Best Adventure Air Sports to Bring Out the Adventurer in You

Best Adventure Air Sports to Bring Out the Adventurer in You

If you are seeking thrill and adventure, then adventure air sports are the best choice. Air sports are an exciting and amazing side of adventure sports. They are gaining remarkable popularity nowadays at an extraordinary pace. 

Imagine experiencing the wind brushing the cheeks, mesmerizing views of the countryside, and soaring heights rendering an adrenaline rush. Sounds interesting? If yes, then you should try flying adventure sports and trust me, you will fall in love with them. 

Best Adventure Air Sports 

Adventure air sports allow you to experience the thrill. If you are someone who loves adventures, then below mentioned air sports are a must-try for you. Below mentioned are different types of adventure air sports you must try if you are seeking thrill and intent of scoping out the skies.

Wingsuit Flying

Imagine yourself skydiving from a tall cliff or the top of a mountain. Sounds scary, right. But it is wingsuit flying. You can not take this post lightly, but trust me, it is an amazing adventure air sport.

Wingsuit flying, also known as base jumping, is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. It is an extreme sport which includes the use of specialized jumpsuit, also known as Wingsuit, birdman suit, or squirrel suit. 

The jumpsuit contains a leg wing, two arm wings and is supported by the use of pressurized nylon cells. It increases the surface area of the skydiver, which allows the ever to fly amazingly at the horizontal distances at a slow speed in the forward direction.  

It can take years to attain an efficient flight and manage the suit successfully to maximize performance. 


Aerobatics is another amazing air sport. It comprises the practice of flying manoeuvres including aircraft altitudes that are not used in usual flights. This adventure air sport is performed in gliders and aircraft for recreation, sport, training, and entertainment. 

In this sport, an aircraft is flown in unusual altitudes. It is an adventurous sport for people who love to fly and face challenges. Aerobatics is also known as aerial acrobatics. 

It enhances the ability of pilots to recover from challenging flight conditions. While flying manoeuvres, the pilots have to face unusual flight conditions. It sounds dangerous, but for some people, it is fun. Aerobatics allow people to experience the thrill, which makes it an amazing flying adventure sport. 

Air Racing

Air racing is a popular flying adventure sport which includes racing airplanes over a cross-country or predetermined course up to transcontinental limits.  

It is a type of motorsport which includes different types of aircraft. In this, the pilots have to cover a fixed course and the one who returned in the shortest time is the winner. 

Recently, air races have attained remarkable popularity. Some of the popular air racing events include the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. In this, the competitors have to fly planes through a series of air gates. Another famous air racing event is the Aero GP. It is organized every year, and it includes multiple planes racing against each other. 


Ballooning is an amazing type of adventure sport which includes flying hot air balloons. It is not a new sport; the balloons were used back in the 16th century also. 

Initially, ballooning was a recreational activity; nevertheless, with increases in the number of participants, it became a competitive sport. It is an amazing adventure air sport in which the participants try to navigate the hot air balloons as close as to the determined target. It allows individuals to enjoy a quiet ride and a mesmerizing view of the world present below. 

Some attractive aspects of ballooning are a lack of feeling of the moment and a bird’s eye view. As the balloons move in wind’s directions, the participants do not feel the wind. They only feel the wind when the balloons descend into air currents moving in different directions. 


Gliding in a multi mat adventure air sport. It is a flying adventure sport which includes flying a plane without an engine. In this, the individuals fly the planes for hours using the power of the air. Trust me; this air sport will give you a feeling of a bird. 

Gliding is known as soaring and is used as a recreational activity. A World Gliding Championship is organized every two years. It is usually conducted in summer and used to be an amazing demonstration part of the Summer Olympics. 


It is one of the most popular adventure air sports. Paragliding is an amazing, safe, and fun way to experience flight. In this sport, you lay out a wing on a mountain, inflate the wing over your head, run some steps, and then you are stepped off into the sky. 

It is a competitive and recreational adventure sport which allows you to experience thrill and fun. Paragliding includes flying paragliders which are free-flying and lightweight. It will allow you to experience bird-like feelings. The flight in paragliding can last for hours, and the paragliders can cover many hundreds of kilometers.  

Hang Gliding

It is a simple and amazing air sport. In this adventure sport, the riders have to fly a non-motorized aircraft known as hang gliders. The pilots can be launched from mountains or hills that face into the wind. Moreover, it can also be launched by being towed from an airfield present behind a microlight aircraft. 

The objective of hang gliding is to stay airborne in lifting air currents to undertake a long and amazing flight. This sport will make you feel like you are a bird flying in the wind. The mesmerizing view of the countryside from the top will make you fall in love with hang gliding. 


Parachuting is a popular adventure air sport, also called skydiving. In this post, the participants have to exit from an aircraft and get back to earth using gravitational pull. If you want to be an expert in skydiving, then you know everything about skydiving canopy lines as it will help you better understand the sport. 

In this post, the players compete for solo with other players or compete in hybrid-formations. In this sport, the players jump from an airplane and then open their parachutes to return safely to the earth. At present, many people participate in skydiving to experience the thrill. It has become a popular recreational sport. 


Paramotoring is also known as paragliding. It is an amazing air sport that offers the fun of paragliding but with an improved speed. In this adventure air sport, a pusher prop and a lightweight two-stroke engine are tied on a glider’s back to provide a faster movement. 

This adventure sport is safe as the glider, and the pilot both wear proper safety gear, including parachutes. It is the best way to enjoy the thrill while flying over rivers, mountains, and jungles. If you love air sports, paramotoring is a must experience for you. 

Canopy Piloting

It is also known as swooping and is an amazing air sport; Canopy piloting includes various disciplines involving agile and small parachutes which are flown by trained pilots. In this parachute, skydivers perform aerial feats above water bodies. The main aim of this sport is to challenge the speed, distance, and accuracy of the pilot. 

Final Words

Adventure air sports are the best way to experience thrill and fun. No matter whatever sport you choose, make sure you are ready as all these sports require amazing guts. Do share your experience with us by dropping a comment. 


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