically the best armor for assassins. You can get this armor from the corpse of an assassin present inside a secret room during the “Locate the Assassin of Old” quest. 

Nightingale Armor

The Nightingale Armor is one of the amazing-looking sets in the game. This set is provided to members of group Nightingales. It is a faction that is dedicated to present service to the Daedric Prince Nocturnal. The players can obtain this set during The Thieves Guild questline. 

The Nightingale Armor set is the best Skyrim light armor and is full of amazing bonuses. The bonuses of this set include lockpicking, stamina, one-handed attacks, illusion spells, and frost resistance. Moreover, it allows the players to move around different places silently, which makes it the goal of the characters created for stealth gameplay. The biggest challenge is that this armor set is difficult to acquire. However, the efforts are worth acquiring this set. 

Blades Armor

This is amongst the best armor in Skyrim and is worn by the members of the most highly recognized organization in the entire Tamriel. This one’s Skyrim best heavy armor and is influenced by the Blades origin present within the Akaviri. It features a design like that of samurai, which makes it highly attractive visually. This armor set has a dragon crest on the helm making it more appealing. 

Blades Armor may not provide unique bonuses, but it is one of the best-looking sets in the game. You can not create this armor set; however, you can find it at the Sky Haven Temple in a chest located to the left of the primary chamber. However, it is low in weight and offers little damage protection. So, you should not completely rely on this for greater difficulties. 

Deathbrand Armor

Deathbrand armor provides solid protection, which makes it one of the best armor in Skyrim. It is best in terms of pure protection for characters of light armor. Wearing it as a complete set provides the payers with a wide range of cool buffs, including enhanced carrying capacity and water-breathing. 

This armor also makes a ton of improvement in stamina. When players wear this armor, their stamina increases by 15 for each piece of armor worn. You can get this armor set by a side quest known as Deathbrand. The design of this Skyrim unique armor is highly interesting. This one is a frosty blue hue which seems to be based on a Nordic set. If you want a Daedric armor which is equivalent to light armor, then this one is the right set for you. 

Daedric Armor

When it comes to the best armor in Skyrim, Daedric Armor is a must on the list. It is the most amazing one in terms of aesthetics. This armor set not only provides the wearer with a sense of intimidation and confidence but also renders a great amount of protection. The cherry on the cake is that you can upgrade this set and can enchant the content of the owner. It is the best armor set due to its usefulness, sheer aesthetic excellence, and customizability. Daedric armor is not only the best-looking but also the best performing. 

Final Words

If you want to be a master in Skyrim, then you need to strengthen your defense. With a strong defense, you can win almost any battle. Therefore, make sure to have the best armor in Skyrim to make your game strong. Which is your favorite armor? Do let us know by dropping a comment. 

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